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One of the main purposes of the book “the Church of the End-time Zombies: A Guide To Religious Detox” is to prepare YOU to stand alone as the author did for 8 of the 11 years she has been out of organized religion. Once Pam Sheppard started the online Christian fellowship called RESCUE, she now has supportive friends from several American states and others from South Africa, Dubai, India, Antigua, Finland and Canada. A prolific writer, Pam’s books are really an outgrowth of her main passion: deliverance counseling and pastoring. So this book is a labor of love to all the people around the world that Pam would love to personally pastor, particularly those who have been damaged and deceived by religion as peddled by “the religious.”

Since she is without the resources and capability to personally pastor the millions who are in dire need, she is using this book to coach those who will one day have to stand alone as she did. So as a labor of love, Pam has jam-packed almost 300 pages with loads of truths to prepare you for the evil day. It was a book written a century ago that turned Pam’s life upside down and served as the catalyst to open her eyes to comprehend just how deeply the enemy’s infiltration into the institutional church had personally hindered her walk in the spirit. “War on the Saints” set her free from being a Christian zombie for 25 years.

So this her 7th book is motivated by her democratic belief in the free will of the individual to be un-deluded in this Laodicean age of deception where “Satan has deceived the entire world.” For those who have an ear to hear and an eye to see, this eye-opening book will take you on the narrow road to meet the true and real Jesus Christ of Nazareth for yourself, without the influence or the mediation of the blind controlling and leading the blind. This book will pull you out of your religious ditch and cause you to stand on solid, good ground that will prepare you to “really be born again.” In fact, You will be able to clarify for yourself what has kept you deceived and what you need to know to address your own vulnerabilities and triumph over them.

In her 6 earlier books, Pam established and presented a framework to unravel religious deception which she elaborates on and enhances in “the Church of the End-time Zombies.” Nothing is withheld that would be useful to you but one subject, demonic soul-ties, the subject of its own book. This book is conversational in its language style as Pam personally coaches you from each page.

Then there are those of you who do not have to stand alone, as RESCUE still has the capability to receive your membership. To know more about RESCUE, watch these videos.

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Sharmila BORKAR from Dubai is the author of the newsletter.

Sharmila is a RESCUE miracle. Delivered, over the phone from several powerful demons, that tormented her for many years, she was also born again during a telephone deliverance counseling session with Pam Sheppard. A talented, creative writer, here is a brief sample in Sharmila’s own words, a short description of how she was transformed from religion to truth:

Before I came to RESCUE, I did not have the slightest idea about the power of Resurrection, I never focused on it nor was ever taught about it. I never took the Lord’s death and resurrection seriously as I thought, he must have got some power from God and it happened so easily… that he must have not even felt the pain of his sufferings. So strong was my pride in the false ideas I carried, that I used to pray – you died one day but here I’m dying everyday… so please help me!

Then later on I was advised that I have to accept Jesus as the Lord and Savior of my life by a sign of water baptism… and in doing so I will be a new person and all will go well with me. I did but nothing changed. Then I thought I might not be doing enough to get HIS attention to touch and save me and I started putting in all my time, efforts, energy in tongue talking, bible reading (10-20 chapters per day), praying for hours, praising and breaking the bread 2 times a day etc… I was still in bondage.

Finally when Pastor Pam Sheppard, the founder of RESCUE explained to me about the Resurrection of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, I was stunned. The truth is that I never knew He was raised back in the SAME body. It was so shocking that I was in an exclamation mode! As Pastor Pam spoke to me from New York as I sat in my living room in Dubai, she said ‘now that you know all that you ever should know about the Lord’s Resurrection, there’s nothing that can stop you from being born again’.

Immediately I was sobbing endlessly with the realization that I had searched for Him in all the wrong places. Yet I was also crying for joy, with both victory and excitement because I had just received such a powerful revelation and a deep conviction that – HE HAS RISEN, HE IS ALIVE, MY SAVIOUR LIVES!

The 24/7 demonic manifestations of more than two decades stopped immediately, —- right there with Pam on the phone, I was filled with lots of hope and faith, followed by His mercies which are new to me every morning …and I instantly knew that I was finally born again, without any effort of my own.

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There Is No Stigma To A False Conversion

By Pam Sheppard

Those who thought they were born again because of the various salvation practices they embraced while a regular member of the institutional church often begin to feel that there is a stigma to admitting to a false conversion.


False conversions are not just about YOU. Over decades, more likely centuries of time, the enemy has strategically infiltrated some of God’s elect by causing a premature false conversion in more people than you or I can count. This is Satan’s last days coup: to deceive the elect of God by blocking their salvation with a false conversion they assumed was bonafide.

The thing is that God does not put new wine into old wine skins. The way to defeat a false conversion is to examine it and then to admit it was false. Once these steps are taken and the imposter, the fake Jesus Sananda is renounced and rejected, all you have to do is continue to receive truth and at His appointed time, you will be born again.the Holy Spirit will draw you to the cross, for real THIS time.

So be joyful and hopeful for THE LORD PLANS TO UNDECEIVE AND SAVE THEM ALL!!!!!!

To overcome the sense of stigma, know that in these times, you are not alone. A false conversion is NOT the exception but it is the rule. I would go so far to say that if there is one true saved person in a church of 500,000, I would be surprised.

Yet this is is no surprise to God. Jesus predicted it. The Lord revealed in His End-times parable, that Satan would enter into His crop, mingle among the elect of God, and create a false, damaged crop—so much so that we can’t tell one from the other. In fact, the saved look like the unsaved and the unsaved look like the saved. It began in church, but the enemy is also birthing false conversions among non churchgoers as well.

So I perceive that there is a new, more hopeful twist to these events and circumstances so I implore you not to be upset to consider that you have had a false conversion.

Here is the beginning of the new twist. The fact that you have had one could be a sign that God plans to reverse it and save you.

Consider this. Those who are NOT God’s people but who are extremely religious were never converted anyway. They do not have a false conversion. They are simply sitting in church, among the damned, those not selected for eternal life with God. They will never examine their salvation because they were never really converted in the first place.

Like Jesus said to the religious hypocrites of His day, those of THIS kind is OF their FATHER, THE DEVIL. They like being deceived and they will not even consider even the remotest possibility that they are not born again. these are those who will one day hear The Lord Jesus say “I NEVER KNEW YOU.

However if your desire for God goes far beyond just a fear of going to hell or a desire to be rich and prosperous on this side of glory, believe me, He already saved you before He framed worlds. I did not hear about it until I was 33 years old. you may be 90 when you hear, but He will certainly call you to Him without you confessing ANYTHING!

I have never been religious but I am learning a lot about the journey through my counseling practice and from hearing from people online, who have all had false conversions.What I am discovering is that there is a bottom, a ground zero so to speak.It seems a person is close to that bottom when he or she comes to realize the truth—-that deep down, he or she never really wanted God Himself.

When a person sees the scripture that says “the carnal mind is at enmity with God” and it is realized that all he or she ever did was to try to become motivated toward God with a carnal mind, I think, ONLY then is a religious person getting close to the bottom, almost fully broken.

When all religious motives and efforts, including the pretenses acted out become as filthy rags, then salvation is close at hand.

RESCUE is a ministry devoted to upsetting Satan’s plan and delivering captives from religious deception. You can call 518-477-5759 or send an email to

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The World, the Flesh and the Devil


, , ,

 By Pam Sheppard



fb_5There is a serious contradiction in hoping for  for salvation while still lusting after things offered by the world. The Lord made it plain that He is not of this world.  We are in the world but we are not OF the world.  If you strongly   desire the things of the world, Why do you really desire to be saved, other than some religious person laid a fear and guilt infested reason upon you? The scriptures say that friendship with the world is enmity towards God. So if you are still desiring things according to the world’s expectations, why do you claim you want Jesus Christ of Nazareth?  In other word, who are you fooling?  It sure aint HIM!!!! He knows your heart better than you do!!!!

What happens to religious people is that they have been denying the things of the world because they were afraid of her, yet they still desired her.  In this country, our pursuit of happiness is what gets us stuck because we are trained by the world to assume that we are entitled to everything the world offers, including her sin.

