Speaking in Tongues is DEVIL WORSHIP! By Pam Sheppard


An Excerpt from the FAKE JESUS: Fallen Angels Among Us

Evan Roberts and The Wales Revival of 1904-1905; Part of the appeal of this wide scale revival lay in Evan Roberts himself, a charismatic and sincere preacher. Although he came from the Welsh Methodist tradition, he wasn’t a theologian, and he never finished his training to be a minister. His message was for all the people of Wales, regardless of denomination, and it was immensely appealing. Meetings would be a mixture of prayer, self-examination and singing, and they could last for hours. Roberts suffered a severe mental breakdown at the end of the revival, from which he never recovered. As a result, his public ministry was finished. He recuperated at the home of Jessie Penn Lewis and he assisted her in writing “War on the Saints.” When the book was denounced by critics in that day, it is reported that…

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Deception in the IC: Who is in Control?

imageI believe that the modern institutional church has made a concerted effort to remove the question marks from the Christian journey. Today, many pastors excel in peddling surety, control over one’s destiny, and instant gratification, all under the guise of ‘faith’. For example, in the charismatic Word-of-Faith churches, congregants are taught that man has been given the answer to every problem in life through God’s Word. Believers are instructed to find a scripture that applies to their situation and “stand on it” until they receive the outcome they desire.

“Standing” involves decreeing the Word over their situation, meditating on that scripture while also looking for a deeper revelation of it, and making a firm resolution not to say anything that would conflict with or negate their desired outcome. In this way, man is in control of his destiny as he stands in his supposedly God-given dominion and authority. From this perspective, God’s will remains easily known and always accessible, a tool for man to use at his discretion. Thus, man becomes the author and finisher of his faith while God is relegated to the back seat. Any results outside of the desired outcome are seen as either an attack of the enemy or the result of the believers lack of faith. This brazen arrogance is clearly reflected in the modern interpretation of some of the foundational doctrines that comprise Christianity.

Every Sunday, pastors around the world encourage their parishioners to ‘make a choice for God’ and thus accept Jesus into their hearts. Those that comply are led to believe that as a result of doing so, they are now ‘saved’ and will spend eternity in heaven. All sins will be forgiven, Jesus will be their Lord and Savior, and the Holy Spirit will now come to reside on the inside of them. Most likely, the pastor will then explain to them that they are now free to claim every ‘benefit’ of salvation for themselves- health, wealth, soundness of mind, etc.. This practice is a complete perversion of the foundational doctrine of salvation and ultimately results in a false conversion. It is a prime example of the modern church’s portrayal of man as being in control of his destiny. Because of this ‘choice’, man is deceived into believing that he can be assured of his salvation and acceptance before God. When thinking this way, there is no need to question one’s experience or examine it for oneself. Another Biblical truth that has been completely distorted is healing.

From the charismatic Word-of-Faith perspective, it is the legal right of every believer to be healed and walking free of all diseases. Anything contrary to that is an attack of the enemy or a clear indication of a lack of faith. My church always taught that the moment a sick person was prayed for, that person was instantly healed, regardless of whether or not the person still had symptoms. It was then up to the person to ‘claim their healing’ and continue to ‘stand on the Word’ while rebuking any pain or other symptoms. This expectation of an immediate answer to prayer was considered to be ‘faith’. Even if it is God’s desire to heal a person, are we to always assume that He is going to do that at our request? Under our terms and when we ‘command’ it? This is a deception that puts man in control and opens the door to the enemy. When one considers the primary people through whom these false doctrines are being preached, it’s not surprising that instant material gratification and surety are emphasized. Sitting atop their ministerial empires, the mega-preachers teach their followers to control their destiny by demanding that God do as they say, when, where, and how they want it done. I am so grateful that I am no longer under their influence.

Are you wondering about what’s going on in your church? If you are looking for a place where your doubts are welcomed and questions are encouraged, Rescue is a great place to be. In Rescue I’ve found a supportive community that has helped me to uncover my deception and opened my eyes to the truth. For that I am so grateful!

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Devil Worship in the Church and Among Christians!!!


We currently live in a society where “Everything goes.” Instead of relying on faith in God, people (professing Christians included) are seeking answers for their troubles, dealing with debilitating illnesses, and trying to deal with the daily struggles of life by subjecting themselves to practices that are EXTREMELY DANGEROUS. On every tv program, radio station, website, job, the list goes on, “healing” is being promoted immensely. It is important to understand that in all things, one must be prudent and vigilant enough to do their homework on where these practices originated, and the dangerous effects it could have on your spiritual, emotional, and sometimes physical well-being. If you hear ANYONE out there encouraging you to engage in practices that involve opening the Chakras, you are hereby warned to RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN IN THE OTHER DIRECTION!!! Chakras are psychic gates that, once opened, can bring in torment from…

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The Dangers of Opening the 7 Chakras: Hearing Voices and the IC


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Does it sound reasonable that a born again person who actively attends church should be hearing voices constantly? Or that the act of going to church can cause a person’s chakras to open? How does one go to church and become crazy?

