The Kundalini-Church Connection


Regarding engaging in supernatural practices within the church…

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It’s AMAZING and MIND BOGGLING to me how many Charismatics and Pentecostals STILL WON’T LISTEN when you try to show them that the religious supernatural practices they engage in within their churches are actually New Age occult practices, and are Satanic, in origin. The evidence is all out there. But they are so addicted to lusting after the supernatural that it overtakes their ability to realize that NONE OF THAT has anything to do with God Almighty, Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Perhaps THIS will help open their eyes:

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Religion Takes Away Your Identity

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One thing I have really disliked about religion (well, there are many, but I will focus on this one! lol), is that being religious makes a person become something they are not. You all know what I am talking about. There is just this certain way people become when they turn religious…even in the way they speak.The religious practices and rules make us feel like we have to do certain things, and act a certain way to be accepted by God, be righteous, or “get into heaven.” It’s like a switch turns on for them to act a certain way when the subject of God or Jesus comes up. All of a sudden, they know all the righteous things to do and say. Interesting…

I do not miss the long, drawn out, religious prayers, that are nothing but FLUFF, leading people to believe that they have attained a certain righteousness…

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The Location of God

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Is he in you? Is he hovering around like a genie, waiting to grant your every wish? Is he waiting in the midst for you to give him an opportunity to give you a supernatural ‘presence of God’ experience? Do you REALLY know where God is? Is it in God’s nature to do supernatural acts to woo us and get up wrapped up into supernatural signs and wonders?

Consider the following words of author Jessie Penn-Lewis:

The counterfeit “presence” of God is nearly always manifested as love, to which the believer opens himself without hesitation, and finds it fill and satiate his innermost being, but the deceived one does not know that he has opened himself to evil spirits in the deepest need of his inner life.”

God is in heaven. Christ the Glorified Man is in heaven. The location of the God we worship…

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“Protecting The Will Of God?”


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The Devil is into distracting and duping us on a large scale. Does God need us to protect His will? Surely God needs no protection regarding His will; He is God. Sadly, many proclaimed believers fall captive to this false perception of truth, and end up supporting the works of the religious fallen angel, called the spirit of Anti-Christ. Here is an excerpt from Pam’s book, “The New Idolatry.”

“Far too many of the elect have ignored the scriptures that predict the great delusion that shall fall upon the elect in the last days. Since we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers, the demonic strategy most often employed against a believer in a battle with an opposing enemy is to compel us to defend and protect our own demonic works simply because we have been fooled into believing that signs and wonders that we experienced were divine. Therefore, we who believe adamantly will defend our position in an effort to stand and protect ” the will of God.”

So what ends up happening is that through our own spiritual ignorance, we find ourselves in a most awful place where we are actually opposing the very truth of God in our support of demonic deception. Without knowing it, we are actually defending and supporting the spirit of Anti- Christ, aka “the religious fallen angel.” In my case, denominational leadership was convinced that they were protecting their traditions by blocking my ministry. The religious fallen angel’s intention was to use the denomination’s unfairness to distract me from concentrating on how a religious devil assigned to me had been duping me for two decades. Simply put, the devil’s strategy was to distract me by the obvious in order to dupe me by the unseen. It worked, at least for a time. I am blessed and humbled because without the grace of God, I too would have remained “poor, blind and naked” in the spirit.”

In what way have you presumed upon God? Can you think back to how you may have disobeyed the word of God, and compromised His truth through believing something that was not backed by His word? If so, what is your present understanding regarding the deception that Pam describes above?