Take me for example.  Growing up in NYC, my mother prohibited me from doing what the other kids in   the neighborhood were doing. I had to be in the house by sunset, sorrowfully and reluctantly leaving all the other kids who played out in the summertime til midnight.   As long as I lived in my mother’s house, I could not have dates, young men could not even walk me home or call my house.  So the social life that I was denied, I strongly desired.  Consequently, as soon as I got out of my mother’s house by going to college, I WENT WILD!!!!! I was an 18 yr old virgin, set free from all the restrictions, who went from an A student the first semester to a D student.  I let it all hang out.  I started hanging off of bar stools,  looking for love in all the wrong places, simply because I felt I was entitled to what I called MY LIFE!

Likewise, any time a religious person has been restricted from the world BEFORE becoming born again, once the world presents an opportunity, all commonsense and caution are thrown to the wind.

Once you REALLY become ‘IN CHRIST,” then the lust for the world will automatically die of its own accord.  I have been dead to the world for 37 years.  It was only through going to church, that the world was placed in my face AGAIN.  And that is the irony.  All of a sudden, I had to have a man, to be married, to have all of the “things” the IC preached I was entitled to.

I had been born again about four years when God began calling me to ministry. My bible teacher got a message for me one day. I was sitting in class and he saw a ring on my finger. It had an onyx stone in the center of it. As my fingers actually had no rings on them, it was a vision of sorts.

I asked Steve Slivinsky, the one who introduced me to the charismatics by giving me a Kenneth Hagin book went on to interpret it.

He said “The onyx stone was one of the 12 stones on the ephod of the priests. Perhaps God is calling you to ministry. Or perhaps the man in your life, your future husband will give you this ring.”

I completely ignored the first interpretation, ran out and wrote down the second interpretation and had it notarized, so that when the man came along, as he gave me the ring, I would prove to him that “he was the one” by whipping out the notarized word.

What an asshole I was!!!!!

that was the year 1981. 33 years ago. I don’t know where that statement is but I have had two husbands and at least four or five other boyfriends and aint nobody given me an onyx stone YET!!!!!!!

I had at least 10 other signs in 1981 that supported that GOD WAS CALLING ME TO MINISTRY.

The Lord let me know several years back that my problem was that I wanted a husband MORE than I wanted to serve Him.It was about eight years later that I heard from God where He said “as long as you keep this man/husband thing on your brain, you will reject the real ministry that I have for you.

I cried. I knew this word to be the truth.

So what did I do? I blended the two. My husband would be a minister and I would be his co-pastor. What a mess that turned out to be, with the devil sending me not just  one man from his arsenal, but two, totaling 17 years of stress and trouble.

Well, years have gone by and I have developed into a woman in Christ who is not called to co-pastor NUTHIN! It took dealings, trials and tribulations of diverse kinds  for me to come out of the world with my thinking and with my emotions..So   I say, face your lust for the acceptance and standards of the world now, or the devil will sift you like wheat later.

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If you are seeking an online  fellowship because you have left the IC, consider RESCUE.  Visit us at or call us at 518-477-5759 or send an email to





The Carnal Christian: Is There Such a Thing?


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 According to the institutional church, particularly Charismatics, Baptists, and other denominations where sin is prevalent among the membership, these folk have an explanation. The explanation is that carnal Christians are saved. They love the Lord but since they are carnal, or worldly, they are justified but not sanctified. they have accepted Jesus as Savior but have not submitted themselves to Him as Lord.

This perspective also contends that carnal Christians can remain so for the rest of their lives. Even though throughout a lifetime of faithful church attendance and service, it is believed that carnal Christians will certainly get into heaven but so as by fire, or by the skin of their teeth.

I have excellent recall of the choir in the church where I began as a member in 1979. These folk were faithful, always in church. some of them were heavy tithers. I recall that they were also the most demonstrative worshipers, shouting, crying, falling slain, testifying of the Lord’s goodness, leaping up in the Holy Dance, etc.

Yet, the elders habitually sinned, particularly fornication. Their daughters were constantly getting pregnant, proudly wearing their choir robes with their bellies sticking out for all to see, with no husbands in sight. The choir pianist was a gay drug user, beloved of the entire church. He died in his 40’s, never having changed his lifestyle.

Regularly, unwed mothers held baby showers in the church, like there was nothing wrong with this sort of behavior. I understand that nothing has changed among them.—in fact a tolerance of sin has so increased, that it goes more unnoticed today than it did 40 years ago. simply put, no change in character or in their values.

The explanation is that they love The Lord but that they are simply carnal Christians.

In our private blog, RESCUE members had some interesting things to say about this subject:

Member #1:

 I have been around these type of people the majority of my life. Growing up, I was raised in a Baptist church, where basically people just do certain things to claim they are sorry for their sin and want to be saved. Then, after they are so called, “saved,” they try to justify their sin by using works of the flesh to try to keep from sinning. But they can’t do it, so they make excuses for their sin, and say, “Well, since I am saved, I am under grace, so God will forgive me as a “christian,” for doing this sinful thing. Then, they live their lives as if they are in so many trials and tribulations, and God is supposed to do everything for them. Not once do they even consider that God is not sitting at the throne waiting to give them their every need and desire because their motivation for trying to change is “getting into heaven.” These people live their lives one way in front of certain people, and behind closed doors live another way. They are the worst sinners I know! lol I used to always wonder why people were saying they were christians, but their lives did not reflect a love for living a holy life. Honestly, I used to laugh at them, because I knew it was fake. How can you claim to love God in one breath, and act like the devil in another? Yet, the minute somebody calls you on it, you say, “God knows my heart.” PULEEEZZE!!! Yeah, he knows your heart alright! He knows that it is wicked! They came up for every excuse in the book. These type of people would always focus everything on the Prodigal Son parable, implying that you can leave God and then come back to him and still be saved. Hmmm…..

Member #2

Yes, I was one of those carnal Christians, but realized that this is wrong. Almost everyone I know is either a carnal Christian or they claim that their sins are not serious ones. So, I’ve seen either total acceptance of sin, or the condemnation and hyper critical judging of it. The greed, the politics, the discrimination, and the exclusion of others due to the fact that these others sin differently, is hypocrisy. I knew I wasn’t right, and found out why, but who knows how many are out there that do not know, and will never know the Truth. I am just glad that God has been showing me the Truth, and pulled me out of that nonsense. Now, I know I am not born again. With that knowledge it explains why I’ve not been able to overcome the flesh or sin on my own. It is impossible to do. When I am born again, I know the slate will be wiped clean and I will have the Holy Spirit to help me overcome the flesh and sin.

Member #3

I was carnal and did my best to hide it behind a religious mask in fear of judgement. I always felt very guilty inside and wondered why I could never break free. I would see others who didn’t exactly drink or smoke or engage in sexual sin but they instead were controlling and abusive to a very sinful degree which was quite acceptable. It was my constant carnality that finally helped me realize I wasn’t saved. My carnality was drinking, smoking and depression. Had my carnality been religiosity or jezebelliousness (lol) I would still be in her! No matter how hard I tried I just couldn’t keep up with them. I relapsed into drinking after close to 4 years again to ease the pressure of a very controlling Holiness church…I can trace a lot of problems occurring after going to that church including a botched suicide attempt. This is where I seen the image of sananda etched on a pew. I had seen an image of him before even reading Pams book. That’s why immediately I knew Pam was speaking the truth and was like this huge revelation. I didn’t want to accept that I was not immediately unsaved, but the truth and proof was there,,,,,,there are no carnal Christians those who are truly born again. I am sure sin will come for those born again but to be in that same sin for 6 years straight is a strong clue of a false conversion.

If you are interested in conversating with RESCUE members, to know more about us, visit or call 518-477-5759.  Email us at


Recognizing Manipulation Techniques: “Appeal to Fear”



A common manipulation technique often used in the Institutional Church is called “appeal to fear.” According to Wikipedia, “An appeal to fear (also called argumentum ad metum or argumentum in terrorem) is a fallacy in which a person attempts to create support for an idea by using deception and propaganda in attempts to increase fear and prejudice toward a competitor.”