Logical reasoning ought to suggest to you that when you submitted and obeyed authority within the institutional church, herein referred to as the IC, if you walked away with your chakras opened and hearing voices 24/7, that there is something wrong with THAT picture.

If you need help, complete the contact form below. Before you make contact, just know that this is no quick fix. in most cases, you are dealing with fallen angels. And since they are not IN you most of the time, they can’t be cast out. Fallen angels must be resisted by truth and a strong will.

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Churchanity: There Is Safety In Starting At Ground Zero By: Pam Sheppard

Hello Churchanity,

To be at ground zero from a spiritual perspective is to take no religious baggage with you.

You start off with the premise that EVERY religious or spiritual belief, doctrine, practice or experience has been contaminated so consequently, you take nothing with you as you move forward.

Another premise is that since God has sent forth a strong delusion, everything and everyone has been affected.

So the starting gate for us all in this generation is deception. Therefore, at ground zero, you also realize that to be undeceived, is the exception and not the rule. So you take as a given that everyone around you is deceived also.

There is safety in this position because the enemy cannot penetrate it, no matter how hard he tries for there is a guiding light that moves you forward from the starting gate.

That guiding light is truth. Jesus Christ is the.Way, the Truth, the Life and the Light.

Being at ground zero will keep you from being down, discouraged or depressed cause you’ve got nothing in your life that can pull you back into the dark place of recriminations, repercussions and regrets.

For more wise coaching on spiritual subjects, RESCUE may be for you. We provide a 24/7 presence in our private Christian fellowship group. For more info on RESCUE, watch these two short videos and/or visit www.aboutrescue.com Then if you are interested to know more, tell us about yourself in the comment box below or call toll-free, 888-818-1117.

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Witchcraft As a Lust of the Flesh: Dominating People Are Controlling! By Pam Sheppard


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Witchcraft is the practice of cursing and controlling people and situations with a counterfeit spiritual authority and power, using white and black magic. However, witchcraft is also listed among other traits and conditions as a “lust of the flesh” or a personality type. We all have experienced these kinds of people. It is one thing to be a pain in the ass know-it-all. However, when a person tries to manipulate, dominate and control the lives of other, that is when witchcraft as a lust of the flesh is quite obvious. A personality trait cannot be cast out. When the person is active and prominent in your life–perhaps a parent, a spouse, a sibling, relative or a friend,— then you will have to develop diversified strategies to protect yourself. Once I continue too discuss such strategies, this subject could turn into a book that I might consider writing. For now, let us look at witchcraft from the standpoint of moral purity.

Utterly committed to upholding their own self-image, captives in the grips of witchcraft as a lust of their flesh will fight to uphold an appearance of moral purity. Moral purity in this instance is not so much a desire to seek after true righteousness but more a desire to appear righteous to his or her entire public. A Jezebelian personality type is like her old testament predecessor in the flesh. Her desire is “to kill the prophets of God” and to crown false prophets that are obedient to Satan. In this regard, the religious demon has found a seat in the organized church, a pivotal position to fulfill Satan’s goal of killing true prophets.

From the onset, I point out that a sensitivity and a compassion for those bound by witchcraft as a lust of the flesh is certainly essential to set a captive free. In fact, I am always prepared to help these captives to pick up the pieces of their shattered lives when I perceive that the Holy Spirit has confronted them to face their own wickedness. Only God Himself can do this. However, He may use you. Just know that no amount of persuasion or debate will affect a captive who has witchcraft as a personality trait. And if the victim is in a position of authority in your life, you should never forget that you are in for a formidable struggle where the odds are stacked against you. Remember also that the actual spirit called witchcraft will use its captives by sending other demons of accusation, rejection, condemnation and fear as a means of a counter attack, so it is imperative that you be is wise as a serpent but as harmless as a dove. The key is to remain humble, repentant and forgiving. Here are a few ways to be as wise as a serpent:

  1. Never reveal your innermost hopes and dreams to a manipulative, dominating and controlling person. One with a witchcraft personality trait will find both direct and subtle ways to disrupt, even destroy your plans. Most of the time, these kinds of captives are so narcissistic that they don’t really listen to others because they are very pre-occupied with the beat of their own drum. So let THEM talk. When they turn toward you and begin to ask questions, you ask THEM a question. Their attention span is often limited too themselves so they can be distracted by another subject that interests them more than you and your pitiful life. But once such captives are bored, LOOK OUT!!!
  2. Be very alert. By example, when it is possible to do so, create a pre-prepared plan of escape from these people. Set boundaries and parameters ahead of time based upon the amount of time you can tolerate this person. For example, have some one call you at a certain set time, to interrupt either the phone call or the meeting. Text helps out a lot with these kinds of people if you are not strong enough for a verbal or a face-to-face encounter.
  3. If you want to keep a new friendship or a relationship, do whatever you can to keep the witchcraft captive from meeting or getting involved with your friend. Witchcraft captives can be quite engaging, and even if you warn your friend about the evil of the captive’s ways, YOU may end up being the culprit who is unstable, jealous or judgmental because the witchcraft captive has been both charming and engaging. Once you start defending yourself, you have already lost the new friend. In fact, don’t be surprised if the witchcraft captive has not stolen your new friend. So be wise and do not try to present a witchcraft profile ahead of time for it may backfire and leave egg on your face.
For more wise coaching on spiritual subjects, RESCUE may be for you. We provide a 24/7 presence in our private Christian fellowship group. For more info on RESCUE, watch these two short videos and/or visit www.aboutrescue.com Then if you are interested to know more, tell us about yourself in the comment box below or call toll-free, 888-818-1117.