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“Casting Down Imaginations By Receiving Truth” by Tee


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“Casting Down Imaginations by Receiving Truth is the VERY FIRST step in Deliverance. It is very important for the captive to let go of false beliefs, and begin to digest the truth about their captivity. This is VERY difficult to do. Many of the beliefs that people hold near and dear to their hearts are NOT TRUTH, and are LIES FROM THE ENEMY that have them bound in the first place. This is the PRIMARY way a person is held captive…THROUGH RELIGIOUS BELIEFS THAT ARE NOT BASED ON THE TRUE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST. During this step, it is the deliverance mentor’s job to help the captive denounce these false beliefs by providing them with information that will shed light on the TRUTH of the matter. It is then the captive’s responsibility to either accept or reject the truth. This is not an easy feat with many who contact us for deliverance. Religious pride often rears it’s ugly head, and blocks the captive’s ability to move forward with this very important step. This is because the captive is in bondage to common religious beliefs that they automatically assume are truths from God. Most people are VERY naive to the enemy’s crafty wiles and strategies to keep people deceived and in torment. It is very difficult to help people to see that much of what they believe as truth is a flat out lie from the enemy.

Quite often, we come across folks who are just unwilling to accept the fact that what they believe is actually not from God, and that they have been tricked into believing religious lies from the devil. When something has been a part of your life and taught to you for so many years of your life, it is very difficult to let it go, and can be uncomfortable at first. But, I assure you that the results FAR outweigh the struggle. But, in order to get beyond the struggle and progress to the next step, one MUST begin to develop the will it takes to receive the TRUTH by first recognizing the lies they thought were truth, by trusting in the Lord to undeceive them so they can begin to see the truth, and finally, by courageously make a firm decision to DENY those false religious beliefs. Then and only then will person be in the position to attempt to identify strongholds the enemy has in their life, and then as a result be able to successfully tear down those strongholds. Honestly, it requires an open mind, because the truth seems foreign at first; but the more a person is willing to humbly receive truth, the more he/she will begin to see more and more revelations of truth.

When I was being undeceived, I was utterly shocked at what the Holy Spirit was showing me. And then I went through a period of constant revelations, back to back, just opening my eyes even wider. For someone who has been raised in religion, my morals, values, and decisions where shaped by false religious beliefs. When I learned the truth, I had the decision of either rejecting the truth and traveling down the comfortable road by continuing to uphold my religious beliefs, OR by considering the fact that maybe, just maybe many of the beliefs I had developed over the years may actually be based on religious lies. I chose the latter. And I am quite pleased that I did. The blinders have been removed! I once was blind, but now I SEE!


Pam Sheppard has written on this subject and sheds great insight on examining the work of religious demons, their deceptive tactics, and eventual oppression of sincere church-goers, in her book called “Faces Of The Religious Demon”.

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Coming Out Of The Church

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Once you COME OUT of the church building, one of the most important things you can do for yourself is to acknowledge the truth of where you have been and what you have taken part in; and then begin to state where you stand NOW! Below is a post by Pam Sheppard that explains how you can restore your free will so that you can be on your path to true freedom.

The Importance of Affirmations

“The thing that all human beings have to fight with is our God given free will. In order for the enemy to control us, he needs our passivity to steal our free will from us. Stating an affirmation that both the enemy and your own soul can hear is very important because stating an affirmation helps us to restore our free will.
Here are two affirmations to stand on where your free will is…

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SCANDAL and the Institutional Church


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Here is an interesting quote from a blog called Detox From Church For Real, as it pertains to those who have left the
institution called “church.”

“If you’re not careful, keep harping on what’s wrong with church can become YOUR religion. An obsession. An addiction as real as that to crack cocaine…Keeping your spirit’clean’ also means turning away from that which poisons you, that takes you back to that place of being wounded by churchianity. I don’t see recovering drug addicts going back to the crack houses…trying to ‘save’ those who are caught up in the drug scene. SO what’s with religious folks trying to ‘save’ the lost and misguided, the bamboozled, the deceived in church?vThat’s NOT your job anyways…THAT IS THE JOB OF THE HOLY GHOST.” (Wenona Russ)

In ministry while in a denomination for 25 years, I was once  one of the wounded, so I personally know the truth of this quote. When the Bishop manipulated the leadership council to remove my name from the membership rolls  back in 2004, even though I had been shown by God what would happen nine months before the deed was done, I was still both hurt, bitter and angry. The truth is that when you focus on individuals and not the religiously political system that my enemies represented, bitterness and even outrage will naturally surface. I took out my rage on them in a book, where I changed names but I identified the denomination. I re-wrote the book a few years later, with a new title “Come Out of Her God’s People,”  and  without identifying the specific church.  BT,.I no longer market the original. You see,   once a critic stated that I sounded “bitter,” I realized that my literary articulation was being negatively affected by the outrage that I thought I had successfully suppressed.