  • “If you continue to drink, you will die early as your father did.”
  • “If you cannot graduate from high school, you will live in poverty for the rest of your life.”
  • “Voting for him is the same as voting for the terrorists.”
  • “If you tell a lie, then no one will ever believe what you say again.” 
  • “If we don’t go to war, our country will be destroyed.”


As I’m sure we all know, the most common use of “appeal to fear” in the Institutional church is in telling people they will go to hell unless they do what they are told. In some of the churches I grew up in, it was a little more subtle and indirect. I suspect the leadership of these churches instinctively knew that this would be too obvious and scare people off. They had to find a smoother way to do it.


One Sunday at my old church, the preacher said the name of the sermon was “How to Deal with Adversity.” The gist of it was this: bad things will come upon a person if they rebel against God. The pastor is in spiritual authority over the members (an example of the “begging the question” fallacy – they couldn’t prove whether God had actually called that pastor to be over an individual). Since the Bible says that to rebel against authority is to rebel against God himself, if you didn’t do what the pastor asked, you were in rebellion and opening yourself up to potential catastrophes or tragedies.


He then brought up the church building fund, talking about how the pastor had asked everyone to pledge. Mind you, the majority of the congregation was struggling financially, and they were being required to pledge on top of tithing. We had already had one building fund, and when we reached that goal, the pastor had decided it wasn’t enough and began another one.


By the end of the sermon, it was clear to me it had never been about how to deal with adversity at all. It had all been carefully constructed to scare people into giving more money – implying that they could get cancer and die, get in a horrible car wreck, lose their house and car, etc., or possibly even go to hell if they didn’t do what they were told.


In what ways has the “appeal to fear” tactic been used on you?



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Recognizing Manipulation Techniques: “Begging the Question”


In propaganda and arguments, people will often use logical fallacies, flawed logic, to win their audience over. It’s a form of manipulation. Logical fallacies are rampant in teachings in the Institutional Church. According to Wikipedia, “A fallacy is an incorrect argument in logic and rhetoric. It gives a result that is not valid or lacks soundness.”

A common one used is called “begging the question,” or “circular reasoning.”


Begging the question requires two or more ideas. Each of these ideas may or may not be true. The speaker of these ideas tries to show that one idea is true by saying a second idea proves it, but the second idea is only true if the first idea is true already.

Here’s an example:

Interviewer: “Your resume looks impressive but I need another reference.”

Bill: “Jill can give me a good reference.”

Interviewer: “Good. But how do I know that Jill is trustworthy?”

Bill: “Certainly. I can vouch for her.”

The church I used to attend used this one often as one of many manipulation tactics. They would say that God had appointed your pastor as a spiritual authority over you, and if you didn’t submit to him or her, you weren’t submitting to God. Whenever a visitor came to the church, at the end of the service when the pastor gave the altar call to accept Jesus and/or join the church, he would say, “You’re not here by accident. You are here by divine appointment,” meaning that God had brought them there, and it was His will for them to join – which indirectly meant that if you just happened to be there, you were under the pastor’s “spiritual authority.”

Pastor: (premise) God Himself has called me to be your pastor, which means  (faulty conclusion) you are under my spiritual authority.

 You: But how do I know I am under your authority?

 Pastor: (back to first premise) Because God has called me to be your pastor.

So in order for the conclusion to be true, you pretty much have to assume the premise is true, taking his or her word for it. Churches will also often use emotional manipulation to distract people from this flawed logic. I used to fall for this one all the time. Has you ever had this method used on you?


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Recognizing Manipulation Techniques: “Cherry Picking the Evidence”


by Carol A. Davis

Cherry-picking In religion, leaders will often use “logical fallacies,” logically flawed arguments, to persuade and manipulate churchgoers into doing what they want. According to Wikipedia, “A fallacy is incorrect argument in logic and rhetoric resulting in a lack of validity, or more generally, a lack of soundness.”

A very common fallacy used is called “Cherry-picking the Evidence (also called anecdotal evidence, confirmation bias, biased sample, and proof by example), “… it is the act of pointing to individual cases or data that seem to confirm a particular position, while ignoring a significant portion of related cases or data that may contradict that position.”

Here’s an example:

Yeah, I’ve read the health warnings on those cigarette packs and I know about all that health research, but my brother smokes, and he says he’s never been sick a day in his life, so I know smoking can’t really hurt you.

Here is an example of one that was often used at a church I used to attend. They were always pushing members to tithe and “sow more seed” to get that “hundred-fold return.” Often they would have a member stand up before the church to give their testimony of how they finally decided to give tithing a try, and directly after, something really good happened to them. Maybe they received a big settlement they had been waiting on for a long time, received a promotion at work, received a check in the mail that they hadn’t been expecting, got approved for a house or car loan they should not have been eligible for with their credit rating, and things of that nature.

These testimonies would have everyone wanting to give more, because they thought if they did, the same would happen to them. The fact was, for every member who’d had an experience like that, there were many more who had been faithful in tithing and giving offerings for years, but never experienced any kind of windfall or dramatic change in their financial situation. But those people were not going to be asked to testify about it in front of the church, so you weren’t going to hear those stories. They showed you the evidence they wanted you to see and excluded what they didn’t want you to see.

Don’t be fooled by leaders who cherry pick evidence. Anecdotes alone are not enough to support a claim.


SCANDAL: the Connection Between The Republic and the Institutional Church



I have been watching reruns of one of my favorite TV series of all time, SCANDAL.

Each time, I watch it from a different perspective.

At first, like everyone else, you look at the individual characters to make an assessment as to who is to blame, who is at fault. Is it the president or his monstrous chief of staff! Or is it his power-hungry First Lady, or perhaps the head of the secret agency called B613?

When you begin to watch each individual lie, plot, scheme, manipulate,  and even murder, at the heart of their behavior is their yet naive attempt to be the good guys, wearing the white hat. The characters are able to live with their mess because they can still rationalize that they did their best to protect the republic. So with all of their political tactics, you have to ask yourself “well! who is the republic?”

And this is the IC. Both politics and religion use the same tactics. Therefore, it is understandable that both have their part to play as Mystery Babylon.

Consider  the IC. By any means necessary, whether a famous mega preacher or the choir director or trustee of a 50 member church, the goal is the same. To protect the IC, which like the republic is a non-human entity, a system. A religious system. The reality is that the problems and SCANDALS of the IC have been built into Her system for the last 17 centuries. so there is no one in the IC today who is really the originator of any of her present circumstances.

Olivia Pope had an interesting revelation about the republic. As the re-election campaign manager for the sitting president, she came to realize that it really did not matter who wins. All three candidates committed murder. The democrat committed a premeditated murder of his wife’s lover, the independent killed her closet gay husband in a fit of rage and covered it up, and the incumbent President killed a dying woman who was about to release a damnable secret to the press!


Upon this realization, Olivia got yet another revelation. Working for the republic at any cost changes who you are because through passivity, you lose yourself. Engulfed in darkness, you can no longer stand in the sun.

Herein lies what happens in the IC. Each individual loses him or herself trying to sustain Her.

That is why, rather than spend my energy bashing Her, I focus on restoring individuals who desire freedom from Her. Seeking freedom? check out RESCUE at or call 518-477-5759

what are some other reasons why it is fruitless to continue to look back at HER to expose, criticize or blame?


Set Free By Truth: Tena’s Testimony About RESCUE Fellowship

Here are some biblical variations to explain your position as an out of churcher:

The Lord’s Teaching About the Tree and Its Fruit

The Lord teaches us to know the essence of a thing, you have to look to both its root and its fruit. For ANYTHING, the same test applies. A good tree does not bring forth evil fruit and an evil tree does not bring forth good fruit. So when speaking to others of a different point of view, apply the Lord’s principle. You may not find history one of your favorite subjects but there is a simple way to expose the darkness in the church. So cultivate a historical perspective of how the organized IC started in with the Roman Emperor Constantine in 313 AD, a fake Christian who did not abandon his pagan gods. In fact, Constantine and not the Pope, is the father of the Roman the Catholic Church. All churches have the Catholic Church as their mother. It is not difficult to present the witchcraft nature of Catholicism. Since the root and the tree itself are evil, how can one expect anything different from the fruit of the IC? Its foundation, its historical roots, were established by an emperor of Rome.