Sananda’s Deception in the Church by Pam Sheppard

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Endtime Ebook Library

The Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth asked an interesting question. How many believers would He find on earth when He returns.. The rhetorical answer can be inferred to be “not many.” Why? Because of false conversions.

A false conversion occurs in the following instances:

1. A person makes a decision to “accept” Jesus and then ends up boasting, “I am saved because I chose to follow Jesus.” Often this person has repeated a sinner’s prayer or responded to a minister’s invitation to “walk forward” at the close of the sermon. There is also no evidence of repentance. Nor is their evidence that the believer understood either the cross or the resurrection of Jesus Christ at the time of he alleged salvation experience.

2. A person assumes because his or her family are professing, churchgoing Christians, and since he or she has attended church from birth, that he or
she is…

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The IC is A Haunted House Because of Her Curses and Her Plagues


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preacherWe all have been lulled into a semi or fully delusional state where we are drugged into believing something we know deep down inside ‘just isn’t right.’ We just went to church and went along with the programs to get along. We didn’t want to rock the boat, so to speak, out of fear that we would be labeled ‘rebellious,’ ‘unfaithful,’ ‘unteachable,’ or a host of other names leadership likes to place on thinking people who were blessed with common sense AND wisdom to know game when they see it.

When I was a faithful pastor in the IC, I had several memorable dreams that showed me the spiritual condition of the entire IC but I misinterpreted them. I thought the dreams were pertaining to the actual church I saw, when a particular church was only intended to be representative. A symbol OF THEM ALL.

in these dreams, the pulpit and altar area were defiled with menstrual blood, feces and urine. I would also dream about toilets overflowing in the sanctuary. I did not understand those dreams until after I left the IC.

I now know that the defilement represented the plagues. For in the natural, plagues have broken out because of infectious, unclean conditions like rats and such. The unclean natural condition of a house will cause it to be condemned, boarded up. A haunted house is filled with the demons that once inhabited the dead who lived in that house. When the inhabits died, the demons came out and did not have anywhere else to go and reside unless new people rented or bought the house.

I call the IC a haunted house because it is filled with evil spirits who have taken Her  over, because of the plagues. These are the seducing spirits that the Apostle Paul warned Timothy about.  They are fallen angels that specialize in teaching religion.  Jesus called the religious folk of his day, white washed tombs on the outside, contaminated with dead men’s bones on the inside. This is the institutional church today. It is a huge whitewashed tomb. A haunted house.

Don’t let the white washed physicality, Her stained glass beauty fool you. The spirit realm is invisible to our eyes but it still exists. In the spirit realm, every pulpit is covered in unclean blood, urine and feces, no matter how sincere the pastor or how helpful and kind are Her members.

In the last few years, I have not focused on warning people to “come out of Her.”  It could be that since I have not been actively IN Her since 2004, for me its kind of “out of sight, out of mind.” However, I had some dreams this morning that brought my task back into focus.

In the first dream, I received the result of two curses that I wont go into here.  I will simply say that one involved the destruction of property and the other dealt with both a ministerial and a health issue combined in a curse. In the next dream, I found myself in a church.  As I am dreaming, I think “I am not supposed to be in here.”  Anyway, the grand, important purpose I had before I came to this church left my memory and I was given the assignment to do the congregational prayer.

I started to pray but there was a group of women working on a project who were laughing and talking loud, distracting me from my prayer. So I stop praying and I ask them to choose between their project and my prayer.  They were nasty and rude and with venom, chose  their project.  As I was leaving, they stood in the doorway of the church. As they  reminded me of the curses of the previous dream, they boastfully took ownership and responsibility for those curses.  They sneered and jeered at me  and I woke up.

I was overjoyed to awake because it felt like I was in a haunted house, for real!!!

Curses are specific to an individual but plagues don’t discriminate.  A plague takes down both the innocent and the guilty together, insidiously, progressively and consistently. The Lord warned that if you stay, you are a partaker of Her sins and that you will receive of Her plagues. (Rev 18:4)

Don’t say you have not been warned.


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I.C. Captivity: The Role of Being Meek and Poor In Spirit By: Pam Sheppard


Continual brokenness before the Lord Jesus Christ has sustained me with a simple, yet a profound truth and it is this. “Whatever does not originate in your inward parts–in your spirit–will not bring you life.” In this regard, I have learned through personal experience that false or counterfeit spirituality may appear to produce a beneficial result but it cannot grant authentic, lasting, resurrection life. I have entered into the Lord’s rest because I myself have labored by the revelation of the Holy Ghost. No more vain strivings for success according to man’s standards.