The truth is that I had allowed “looking back” at their scandals to tarnish my own soul.   I have purposed in my heart to  refuse  to allow any person, place, thing  or entity to shape, or even slightly influence the essence of who I am according to who God created me to be. .

Once the Lord revealed to me the deep truth as to why I was rejected by church leaders, I never again looked back at them or  their SCANDALS.

You see, there was and I expect continues to be much SCANDAL in this particular sect—so much so that I am reminded of the TV series that bears the same name.


In this regard, as a former pastor among them,   I once knew of loads of COVERED UP denominational  scandals among the religious white- washed tombs of  the persevering hypocrites.  So watching the politicians cover-up of scandals on the TV series  reminded me of  the games religious folk play.

At first, like everyone else, you look at the individual characters to make an assessment as to who is to blame, who is at fault. With the TV series, you wonder if  it is the President or his monstrous Chief of Staff! Or is it his power-hungry First Lady, or perhaps the head of the secret agency called B613? In my “church situation,” , I first looked at the people involved in trying to bring me down in the church. There were three of them.

On the TV series, when you begin to watch each character  lie, plot, scheme, manipulate, and even murder, I noticed that  at the heart of their behavior is their yet naive attempt to be the good guys, wearing the white hat. The characters are able to live with their mess 20140303_185514because they can still rationalize that they did their best to protect the republic. So with all of their political tactics, you have to ask yourself “well! who is the republic?”

And this is the institutional church. . Both politics and religion use the same tactics. Religious folk” kill off”  other churchfolk because they believe they are protecting  their territory within the IC.  Therefore, it is understandable that both politics and religion  have their part to play as Mystery Babylon.

Consider the IC.

By any means necessary, whether a famous mega preacher or the choir director or trustee of a 50 member church, the goal is the same. To protect the IC, which like the republic is a non-human entity. A system. A religious system.

The reality is that the problems and SCANDALS of the IC have been built into Her system for the last 17 centuries. so there is no one in the IC today who is really the originator of any of her present circumstances.

Olivia Pope had an interesting revelation about the republic. As the re-election campaign manager for the sitting President, she came to realize that it really did not matter who wins. All three candidates committed murder. The democrat committed a premeditated murder of his wife’s lover, the independent killed her closet gay husband in a fit of rage and covered it up, and the incumbent President killed a dying woman who was about to release a damnable secret to the press!


Upon this realization, Olivia got yet another revelation. Working for the republic at any cost changes who you are because through passivity, you lose yourself. Engulfed in darkness, you can no longer stand in the sun.

Herein lies what happens in the IC. Each individual loses him or herself trying to sustain Her. When a member or a pastor  become a target of destruction in the denomination I was ordained in, the expression was “the Bishop or the  Council killed him or killed her. When a  church scandal has been covered up, the devil comes in and takes over.

That is why, rather than spend my energy bashing Her, I focus on restoring individuals who desire freedom from Her. Seeking freedom? Check out RESCUE at or call 518-477-5759

What are some other reasons why it is fruitless to continue to look back at HER to expose, criticize or blame?

Well, If she were alive, I know of someone who can answer the question by her own personal experience. God warned those He led out of two decadent cities not to look back at what He was destroying. For to look back is a sign that you want to GO  back.

Let Lot’s wife warn YOU  from her pillar of salt.

“How Does The Holy Spirit Work?” by Pam Sheppard


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“The only honest answer after 37 years being led by Him is to say “I do not know.”