The Parable of the Mustard Seed

The Lord’s kingdom of heaven parable in Matt 13 speaks of the mustard seed that grew into a huge tree with many branches with the birds of the air coming and dwelling in them.

The mustard seeds are the early apostles and disciples, the 120 in the upper room. The trunk and the roots of the tree is Catholicism. The branches are Protestant churches and denominations. Jesus explains later in the chapter that the symbolism of birds is that they represent demons. Fallen angels and demons have swarmed into the IC and taken her over with false religion.

Rev 18:4 Come Out of Her My People

You want to encourage those who are on the fence about the IC to think for themselves. Revelation is predominately an endtime book for endtime believers. So clearly the Lord is speaking to the last generation when He warns His people to come out of “Her.” So to encourage free thinking, how can God’s people all leave a nation? God’s people are in ALL nations.

If we were to leave the USA, where would we go…? Canada? The Caribbean? South America? Back to England? Would God tell us to come out and not give us the means to do so? Countries have immigration laws in these times.

So could HER be a nation? Where are those who call themselves God’s people? THEY ARE MOSTLY IN CHURCH. Biblical symbols for God’s people are generally feminine, both in the old and the new testaments. Revelation mentions the harlot. The mother of harlots is Catholicism, the mother of all denominations, sects and non-denominational churches.

Of course there will always be the diehards who quote the scripture about not forsaking the assembling of yourself together with the brethren. Point out to them that when the scripture itself was written, the institutional church did not exist. So the Apostle Paul certainly was not referring to Sunday morning worship.

I think if Paul was aware of our modern methods of communication, he would approve of our online Christian fellowship called RESCUE

Here are some biblical reason for coming out of the institutional church at this time in history:

Where Is the RIGHT Church? Does One Exist?


come out_front_covernew idolatryFake Jesus_frontcovercropped-655794-6b97510d-ae06-4ce9-9e7c-41240ff2b94el.jpg

There are people today  who are still looking for the right church.  Even though they know of the corruption of most churches they still believe that the deception has not affected ALL churches.

If you   have left the institutional church for good, you are going to run into people who will confront you on this matter. How are you going to handle it?

There is more than one way.   Here is a start.

The bible foretells through Paul to the Thessalonians  that in the last days, a time in church history would come  when God would send “strong delusion.” In like manner,  Paul even warned Timothy that in the last days, there would be a group of demons who would infiltrate the churches with false and mixed doctrine, capable of even causing some of the elect to “depart from the faith” and give heed to or listen and absorb these  devilish false teachings.

From my work on “the Fake Jesus”, I have been convinced that  “THAT DAY” came already. “Strong delusion” has already been poured out.    EVERYONE has been affected including ministers and members. Demons are the authors of the false doctrines and practices that almost the entire church stands upon as pillars of truth. There is ONE doctrine more dangerous than all others that ALL churches go by. It s called by a few names: easy believism, the decision all gospel based on the altar call and the sinner’s prayer where you ask Jesus to come into your heart and a religious demon responds.

The order of the day is for ALL to be deceived at various levels. To be Un-deceived is the exception and not the rule.

Here are some additional  biblical variations to explain your position as an out of churcher:

The Lord’s Teaching About the Tree and Its Fruit

The Lord teaches us to know the essence of a thing, you have to look to both its root and its fruit. For ANYTHING, the same test applies.  A good tree does not bring forth evil fruit and an evil tree does not bring forth good fruit. So when speaking to others of a different point of view, apply the Lord’s principle.  You may not find history one of your favorite subjects but there is a simple way to expose the darkness in the church.   So cultivate a  historical perspective  of how the organized IC started in   with the Roman Emperor Constantine in 313 AD, a fake Christian who did not abandon his pagan gods.  In fact, Constantine and not the Pope,  is the father of the  Roman  the Catholic Church. All churches have the Catholic Church as their mother. It is not difficult to present the witchcraft nature of Catholicism. Since the root and the tree itself are evil, how can one expect anything different from the fruit of the IC? Its foundation, its historical roots, were established by an emperor of Rome.

The Parable of the Mustard Seed

The Lord’s kingdom of heaven parable in Matt 13 speaks of the mustard seed that grew into a huge tree with many branches with the birds of the air coming and dwelling in them.

The mustard seeds are the early apostles and disciples, the 120 in the upper room.  The trunk and the roots of the tree is Catholicism. The branches are Protestant churches and denominations. Jesus explains later in the chapter that the symbolicism of birds is that they represent demons. Fallen angels and demons have swarmed into the IC and taken her over with false religion.

Rev 18:4 Come Out of Her My People

You want to encourage those who are on the fence about the IC to think for themselves.  Revelation is predominately an endtime book for endtime believers. So clearly the Lord is speaking to the last generation when He warns His people to come out of “Her.” So to encourage free thinking, how can God’s people all leave a nation? God’s people are in ALL nations.

  If we were to leave the USA, where would we go…? Canada? The Caribbean? South America? Back to England? Would God tell us to come out and not give us the means to do so? Countries have immigration laws in these times.

So could HER be a nation?  Where are those who call themselves God’s people? THEY ARE MOSTLY IN CHURCH. Biblical symbols for God’s people are generally  feminine, both in the old and the new testaments. Revelation mentions the harlot.  The mother of harlots is Catholicism, the mother of all denominations, sects and non-denominational churches.

Of course there  will  always be the diehards who quote the scripture about not forsaking the assembling of yourself together with the brethren. Point out to them that when the scripture itself was written, the institutional church did not exist.  So the Apostle Paul certainly was not referring to Sunday morning worship.

I think if Paul was aware of our modern methods of communication, he would approve of our online Christian fellowship called RESCUE. 

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A Book Review of the Fake Jesus by Amy Byrd


Fake Jesus_frontcover

The Fake Jesus is a radical, eye-opening, behind-the-scenes look at what is really going on in the Institutional Church today. The book describes in extensive detail how a fallen angel named Jesus Sananda Immanuel, known as an “Ascended Master” to the New Agers who worship him, has succeeded in passing himself off as Jesus Christ of Nazareth and has fooled the entire Institutional Church into wo…rshiping him. The book explains how when a person decides to “accept Jesus” and asks Jesus to come into his or her heart, it is, in fact, Jesus Sananda who responds to this invitation, entering the person through the heart chakra. It is Sananda who is in control of the Institutional Church today.

The author’s assertion in the Fake Jesus: Fallen Angels Among Us  is a very bold one. However, when one looks at the information Pam Sheppard  presents,  backed up with extensive research, as well as her own knowledge of kundalini yoga and chakras, it is very convincing.

Most of Sheppard’s research is based on claims made by the Ascended Masters, through channelers, who were addressing their own worshipers. Because these messages were not meant for Christians, but for occultists  who are on the side of the Ascended Masters, it’s clear that the source is not biased with a Christian slant. A simple web search of the various websites for those who worship Jesus Sananda Immanuel will show that he does, in fact, claim to do the things the book exposes.

The information presented in The Fake Jesus sheds light on why there is so much sin and bondage going on in the church today. The book gives shocking revelations about how churchgoers have unknowingly allowed the enemy into the church and into their hearts.

It is a must-read for anyone who is seeking truth.