What are YOU still striving for? How strong is your pride of life?

To learn more about detoxing from deception, you would benefit from reading “The Church of the End-time Zombies: A Guide to Religious Detox.”

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Maitreya, The I.C. Setup and The Opening of Chakras: A Sign of Endtimes By: Pam Sheppard

I spoke with a young 13 year old boy who called to ask me “if opening chakras is evil.” Perhaps it’s the global fixation on superheroes. He said he wanted to be able to help people who fall off of buildings so he has studied telekinesis also.

Here is what the enemy is trying to do.

HE NEEDS THE ALTERED STATE OF CONSCIOUSNESS so that demons can make their residence in you and fallen angels can walk in and out of you at their will. To get it, he uses the ASC to open chakras. Here is a quote from “the Fake Jesus:”

The way Maitreya plans to “pull it off” shall be achieved through the self imposed passivity of millions, perhaps billions. The key word is “altered states of consciousness.” The Ascended Masters have been preparing the souls and spirits of man of each generation “for years.” Hindus and Buddhists have been prepared for generations. Those who indulge in witchcraft and its various derivatives are also prepared. The mentally ill and the substance abuser are also open to telepathy.

The last target is “the organized church.” Catholicism is already prepared with its idolatrous veneration of saint worship, for the spirits behind the saints are actually “demons.” Once again, the Vatican is now supporting that we must embrace extraterrestrial brotherhood. Protestants are being prepared through counterfeit tongues and the phenomena of “slain in the spirit.” The plan is that the sheep of earth shall telepathically hear “the voice of a stranger.”

Satan’s target now includes the youth. Set up first with the occult games, Harry Potter, Disney and all the other fantasy’s, this young man told me that he has opened three of his chakras because he wants to help people with supernatural powers and “BE LIKE GOD!”

If you have opened up demonic  doorways and you want them closed, we may can help you. Please understand, there are NO QUICK FIXES !

To learn more about detoxing from deception, you would benefit from reading “The Church of the End-time Zombies: A Guide to Religious Detox.”

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Churchanity: Wake up and Learn How to Fight Against Deception! By: Pam Sheppard

In order to be undeceived, one has to WAKE UP!

Waking up is connected to all aspects of your being, spirit, soul and body. here is what Jessie Penn Lewis has to say about waking up:


The deceived believe, laid claim to positions to which he had no right, for with the entrance of truth he discovers he was neither so advanced, nor so spiritual, nor so infallible as he had thought. He built his faith about his own spiritual condition on assumption, and left no room for a doubt, that is, true doubt, such as doubting a statement that afterwards turns out to be a lie, but in due season doubt finds an entry to his mind, and brings his house of infallibility to the ground.

He knows now that what he thought was an “advanced” experience, was only a beginning, and that he is only on the fringe of knowledge. This is the operation of truth.note 7 In the place of ignorance is given true knowledge; in the place of deception, truth. Ignorance, falsehood and passivity; upon these three the enemy silently builds his castles, and unobtrusively guards and uses them. But truth pulls his strongholds to the ground.

By the entry of truth, the man must be brought to the place where he acknowledges his condition frankly, as follows:–

(1)I believe that it is POSSIBLE for a Christian to be deceived and possessed by evil spirits.

(2)It Is possible for ME to be deceived;

(3)I AM deceived by an evil spirit;

(4)WHY am l deceived?

Then comes the facing of the fact that (1) “ground does exist; and (2) the seeking for knowledge as to what the ground is.

In order to discover the ground, the believer must first, in a general sense, get a fair conception of what ground is;note 8 for he is liable to be deceived in (1) putting down to “possession” what belongs to something else, and (2) placing to something else what belongs to possession. He may confuse ordinary conflict, i.e., the perpetual battle in spirit against the powers of darkness,note 9 with conflict which comes from possession. And when the deception and possession are of long standing, the spirits of evil may get the believer himself to defend their work in him, and through him fight tenaciously to guard the cause of his deception from being brought into light, and exposed as their work.

They thus get the believer himself, in effect, to take their side, and fight for them to keep their hold, even after he has found out his condition, and honestly desires deliverance; one of the greatest hindrances being the effect of an assumed position concerning spiritual experiences, which believers are loath to examine, and part with.note 10

We are the last church age. Start your path to becoming undeceived. Here is a helpful video to watch.

For more information you may further benefit from reading “The Church of the End-time Zombies: A Guide to Religious Detox.”

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Praying In the Spirit and Whooping by Pam Sheppard


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I did not mention WHOOPING in the video because I have witnessed those who did not  whoop yet they still  wrecked  a congregation and caused an emotional uproar with either their prayer or their sermon.  Nevertheless, those who whoop a prayer rarely fail to provoke strong emotional outbursts within the church service.

A simple definition of whooping is that it is an oration that will begin to unfold into either a prayer, but most often erupting in  a sermon when the orator’s words and short phrases take on a rhythmic quality that borders on being a musical sort of repetitive chant. A denominational practice among the  Black Baptists, Pentecostals and less often, the Methodists, the orator will begin to rattle between each phrase, rasping and panting like  someone who suffers with whooping-cough. Other antics can accompany the whooping.  He may bang his fist into the podium, run across the platform, break forth with a loud shout or a shrill or scream, start singing or break out into the holy dance, as its called.   As expected, lots of sweating transpires.

In a paper written about the history of black preaching, Henry.H. Mitchell traces what he refers to as “an art” to West Africa. When I think of worship in Africa, one word comes to mind.  WITCHCRAFT.  Though Mitchell is in support of black heritage in general and black preaching styles like whooping in particular, his scholarly work confirms my greatest reservations:

  We turn now to the questions of whence and how the patterns and content of early Black preaching came, and how the tradition has grown from there. Black preaching and Black religion were greatly influenced by the confluence of two streams of culture, one West African and the other Euro-American.  The primary stream was African. Indeed, the Black church was an attempt, born of a cultural and religious nostalgia, to reestablish on American soil the worship practices…… As DuBois said in 1903, this first church was “not by any means Christian,” but “gradually, after two centuries, the church became Christian.” He added, “It is this historic fact that the Negro church of today bases itself upon the sole surviving social institution of the African Fatherland that accounts for its extraordinary growth and vitality.”21 Dubois went on to suggest that the preacher was also a cultural survival, and Woodson agreed, adding, “The Negro ministry is still the largest factor in the life of this race.”

It is altogether natural, then, that the Black homiletic should reflect these same African roots. The languages of Africa are manifestly tonal, and all speaking includes such linguistic features. When Marshall preached with sonority, he was carrying on a traditional African musicality. Yes, he preached in English with impressive polish and dignity, but African rhetorical style is always dignified as well as sophisticated. Sonority is not a sign of primitivism, as is so often assumed even today.*

The Lord Jesus made it simpler and plain.  You know a tree by its fruit. Roots represent the  history of a thing.   You cannot expect that any entity will bring forth good fruit for Christ if its history  began with the worship practices of Africa and as Mitchell acknowledges the words of Dubois, the original African-American church  was just that.  It was African and not Christian!!

I  have personally witnessed how whooping in both a prayer and a sermon can cause churchgoers to momentarily lose their minds— from a woman who threw an infant up in the air after a preacher whooped a message called “Dry Bones,” to several others who fell to the floor, rolled  around like snakes and frothed  at the mouth like they were having a seizure, either while the minister was whooping or immediately after he was finished.

In Come Out of Her God’s People,  there is a chapter on the altered state of consciousness which introduces the term “communal intoxication.”   Here is an excerpt which summaries what I suspect occurs:


Communal intoxication is defined by the founder of sociology, Max Weber as the supernormal ability of magicians, wizards, witches and charismatic religious leaders. With the God concept at its center, such leaders induce altered states in their followers as demonstrated by the congregant’s manifestations of convulsions, trembling and intense effusions of excitement and ecstasy. Does shouting, the “holy dance, holy rollers, holy laughter,  running around the church, barking and making animal sounds,  tongues, neck bobbing and slain in the spirit fall into this category? This is a question to take very seriously. Denominational preachers who ‘whoop” a sermon have been known to set off widespread communal intoxication where the people enter into a convulsive frenzy.

Reference: *http://www.theafricanamericanlectionary.org/pdf/preaching/ABriefHistory_HenryMitchell.pdf

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Churchanity Promotes The Lack of Commonsense By:Tee

Churchanity promotes the lack of commonsense among believers. Religious passivity is dangerous and it is illogical.

Being religious has caused me to lack a lot of common sense. In the past, I was so blinded by religious rules, that I found it quite difficult to use my common sense to make daily life decisions. As a result, I have had to deal with the consequences of many significant life decisions I made all in the name of religion. There were times when I KNEW what to do, but because of some religious belief, second guessed myself, and made a different decision. Also, there were times when I would have a difficult time coming to a decision because I relied too heavily on waiting for some supernatural sign from God, not realizing it was just a religious belief inspired by the devil.

I can recall many occasions where I would lack confidence in my own God-given natural ability to make practical life choices, because I was afraid that using my common sense to make certain choices would somehow affect my “relationship with God,” or make me less of a Christian or candidate for heaven. Would you believe it if I told you that areas like politics, relationships (marriage included), careers, where to live, etc., are not necessarily areas that we need to be “consulting God” in? You see, God operates in SPIRITUAL MATTERS. But, religion has taught us to seek the supernatural in EVERYTHING that we do, and in EVERY aspect of our lives, that it is second nature to many of us. We fail to realize that often times, it is the ENEMY behind those decisions!!!