Locate the paperback and the ebook  at

For more information on Pam Sheppard Ministries, call 518-477-5759

Book Review of “the Fake Jesus” by Danielle Wells


Fake Jesus_frontcoverThe Fake Jesus: Fallen Angels Among Us  is one of the most amazing, phenomenal, and eye-opening book that I have ever read. This book made me question and consider everything that I have ever learned or believed about religion and the Institutional church.
In THE FAKE JESUS, Pastor Pam Sheppard lays down the truth about aliens, the fallen angels who call themselves “ascended masters” and their role in the end times, also the dangers of the  slain in the spirit. the accepting Jesus into your heart doctrine, speaking in tongues and much more.
Pastor Pam also reveals in THE FAKE JESUS that there is a fallen angel who pretends  to be Jesus but he is not and his name is Jesus Sananda Immanuel.   When I received this astounding  revelation, my thoughts ranged from disbelief to wanting to learn more. It is amazing the things that we have come to believe in regard to the Institutional church which was manufactured by our enemy Satan.
It is time for the church to wake up.
Pastor Pam gathered her info by going into the enemy’s territory through occult websites by spying  out the land. While in the enemy’s territory  , she got insights into what the ascended masters or fallen angels had to say through their occult channels and Pastor Pam studied  their plans and motives in regard to the Institutional Church and other religions.
The book progressively exposes how Satan has implemented a plan  to be worshipped by churchgoers and he is  specifically using religion as his catalyst. So if f you are a serious seeker of the truth and you can stand the heat,  then this book is for you. I can guarantee that after reading this amazing, unprecedented  and eye-opening book, your life will never be the same.
 Certainly, my life has not been the same. When I first found Pastor Pam’s ministry called RESCUE, it was through watching her videos on YouTube. I was mad at the teachings at first, but the book is so compelling, that  I could not stay away.
An online alternative to the institutional church, finding RESCUE is the best thing that ever happened to me.  To find out more, call 518-477-5759.
For the best place to obtain the Fake Jesus and other books, click here.


A Book Review of Come Out Of Her, God’s People by Sandra Hicks

come out_front_cover

I recently read Pam Sheppard’s book, Come Out of Her, God’s People. In it, she describes the perils of being part of the institutional church (IC) and the damage that it inflicts. My personal experience in the IC certainly bears witness with what Pam has urged – –I too have come out of Her!

Pam exposes uncharted waters in what she’s shared in Come Out of Her, God’s People. Noah had no blueprint or reference advantages when he built the ark. The Spirit of the living GOD provided precisely what Noah needed. Likewise, I perceive that Pam’s knowledge, wisdom and understanding given her by the Lord GOD Almighty in the composition of Come Out of Her, God’s People exudes from each page. Otherwise, how could she  have succeeded to share such penetrating truths?  I’ve been an avid reader for many years. Much of what Pam shared, I’ve not read anywhere else—ever!

In the book, relative to the IC, Pam clearly explains why “the elect are not safe inside Her walls”. She transparently  and comprehensively shares her varied experiences, lessons, and knowledge about  how to be delivered from demonic strong holds. In vivid and gripping details, the book content teaches how to follow GOD in spirit and in truth to gain help to reject cooperation with the devil. No quick fixes are supported but surely effective ones for those who are inclined to stay the course until the fulfillment of freedom from the enemy. Pam shares, “Every false doctrine, charismatic teaching, sign and wonder has been removed from me, knocked down by God Himself.” And how she “…learned how to flow with the Lord Jesus Christ…”

Pam warns against pride and how it can cripple, damage and even be instrumental in preventing deliverance from false doctrine and demonic strong holds. Also, she goes into the problems associated with the denominational and non-denominational churches.

One particularly tender account in the book is when Pam shares about her treasured relationship with Mother Britton, her old friend and supporter. Reading about their relationship was heartwarming indeed. Such  Christian connections are priceless.

Pam’s experiences, background in the occult and as an IC minister for more than twenty-five years has adeptly equipped her to do what she presently does – minister to damaged sheep. Of course, only GOD is perfect, but certainly He’s chosen a faithful vessel in Pam Sheppard to advance the gospel of His kingdom and to be effectively used to set captives free in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

It’s with absolute conviction that I highly recommend the reading of Come Out of Her, God’s People.

In conclusion, I share Pam’s words from the book. “The die was cast by the Lord himself.”
“…the organized church is a very dangerous place to be…”

Pam reveals how she “escaped unscathed”.

I agree with Pam about the IC and so I have joined with her and others in an online ministry called RESCUE. We God’s People have come out of Her. To know more about RESCUE, call 518-477-5759.

To obtain either an ebook or a paperback, click here.


RESCUE: A Ministry for Out of Churchers

RESCUE consists of four ministries: one-on-one deliverance preparation by email, telephone deliverance counseling, deliverance by phone, and group fellowship. RESCUE as group fellowship and training began on Facebook in April 2012 and moved to WordPress in August 2013.

The RESCUE blog is basically a discussion group, where we use a private forum to share what we are learning on a variety of spiritual topics. It helps each member to begin to uncover many areas where we may have been bound or deceived spiritually by the wiles of the enemy. We post discussion topics, and then everyone chimes in with their thoughts. We learn from each other, mainly as we share how our experiences in dealing with being deceived by the enemy (through religion and the occult) have helped enlighten us, and begin to see how the enemy operates, and how the Holy Spirit has been working to help us see the TRUTH, as how it relates to the topic of discussion. We gain tools to fight the enemy. We support one another in our spiritual battles, and provide each other with advice on how to handle particular spiritual situations. It is basically a discussion group, as part of our ministry to those who have been called out of the organized church or have been in demonic torment. All of the mentors are in there, along with Pam, and a few others. Only certain people are allowed in, and the group is relatively small. The goal is to help one another grow in truth, and to provide a sense of fellowship so that you know you are not alone, but instead in fellowship with others who may share some of the same struggles as you, or can somehow relate to your experiences. Confidential information is not revealed, so you can be anonymous. We grow in truth, and in turn, help others grow in truth. It is wonderful.

Here are a few praise comments made by individual RESCUE group members. We believe in confidentiality. therefore each number represents a RESCUE member:

1. Coming from the church I did, I’ll go as far as to say I was emotionally damaged by the message that puts the burden on you that if you don’t “go out and lead everybody to Christ” that you will go to hell and it will be your fault. Like taking power away from God – like we’re THAT important and vital to God’s plan! Looking back, I just can’t believe I didn’t see that. When I first joined RESCUE, I have to say the biggest change in my life happened when I began learning that all that stuff was false. It took this huge burden off of me that I didn’t even realize how heavy it was, and I think that’s got a lot to do with why now I am doing better than I ever have in my life, as far as my condition. I’ve said it before, but just 1 month of learning the truth here in RESCUE was more effective than years of counseling, therapy, deliverance, prayer, and thousands spent on doctors and meds that didn’t work. RESCUE got to the root, and not just of the branch.

2. I Am sorry I left RESCUE. I think about yall, particularly Pastor Pam at least once a day. .because of you I no longer have terror. I also think I was just coming off of geodon and was going through a rough spot and getting depressed because I was going to end up living with my daughter but I didn’t have much choice. I am grateful to you for telling me the truth about me not being saved after all. My psychiatrist has dropped my medication and he has wondered why I have progressed so much. I told him RESCUE and Pastor Pam.

3. After realizing that the church wasn’t right and that I had been hood winked bamboozled and run amuck with all of the false doctrine, I began searching for the truth..while searching for the truth I ran into a lot of crackpots who I thought had the truth only to find out that they were just as lost as me..There were the seventh day adventist and the Hebrew israelites..then there were the sacred name only and the messanic Jews..These people think they have the truth but there form of the truth confuses you and will have you going from place to place..No peace..when I found RESCUE, it was like I had found a breath of fresh air. I could finally breatHE…..AHH the truth. there isn’t anything like it..

4. THE RESCUE posts and comments are wonderful because RESCUE is private. On the public blogs,any wacko can come in and disturb and distract everybody. Not so in RESCUE. it’s because of our leadership. The posts and the comments are really, really encouraging to others. Pam herself is wonderful. Without her, I wouldn’t be where I am right now. It is good to watch her get the praise that she truly deserves. She really has put her hand to the plow and not looked back. She has shared our good and bad times with us and has always dealt with us in reality, love and truth. We could not ask for a better leader, counselor, mentor and friend.