When detoxing yourself from religion, it is important to note that you must restructure your entire thought process. You must change your value system. You must determine new morals based on truth and common sense. I have effectively accomplished this by learning from people like Pam, who have never really been religious to begin with. For those of us who have been either raised religious, or have been heavily influenced by religion, religion is all we know, and has become the foundation for the morals and values we have today. It will have us wondering why we even make some of the decisions we make! LOL!!! That needs to change. When you encounter that WHY question, it’s time to suspect that religion is the culprit, and that it is time to do some serious investigating, which is an important part of the process of undeception. And as you go through the process of detoxing yourself from religion, use your God-given common sense, along with TRUTH to help you develop your morals and value system that will be based on TRUTH vs. false religious beliefs. Then and only then will you be able to see clearly, and start getting religion out of your system for GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thoughts? Can anyone relate to this?

To learn more about the passivity of the will, you would benefit from “The Church of the End-time Zombies: A Guide to Religious Detox.”

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To know more about the religious spirit, you need “Faces of the Religious Demon.”

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The IC, Passivity and the Deception of Religious Spirits


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The truth to be emphasized is that God never “wills” instead of man, and whatever a man does, he is himself responsible for his actions. Religious demons major goal is to manipulate the will of a sincere and unsuspecting believer into a state of passivity in order to control us.

The believer whose “will” has become passive, finds, after a time, the greatest difficulty in making decisions of any kind, and he looks outside, and all around him for something to help him to decide the smallest matters. When he has become conscious of his passive condition, he has a painful sense of being unable to meet some of the situations of ordinary life. If spoken to, he knows he cannot will to listen till a sentence is completed; if asked to judge a matter, he knows he cannot do it; if he is required to “remember” or use his imagination, he knows he is unable to, and becomes terrified at any proposed course of action where these demands may come upon him. The tactics of the enemy now may be to drive him into situations where these demands may be made, and thus torture or embarrass him before others.

Little does the believer know that in this condition he may, unknowingly, rely upon the assistance of evil spirits, who have brought about the passivity for this very object. The faculty unused lies dormant and dead in their grip, but if used it is an occasion for them to manifest themselves through it. They are too ready to “will” instead of the man, and they will put within his reach many “supernatural” props to help him in “decision,” especially in the way of “texts” used apart from their context, and supernaturally given, which the believer, seeking so longingly to do the will of God, seizes upon, and firmly grasps as a drowning man a rope, blinded, by the apparently given Divine help, to the principle that Godnote 3 only works through the active volition of a man, and not for him in matters requiring his action.

Taken from Jessie Penn-Lewis in “War on the Saints.”

How many of you have said “I surrender all in the IC and would not act unless you got some kind of sign? How many of you know that the IC is corrupt and infiltrated by fallen angels and demons yet you are waiting on God to give you a special sign before you make a move to leave?

To learn more about the passivity of the will, you would benefit from “The Church of the End-time Zombies: A Guide to Religious Detox.”

Click here for paperback

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To know more about the religious spirit, you need “Faces of the Religious Demon.”

The IC and Her Fear of the Jezebel Spirit by Pam Sheppard


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The IC knows that she is falling and points the finger at  what she calls “a Jezebel Spirit.”

Granted, there is no such demon. I have read several articles on the subject, written by IC pastors. What I perceive happening is that this entire Jezebel thing is the IC’s latest explanation of what is happening to Her. The truth is that Fallen angels and demons are riding the backs of fake Christians and using them to tear down each local assembly from within.

What the institutional church is calling Jezebel is really the spirit of the Antichrist. In summary, these are the rats and roaches of my 2007 vision, planted by the enemy in each and every local, national and worldwide assembly. These church members operate like termites, eating away at the system until it collapses from within. In summary, IC Jezebels struggle over and usurp power and authority by destroying other passive zombie types. They manage to get in positions of authority, most difficult to remove , once there.

Most who are considered Jezebels are not the pastors but the lay leaders who support him, usually a woman or a group of women. Pastors who want full control are often intimidated by lay leaders who their members admire and support. So I am certain that much of these kinds of accusations are unfounded. Nevertheless, any church leader deemed a Jezebel is profiled as controlling, manipulative, bossy, clever and intimidating.

Then there are the passive-aggressive ones whose persona is so “sweet and “perfect,” yet inwardly, they are deceitful, “timid” and sneaky. Of both categories, this particular type of so-called “Jezebel” has the capacity to deceive and recruit others to join them as they plot to win out over other church groups and cliques. Sometimes they can be very charming and charismatic. They act to persuade recruits, and do not give up this activity until the recruits are won over. If the potential recruits do not cooperate according to Jezebel’s persuasion, this type becomes angry, relentless at issuing retribution.

More than anything else, the pastor’s fear of these aggressive personalities that keep strife alive, will cause him to have to make some difficult decisions. If wisdom is not used, then the flock will start church hopping which backlashes on the Sunday take at offering time. We have had a few “Jezebels” in RESCUE. They don’t stay long because righteousness and truth run them off.