5. I don’t know why but all the people I talked to before said, “Are you going to church?” As if going to church would solve my problems. No one at church casts out demons, knows about the occult or any of that…it’s like people pretend it’s not there…well that was at a Baptist church, they told me to “stand on the word”. The pentecostals said I needed tongues and hands and the oil which would solve my problem. I’ve had the tongues, the oil and stood on the word. Did it all…didn’t get free. Instead just had more wacked experiences. The only thing that made ANY sense was RESCUE.

6. I told my friend this morning that Being in RESCUE felt like God pulled a bandage off of my eyes. It stung for a minute because I honestly was hurt. But now I feel free in Christ. No longer will I jump through the hoops of man. I am saved by grace through faith. I thank him for all that he is doing and all that he has done and that is to show me the truth.

7. I’m diagnosed with severe anxiety and depression, possibly also with bipolar. My thoughts have cleared up a lot in the past few weeks that it is noticeable to my mental health worker.I just woke up this morning and realized that I had good nights sleep without nightmares. I’ve realized that I’m starting to get breaks in my torment that I’ve never had in maybe over 10 year’s. Even though I know that I have a lot of work ahead of me I would just like to say thank you to Pam and to RESCUE.

8. . I have been in RESCUE just over 2 months and have been blessed by all the members here both saved and unsaved. I feel like I have grown leaps and bounds and when i feel a certain way there seems to be a member who has already walked through it. Right now I’m starting to understand my anger comes from the root of my own sinful ways. As well as alot of my unsavory thoughts.

I can’t put into words what RESCUE means to me!

9. For many years I have not been able to sleep. About 5 years to be exact. Here lately I have been sleeping peaceful. Nothing running through my mind, just peace. I feel like what Pam was talking about before— that once you know the truth the demons just walk out, I am truly starting to see what she was talking about. Thanks RESCUE! Im not feeling spiritually weak any more.

10. RESCUE, I don’t know what to say. I felt like my entire life was on the verge of collapse and I thought I had to call Pam because I could not bare the spiritual pain anymore. I was in great emotional distress as that is how my spiritual gaping hole manifested itelf. I was desperate to be delivered from the torment, yet step by step I realised that I had to address the underlying issues that caused the torment in the first place. It is like reluctantly trying to come to terms with reality. Now, a month and a half later, I can openly reveal that I feel much better. Pam is right. trying to abstain from certain physical activities is not the solution.

11. Last few days I’ve turned kinda bitchy and assertive like not willing to take people’s crap yet still nice and friendly to those who treat me nice but those that try to take advantage, I am no longer chasing. I don’t know what happened since i have been in RESCUE, but i love it. I let go of the obsessing and all the praying like Pam said —all the stuff was doing was like withcraft and I didn’t realize it. I know i’m not saved yet and alot work be done but just wanted share that the voices and torment has been better.
thanks Pam. thanks RESCUE members.

12. When I was asst Pastor at a church we would frown on anyone missing church for any reason even for being sick. I couldn’t visit my parents or go on vacation if it called for missing a sunday or any church service (which we had many). When I left that church I did not want to be a part of anymore manipulation or mind control so this last church I was attending when I missed a sunday the Pastor who I work with came to my desk & said that , no one knew where I was (even though I told them a million times I was going to my cousin’s wedding) she continued to say that could not happen again. Well I haven’t been back since. That rubbed me in such a wrong way that I began seeking out & found RESCUE!!! I knew that the way I treated people while pastoring was wrong & that I didn’t want that for anyone or myself anymore so when I was approached with it I had to stand all the way back and reevaluate the IC. Thank you RESCUE!!

13. I believe that it was God’s grace that I found this place called RESCUE. How I found it was I knew I had to leave the church, I knew I needed deliverance, I also knew I needed counseling, I also knew I needed mentoring so ditched the thought of seeing that crazy guy and went back to my search on the internet with what I knew I needed and this was the only place that I found that could give me all of it. I can honestly say that a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders since coming here. One is knowing that I don’t have to worry about doing things to try and get God’s approval. That was a lot of pressure. Another is that the god in the church is not what God is like!

14. Directing all of us to RESCUE and Pam is like a miracle in itself. Revealing the deception, sananda, the bondage, false doctrine and I could go on and on is more than amazing. The notion that He has chosen to prepare us for the receipt of the most wonderful gift, salvation, is sometimes overwhelming.

15. I have received major, major relief. The constant accusation has ceased. The freedom from this is indescribable. It was keeping me from the ability to receive the Lord’s forgiveness and love. I had a full night’s sleep without having to take medication, and have had a quietness inside all day. Also, the sexual pressure continues to fade.

16. Rescue is EXACTLY the type of ministry I have been looking for and without church walls, it is enough for me. There is no religious bondage, it is a safe place, I can be myself without feeling judged, and it is a great place where we can learn from one another. Furthermore, it is a fellowship of like-minded individuals, and the wisdom and spiritual food offered here is much more effective than any experience I have ever had in church. It is AUTHENTIC. And truth is preached here.RESCUE truly is a rare jewel.

17. I am a damaged sheep whose ears were WIDE OPEN to the truth! I knew something was wrong, and was in hot pursuit of the truth. Because of RESCUE, the Lord has undeceived me, healed me, saved me, and has been using me ever since to preach truth to others who will hear. Today, I am being used powerfully by God to help rescue other damaged sheep by serving as a mentor to undeceive those the Lord chooses to send my way.

18. Just wanted to say to PastorPam and all of you how thankful I am for RESCUE and to know you all. When I first came here I was just recovering from a long illness &, except for a couple of close friends, had lost touch with the outside world. This here is pretty much my whole social life, & as I’ve said many times before, I’ve never had but 1 or 2 people I could talk to about things we discuss here, the things I always questioned. I never would have imagined an entire group of people at once who understood, & who had so much knowledge I was looking for, & it’s not all fake niceness & sugar-coated stuff, people are direct & say what they mean. So thankful to be here & to Pam for having founded this group.

19. Since I came to RESCUE, I have received deliverance from things I was plagued with for years, torment that was not helped by years of counseling, therapy, deliverance sessions in the institutionalized church, and ridiculous amounts of medicine. There were times that, especially in the beginning, it was so hard at times to go against what every ounce of my being felt was true, I had to go against my gut feelings. At times it was scary and felt like jumping off a cliff, hoping that there would be a net to catch me, but knowing that if I was wrong, there was no going back, because I was afraid of doubting my past religious experiences. In the Charismatic churches I grew up with, they taught that that was blaspheming the Spirit, to believe a manifestation or religious experience was from a bad spirit, and that that would grieve the Holy Spirit and cost you your salvation. But the things is, I’m sure you’ve heard the expression that the definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing expecting a different result. I took the risk of going against what my heart told me. All my life I have followed my heart, and the truth is, the heart will lie to you. Just like the verse says about the heart being deceitfully wicked. I took the leap and am so glad.

20. THe affect of Rescue on my family is phenomenal..Everyday my mother and Husband want to know what Pastor Pam was talking about today..Did she post any new videos yet? I love it..My cousin brother and sister in law enjoy the ministry of RESCUE on Facebook..My cousin is a muslim and she is beginning to see the light ..RESCUE is well needed and I know that we may come across some crack pots who don’t want the truth but I feel that dealing with a few crack pot here and there is worth it when so many are being undeceived..Pastor Pam was having an affect on my life when she wasn’t even aware that I was watching her videos. Finding Rescue and hearing the true Gospel has saved my life..I am so happy..Sometimes I go through stuff but for the most part I am at peace and I love it. I thank God for RESCUE. I thank God for all of the posts and comments that have challenged my thinking. I LOVE YOU ALL AND THAT IS REAL TALK!

21. #21 Today, I was talking to my mom. I got a chance to explain everything that I have been learning through rescue from Ms. Pam, I didn’t think she’d be so receptive, but she was.She does not get online much, but she is very interested in learning more. Just by telling her everything that I have learned from RESCUE, she started reflecting, agreeing with me and got to know the truth about a lot of deceptive things within the church and salvation. For myself, RESCUE has helped to show me the truth about myself. Before I came here, I would have been thinking I was on the right path, but really I was not. I have not been here long, but since I’ve been here, everybody who I have been communicating with on here have been encouraging and supportive with me as I am waiting to be born again.
Ms. Pam you’re REAL and you tell the TRUTH, Sometimes it has humor and at other times it may be tough to read because it challenges, but you’ve been so helpful to me already. I am thankful for your life and everything that you have overcome to be able to be so humble in sharing it with us. Also, to everyone else who comments and posts your experiences. Thank you

22. RESCUE is amazing. It’s like nothing else that I know of, and it truly gives hope to captives. The people in RESCUE are so encouraging and understanding. I don’t know where I would be without RESCUE!

23. Someone in demonic torment needs ENCOURAGEMENT. It is very important that is what I got from RESCUE and My mentor, Jules. It works like a charm.

24.Thank God for Rescue, Pam and EVERYBODY here. It is a light and a beacon of truth where lies abound. Without it we would be floundering and still trying to place our fingers on what is just not right. Others would be still in dire torment. Thank God for what He is doing through Pam and the mentors.

25,I love RESCUE for two simple reasons!!
For one, the real deal TRUTH is taught here. Secondly, people feel free to talk about real life issues without being judged. Being in a group help me to overcome some things and I see it is definitely helping others overcome things. This is the beauty of RESCUE

26. All my life, I felt like a wanderer, not necessary lost but just floating around and as of late. The past year I’ve been like a stray cat, feeding and dwelling anything I came across and it was making me sick, leading me hauntings. I wanted to feel above this weak ghost I’ve become.. I wanted this head fog to go away so I could see clear. I came to Rescue after a few stupid mistakes society rages about these days, ashamed, and Ms. Pam, the online community of Rescue accepted me with open arms, understanding, and a firm voice. The voice of Ms Pam Sheppard led me to a path of clarity by the word of truth – something I haven’t felt in a couple of years. The truth awakens you, and makes you desire to change your lifestyle and way of thinking. But most importantly, the truth shall set you free – with your own willpower to embrace it. And the more I embraced it, the less I feel haunted, tormented. I can finally say I no longer feel like a stray cat. A big thank you to Ms Pam Sheppard!!

27. I’d like to add something else here. When I met Pam, there was no Rescue. It was just Pam, and maybe 5 others in a small, private facebook group. I gotta tell ya, NOBODY, AND I MEAN NOBODY seemed to relate to what I was going through except for Pam. You see, I was into the occult, but raised in the church…in the Baptist church and non-denominational church. Although I was in the church, the occult was what I was more loyal to. I knew religion was fake. I saw that early on, but kept practicing it, because, like everyone else, I was taught it was the right thing to go to church, you pray, you read your Bible, go to Bible study, go to church functions, etc…all as an attempt to be “close to God.” Religion was introduced to me as a child, so I just went along with it. Well, I had no one to talk to about this because in the church, being into the occult is really frowned upon, and I didn’t come across anyone who could relate to what I was experiencing, or who wouldn’t label me. When I met Pam, she was the only person I knew who understood what I was experiencing in the occult, and really helped me make a lot of connections. In fact, when we first met, she recommended her Occult video series to me. It was refreshing to meet someone who was from the occult, but also knew about the dangers of religion. Most people I knew were religious folks who could not understand what I had experienced in the occult. And with the occult, you can’t just open up and talk about it with just anybody. I was also a heavy dreamer, having several vivid dreams each week. Anyway, Pam helped me see the connection between my occult involvement, and how the enemy was trying to set me up to be tormented. I had denounced the occult, but almost went back to the Charismatic church, slowly becoming a signs and wonders seeker. You see, people with occult backgrounds are attracted to the Charismatic church because of all the supernatural signs and wonders. If she had not shown me the truth about the Charismatic church, I would be in worse torment than most, because the religious demons and occult spirits would have been fighting over my soul. Before Pam, I literally had no where to go, with no one to understand me. Pam understood me. So, I stuck with Pam…and I AM STILL HERE! LOL

28. If not for RESCUE I may not even be here today. When I came to RESCUE I was suicidal because of demonic torment. If I hadn’t come across this place when I did, hadn’t gotten undeceived and delivered, I probably would have taken myself out.

To find out more about RESCUE. Call 518-477-5759


Book Review: “Come Out of Her, God’s People!”

Reviewed by T. Rogers Tolanda_1

come out_front_cover

Come out of Her, God’s a People, is a tremendous work, authored by Pamela Sheppard, chronicling her journey of being led out of the Institutional Church, after 25 years in ministry.

In this book, Pam highlights how, as one who was once an atheist and astrologer, the Lord saved her at home, and allowed her to become an ordained minister in a well-known African American denomination, only to be shown the harsh reality of the demonic deception that exists within the institutional church. To her surprise, she realized some profound differences in her born again experience, and the lifestyles of professing Christians within the denomination.

Through some comical, compelling, yet true stories of how the Lord showed Pam the evils that exist within the entire organized church system, the Lord was able to reveal some fundamental truths about the reason He SENT HER OUT, and warned her to NEVER return.

It will be difficult for you to put this book down! As you progress through each chapter, you will begin to notice how the Lord’s hand has been guiding Pam to the truth, and how his unique plan to use her to help undeceive his elect has begun to unfold.

Anyone who has ever had concerns about the state of the institutional church, or who is hearing the call to Come Out of Her needs this book! By the time you finish reading, you will be convinced that the Lord is, in fact, opening the eyes and ears of His people, warning them to heed his instruction and LEAVE SWIFTLY.

After being led out of the Institutional church, the Lord gave Pam a dream that showed her an online ministry that would allow her to reach a substantial amount of people. Well, the Lord’s plan has begun to unfold, and the birth of the Remnant Exodus Society (RESCUE) occurred in April of 2012. Today, RESCUE serves as an online fellowship and safe haven for those who the Lord has been leading OUT of the Institutional Church. To learn more about  RESCUE, visit or send an email to

Need help understanding the parameters involved in  leaving the institutional church? This book will help you greatly.




Tee Rogers

The Dilemma of Change


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Consider the Institutional Church.  In  this  very  hour,  Her  problems are so deeply entrenched within the overall religious system that it would need a total renovation from inside out.  I tried to do so myself, but it didn’t work.

  I started a  small, non-denominational church in 1996 , while  I was  still under the authority of the Denomination called AMEZ. I preached an excellent word and I was a faithful and true pastor.  My problem was that I WAS STILL IN THE SYSTEM, TRYING TO POUR NEW WINE INTO OLD SKINS. I looked around at the phonies in my congregation and I said to myself “what up wit DIS?”
I tried new things but they could not escape the system and neither could I.  The Laodicean lukewarmness could not be changed.    For example, I stopped  a passive  Wednesday night bible study where I did  all the work and the people just sat lethargically in front of me.  I taught four bible studies a week, two in the morning and two at  night.   Even  those  who  faithfully  attended  each bible study did so  merely  out of ritual and  I started requiring each member  to  do an independent study based upon the message that they heard the previous  Sunday morning.  I asked them to  prepare what they had learned and  “tell  ME  about  it”.   Congregants  were  assigned to prepare questions based upon what they did not understand in the teaching. To say the least, the response of the members was  sickeningly lukewarm. After trial and much error,  it  finally became clear to me  that no one really wanted to actually study the word of God for themselves.  Their intention was simply to be found in church. No one prepared  anything.  In  fact,  they  appeared  confused and annoyed  and  by  their  utter  passivity,  simply  did  not even try the assignment because they were too used to being spoon-fed. Undoubtedly,  they would have bible study no other way.
This is the reality of trying to change the religious system from inside Her.  You will end up with even more apostasy like the Emergent Church. Change without the Holy Ghost is utter chaos.  Church leaders will not change their traditional practices.  The sinner’s prayer, the invitation to Christian discipleship, the Holy Communion and all the craziness around it will continue.  Let us not forget the witchcraft  practices of charismatics.  Even when church  appears to be working, a close examination will find the same endemic problems from church to church, pastor to pastor, member to member.  The foundation is basically the same and that foundation is not the true Son of God. The foundation is actually the organization itself.
The church system will not change because it cannot change.  As the wine skins are old,  God is not pouring in new wine.
The wineskins example reminds me of the worldly premise.  How can you expect real change when you keep repeating old behaviors. Yesterday, a woman told me in a phone session that she prayed for 30 years that her two sons would be saved and it did not happen.  Hmmmmm.  Perhaps her son’s are not chosen for salvation or could it be that praying for someone’s salvation is USELESS?  I prayed for 25 years that I would receive an interpretation of my tongues or sent an interpreter.  It never happened, needless to say. Hmmmmm. It finally dawned on me once I became undeceived.  My tongues are not from God and that is why my prayer was not answered.
Think about this.  What are you doing over and over again in your spiritual walk,  while  you continue to expect  different results? Who remains in your life, doing the same things, yet you still have expectations that “a change is gonna come, by and by?”