If YOUR EYES HAVE BEEN OPENED TO THE CORRUPTION WITHIN THE IC, CONTACT US and find out more about our 30 day trial. 1-888-818-1117 or rescueonfb@icloud.com You can also fill out our contact form below:



Fallen Angels Are Behind The Deception In The Church By: Pam Sheppard


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SOME WANT TO BELIEVE THAT GOD’s angels are the good spirits, that minister to believers by bringing them messages and guiding their lives. Certainly, The angels are “sent forth to minister to the heirs of salvation” (Heb. 1: 14), but not to take the place of Christ or the Holy Spirit. The Apocalypse seems to show that this ministration of angels to the saints on earth, is a ministration of war in the spiritual realm, against the forces of Satan; but there is little indication given of ministry in any other way. After the first Advent, when there was great angelic activity over the wondrous event of the Father bringing the “Firstborn” of the new race (Rom. 8: 29) into the inhabited earth (Heb. 1: 6, R.V.); and again at the Advent of the Holy Spirit on the Day of Pentecost to begin His work of forming a Body like unto the Risen Head–and during the early years of the Church–the employment of angels in direct and visible communication with believers, seems to give way to the work and ministry of the Holy Spirit.(Jessie Penn-Lewis)

The entire work of witnessing to Christ, and leading the Church into all truth, has been committed to the Holy Spirit. Therefore all intervention of “angels,” or audible voices from the spiritual realm, claiming to be from God, may be taken as counterfeits of Satan, whose supreme object is to substitute the working of his own wicked spirits in the place of God. In any case, it is best and safest in these days of peril to keep in the path of faith and reliance upon the Holy Spirit of God, working through the word of God.

Fallen angels are getting quite bold these days. But they still have to be invited in. Have any of you been contacted by them?”

If you need help or have questions you can email us at rescueonfb@icloud.com or call Pam at 1-888-818-1117. You can also visit the website  http://www.aboutrescue.com.


“Evil Faith In The Church” by Pam Sheppard


“Today, I understand very clearly what Jesus meant when He warned that it is a perverse generation that seeks after a sign. Within the nature of perverse human flesh, a sign seeker is rebellious, disobedient, stubborn and ultimately “wicked” because God’s people are to walk by faith and not by sight.

To allow the devil to validate our God is itself “perverse.” In like manner, the problem for those who are caught up in deliverance is that they use demonic manifestations as signs to confirm their faith. Simply put, they believe in “good” based upon the fact that they see and experience evil. This is an offense to God because He expects His people to believe in Him because HE IS, not because we see the Creator through the manifestations of the creature,— Satan, or his demons and fallen angels.

Evil faith is also manifested when we believe a…

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Christian Mysticism: The Law of Attraction is Witchcraft By: Jules


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The law of attraction is when a person believes or projects something negative then the universe will return something negative. The same applies to the positive. If he or she believes something positive then the universe will return something positive.

Within the last two weeks I have encountered someone who believed in the law of attraction in some form or another. The first instance I witnessed a cashier praying to claim something over my daughter and then a woman in line shouted “NAME IT AND CLAIM IT” to the cashier.

The second time I was in conversation with someone tonight and they brought up the subject law of attraction. This person said that we draw negative and positive things to us. This person tried to justify their position by using the scripture “What a man thinketh he becometh.”

No matter what the form is, the law of attraction is pure and simple witchcraft. Have you ever encountered this type of situation? Have you become tormented in result of this witchcraft behavior? If so, call Pam at 1-888-818-1117 for more information or email Pam at rescueonfb@icloud.com . Don’t forget to visit the website at  www.aboutrescue.com.


No Easy Believism. Christ Is Raised From the Dead: Christian, Do You Understand Real Salvation? By: Pam Sheppard


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I suspect that the primary reason why the institutional church is so ineffectual is because she has lost the meaning of the power of the resurrection. When I ask someone who calls me to describe the resurrection, most skip right over it and start babbling about the Lord going to prison to preach, grab the keys, etc., saying nothing at all about what happened in the tomb.

This is yet another reason why the vast majority of churchgoers  are operating out of a false conversion. For there is no born again experience without an understanding of  the resurrection. Colossians 2:22 says that we are buried together with Him in baptism, and we are also raised together with Him through FAITH in the fact that God raised the Lord Jesus from the dead.

Those who saw the Lord alive after His death did not need faith because their very eyes witnessed it. They were at the cross when He died and they were in the upper room when He bodily appeared.

To be born again is to come back to life in the spirit after being dead. Those who are not born again are spiritually  dead, dead in trespasses and sins. They are physically alive but dead in spirit.

The Lord Jesus proved how great the power of His life is through His resurrection. He established that resurrection life is a life that cannot be touched by death. YOU MAY KILL ME BUT YOU CAN NOT KILL MY SPIRIT.

The interesting thing is that before we are born again, we are physically alive yet spiritually dead. Once we become spiritually alive, though we will one day physically die—-maybe—–the resurrection of the Lord takes away the sting of death which is the fear of it.

You also need to understand that without the resurrection, no one can cast out demons.

the reason the born again  can withstand Satan is  because our life is a life of resurrection. Since our new life in the spirit has translated us out of satan’s kingdom, he has no authority over us. I find that when the resurrection power is expressed through me, not just the cross but the resurrection, demons and fallen angels flee.

I triumph in the cross but also in the resurrection. Satan can kill my body but not my spirit and not my soul. and he can’t kill my body unless God allows him to do so.