A Quiet Deliverance: Goodbye Vahni!!!


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By Carol A. Davis

As RESCUE members know, I grew up in a Charismatic church. From childhood, I accepted signs and wonders as a normal thing, because it was the first thing I knew; however, it had always bothered me that I never seemed to have any of the “religious experiences” and manifestations my family members and others around me did. I was jealous and felt left out. I’d never spoken in tongues, fallen slain in the Spirit, felt that feeling of “warmth, love, and peace,” heard God’s voice, had anyone tell me they had a “word from God” for me, saw visions, or saw demons and made them leave in the name of Jesus, etc. I thought I was doing something wrong, like not surrendering to God enough, or what they call “seeking Him” enough, or else, maybe God just didn’t have any particular reason to talk to me or manifest to me in that way. I felt kind of inadequate, or at least picked over.

Back in ’93 I started hearing about the Brownsville Revival. A friend from church always talked about it, because she had been several times. She talked about how awesome it was, how strong the “anointing would fall,” and how you would receive a “life-changing touch from God.” Some people from our church started taking road trips there. They’d have to camp out in line all day, get there at 6 a.m., like it was an American Idol audition or something, because the building could only accommodate so many. One week, Steve Hill, John Kilpatrick, and Lendell Cooley actually came to Alabama and held a revival service in a nearby city, as well as a pastor’s conference. Ministers from our church took part, and my friend and I also got to go to the pastor’s conference because her dad was working there.

A lot of people had traveled from churches in neighboring cities to take part. The night before the first revival service – although the details of when and where are fuzzy, it so was long ago – my friend and I attended a service at a nearby Assemblies of God church, which we’d been invited to by some of the people who were participating in the Brownsville conference. It was at this service that, for the first time, I experienced being slain in the spirit, speaking in tongues, and having the manifestation of this “jerking” motion from the mid-section. You’d be standing up, but keep doubling over, like how a person would if they were struggling to catch their breath, or had just been punched in the stomach, only there was no pain at all – just an involuntary contraction of the muscles in your midsection. Everybody else did it too.I was so incredibly happy! I felt that I was finally “there,” and that maybe God was finally pleased with me enough to actually manifest. The next night at the Brownsville service, it happened even stronger. From that point on, it would happen anytime I was in a praise and worship service, praying, listening to praise and worship music, if I was listening to a sermon or even watching one on tv, especially if a certain statement really “spoke to me,” and often when I would simply think about God.

Since joining RESCUE and learning what I know now about the kundalini spirits and the counterfeit Holy Ghost manifestations, I put two-and-two together and began to realize this could not be a manifestation from God. What was strange was that it hadn’t happened in a few years, but from the time I joined RESCUE, suddenly it started happening again at random times, more than it ever had in the past. The more I learned, the more it would bother me. I didn’t want it anymore. I had rejected all of those past religious experiences and recognized them for what they really were, yet it kept happening. I couldn’t control it. Even though I wasn’t completely sure if it was specifically the kundalini spirit of Bahni or some other evil entity, I knew it was some kind of demon because of where I’d been when it first entered. Also, it had begun dawning on me that all those years I had thought I was born-again I really wasn’t – even when I was working in stripclubs and doing all types of things, I thought I was still saved, and that thing happened all the time even then. So I realized, between the Church of God experience and all the sin in my life, whatever it was, it couldn’t possibly have been the Holy Spirit and was something I didn’t want.

So last month I was on a phone session with Pam. She asked what I wanted to talk about, and I brought that up, saying it bothered me and I wanted it to stop. She asked if I had ever addressed the spirit since realizing what it was, and I told her, yes, that at one point in the past few weeks, when the jerking had happened, I had spoken to it. I’d known better than to try to cast it out, so I had just calmly stated something to the effect of, “Look, I don’t know exactly who or what you are, but I know you’re not the Holy Spirit, you are a demon, and I don’t want you. Everything I accepted in those past services I am now renouncing. Sooner or later you’ll have no choice but to leave, whether it’s through a deliverance session with Pam, or some other means. The bottom line is, whether you leave now or later, your days are numbered.” I hadn’t’ said it in a forceful or disrespectful way, because I’d been warned and knew better than to try to cast out a demon if I wasn’t saved, or to say anything that they could take as a challenge, so I’d said it in a cautious way, but still make it official where I stood. To my disappointment, there was no change and it had continued  happening.

So when I was on the phone with Pam telling her about it, she asked if I wanted her to address this spirit. I said yes. We didn’t do a full-out deliverance session or anything like that, she simply addressed the navel chakra  by the  name of its deity , Vahni, and told it to leave. I was half-scared of, yet half-hoping for, some kind of manifestation, because I really wanted it to leave and to know for sure it had gone. She asked if I’d felt any kind of manifestation, and I said no. I was actually disappointed. Looking back, I see that there was still a residue of my old way of thinking, of always looking for signs and wonders. Because I’d experienced no manifestation, in my twisted line of thinking, I took that to mean the entity was still there. I figured, “Oh, well… it will be gone one day, so I’ll just stop worrying about it for now.” I kind of quit paying attention to or thinking about it.

After a couple of weeks, it dawned on me that it had not happened anymore. It still hasn’t happened since. Funny thing is, Pam doesn’t even remember speaking to it! Maybe because it wasn’t a full-out  deliverance session or anything; she just simply addressed it, and that was that.

Since becoming undeceived – the more and more I’ve reflected over the last 20 years of my life, and how the teachings I accepted in the Charismatic church have literally, in some ways, ruined my family’s life and my life – I’ve become more and more disgusted with those past teachings and experiences. That was why it bothered me so much for those manifestations to still be there. I wanted no parts of anything from that period of my life and just wanted all of it to be gone. I’m so happy now to be free from that and am so grateful to Pam what she did!

Pam, can’t thank you enough for all you’ve done to help me!

RESCUE is an anointed online ministry. Pam says she likes being “under the radar,” So she does not pump herself up as she waits on the Holy Spirit to send those He desires to use her to set free in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. If the Lord is leading you to RESCUE,   you too may be the recipient of a “quiet deliverance.” For more information, I strongly suggest that you call 518-477-5759

Why Doubt?


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In the process of being set free, doubt is extremely important. This doubt has nothing to do with God, or the doubt of unbelief in Him. Once doubt of a certain experience comes into the mind of the freedom seeker, the victory lies in admitting to the possibility of personal deception. Sometimes the deception is exposed suddenly while other times the process is gradual and requires diligence and patience.

Once the acknowledgement of deception has occurred, the next step is to face the truth, own the truth, and be prepared to watch the father of lies walk away from you by the power of the weapon of truth. Jesus Christ is the truth. Once the freedom seeker fully accepts truth, he or she is worshipping the Lord in spirit and in truth.

If you are walking this journey independently, there are books that can help you, located at

If you want our help, contact RESCUE and ask for Pam at 518-477-5759.

Ground Given to Evil Spirits


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At RESCUE Deliverance Mentoring, we provide trained workers to help you cast down imaginations by uncovering the ground that made you vulnerable to evil spirits in the first place. It does not matter what part of the world you live in. There is no charge for this service. For more information, call 518-477-5759


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