Where did YOU stand on the resurrection, Christian?

Do you know who God IS? He is the actual creator of all that we see and can’t see. So for that logical reason alone, we should lose all fear of death and being annihilated. Why? because even in death, we still live in the mind of the One who created us. So having faith in Him should make good sense. We should also lose all fear of satan! for like us, he is only a created being.

Yet there is yet another thing. It is the most supernatural thing in the bible: THE RESURRECTION OF THE DEAD IN CHRIST!!!! It has  happened once already if you believe the bible. Take a look at Matthew 27:51-53. As the saints of old were raised, we who are alive when the Lord returns shall be changed to immortality.  In fact,  besides ruling down here, Jesus Christ main reason for returning to earth is to claim His complete power over death. He will raise the dead out of their graves and tombs of all those who sleep in Him since He ascended.

So if you claim to believe in the Lord Jesus, how can you fear death??? THAT IS AN OXYMORON!!!

Sometimes I think I have heard it all until the enemy does something new. then all I can do is shake my head.

One of the things Satan  is doing with false conversions is using all of the gospel story—the cross, repentance, weeping, forgiveness, peace, baptism, ALL BUT THE RESURRECTION!!!!!

Here is an example from someone with a false conversion. :

I had another conversion experience. This time I was online watching a video. I felt cut to the heart and started crying. Then a voice told me to go and run a bath and be baptized. I was crying so much because I’m so sick of being lied to. I went in and baptized myself and I came out and felt like I was saved. Right before I did it, I heard “you are really going to hell this time”. Baptized myself and I felt much better when I arose I had a new spirit. I cried more because it was not the same. I dont know if I believe it or not yet.

All I am saying is that we were trained in the institutional church  that the enemy is afraid of the cross. He is NOT!!!! He uses it ALL, including the BIBLE. He uses ALL but I have yet to see him use the resurrection in the correct way in one of his false conversions.

So understand this.  If faith in the resurrection of the Lord was not a part of your salvation experience, you are still dead in your trespasses and sins and your faith in the Lord is vain. Put simply, you are NOT born again.  So watch this video to get an understanding of the most essential component of the gospel.

Paul gave us the warning to make sure that we be of the faith. Don’t fear examining your salvation. Need help? Contact us at rescueonfb@icloud.com Also visit www.aboutrescue.com


Spiritual Abuse and Church Hurt by Pam Sheppard

In my phone sessions  with damaged sheep, a truth stirs in my spirit that is difficult to express. When I really listened to what was done to human beings in the church and by the church, all I can say is that many  have  already been crucified and so they  should hopefully expect resurrection. Some reports of spiritual abuse that manifested as the institutional church actually hurting God’s people   cause me to realize how much of the world is in the church system  and how dangerous it is to look back at Her.

Yet, we must look back in order to recover because we need to know what is it about ourselves that caused us to succumb to spiritual abuse in the first place. Even so, we also have to be careful HOW we look back. Anxiety or inner turmoil serves as a sign that we have not completely gotten over a particular thing. So when this happens, we need to retreat, build up strength in that area and confront it when we are better prepared. This is the path of deliverance counseling. We advance and retreat to fight another day.

I think what got to me about a particular  testimony, is that she has already been to the cross and did not know it. Think of it. You go to the church  to get freedom from the world but find yourself actually in the world, suffering under the religious, hypocritical hands of those who are still in the world and they too don’t know it cause they are too frightened to see that they are the Pharisees and Saducees that crucified Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

Some have left the world, even the church world, but like Lot’s wife, the cross has not separated them from the longing that remains in their hearts for the world. THEY REALLY STILL DESIRE TO BE THERE BUT THIS TIME, TO BE ONE OF THE ACCEPTED ONES.

So I warn everyone who has an ear to hear and an eye to see. There is a religious world in our times which is far more dangerous than  other systems that are obviously evil and a part of Satan’s domain. This religious world consists of professing Christians who deny the cross and the resurrection of Jesus Christ in more ways than one.

The cross symbolizes deliverance from this present evil age (Gal 1:4),—from the powers of darkness (Col 1:13)—from the devils and demons who rule the world under their leader, Satan–(Eph 6:12) and—-on the resurrection side of the cross—WE ARE TRANSLATED INTO THE KINGDOM OF THE SON OF GOD! When we plead the blood, we are telling the enemy that we are dead to his world, that he no longer has authority over us, that we walk in that same power that raised Jesus from the dead.

So think of the horror of going to church to be delivered from the world and this evil age, only to find the same hypocrites who put The Lord Jesus on the cross, have also nailed YOU to it and by so doing, turned YOU loose into the hands of the devil. All I can say is OMG. it is worst than I thought.

More than anyone, it was religion that crucified Him.

Have you been crucified by the IC? The good news is that the Lord’s resurrection is YOUR recovery. RESCUE ONLINE CHURCH is waiting for you, to help you heal speedily from the harm and damage you have endured. 

Visit  www.aboutrescue.com and learn of us. Then give us a 30 day trial and be blessed beyond your own imagination. The link to the trial is at the bottom of the home page.


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