All I can say is that he is just like how The Lord described Him. He is like the wind. You can’t really see the wind, but you see it’s effects. He is neither wild, boastful or drunk as He is displayed by charismatics. His main purpose is to exalt Christ and to conform us into the Lord’s image. He does that first by causing us to be born again. The Spirit uses a uniquely personal approach, first of all by reproving and convicting us—causing us to repent by making the cross real and personal in our lives, dropping faith into us to believe on the Lord’s resurrection. Every testimony of rebirth is different but all of the elements of His work are the same. If they are not ALL there, then the person needs to consider that he or she had a false conversion.

Once we are born again, He then teaches and guides us in ways that when we look up, we realize He was there by what he has left behind. For example, He speaks through me yet I am completely unaware of it. I noticed His work with two RESCUE members in phone sessions yesterday. With one member, I made a post, not even knowing how he would be affected. With another, I read some material a month ago that provided answers as to why she is not yet completely free in spite of all demons being cast out. How did I know what to say? How did I recall out of my memory information that I have never written about or discussed before? How was I able to ask this person questions that brought forth the information that coincided with something I read that applies to her situation?

My answer is “I don’t know. Must have been the Holy Ghost.”

Those who would suggest to you that He is an “IT” —an energy force that causes them to babble, have chills, get their teeth filled, sprinkle gold dust all over the place, fall out in a drunken, spiritual stupor, at their beck and call to do whatever they want, are in some deep trouble. Why? Because they are allowing the devil to use them to mock the Holy Ghost. Besides blasphemy, mocking Him is the worst thing in the world anybody could do.”

To learn more of the ways in which the Holy Spirit is being mocked in these last days, get a copy of “The Church of the End-Time Zombies” by Pam Sheppard

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“The New Idolatry” by Pam Sheppard


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Here is an excerpt from Pam’s book “The New Idolatry”

“Without a worshiper’s understanding of the cross and the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ, the true father God allows Satan to receive prayers made in Jesus’ name. Consequently, prayer and worship has been imperceptibly commandeered by the fake fallen angel, who calls himself, “Jesus.” A devilish religious invasion into the doctrines and practices of the organized church is the worst form of the new idolatry, with spiritually blind, yet faithful Christian churchgoers in communion with a table of devils. More on this crucial subject in Chapter 9.”

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Q & A What is Preaching: by Pam Sheppard, RESCUE Fellowship


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All I got to say is WOW! So true! This is how the institutional church is treating their own. I find it interesting how Jesus specifically made reference to the “18 years.” Many are not helped because the ones ministering are very likely, in most cases, NOT TRULY CONVERTED. So, the ones who are truly tormented are not given the attention they need. I am sure glad to no longer be a part of such deception and that I am not accursed, since I no longer sit among them to receive everything that is NOT the GOSPEL. What a compelling video!

If you need help or understanding about the TRUE GOSPEL, please contact us at
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A must have read is Pam’s latest book:
“The Church of the End-Time Zombies”

“Detoxing From The Supernatural” by Pam Sheppard


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“My life had been supernatural since 1974.

It seems I got through life for decades without being bored due to my daily dreams and supernatural experiences. If I gave an account of a particular happening, people would have to ask me “was that a dream or did that REALLY happen? ”

Once I left the occult, the nature of the supernatural changed in the IC. I still had the dreams but while in the IC, I became hooked on what my destiny would be, well before I heard the messages of destiny preachers like TD Jakes.

So how did I detox?

It is quite simple. I just accepted the truth. Once I did, the dreams practically stopped all together.

A part of the process involves living in the here and now and not in some far off destiny. I reclaimed both my Will power and my commonsense. The word PALEEZE became a well used word in my vocabulary. I am a skeptic who walks by faith and trusts in God but I don’t expect to hear from God until He is ready to take me a step higher on my spiritual ladder. I don’t ask for anything supernatural. I leave it up to Him. What He wants me to know, He will share in due season.

it would seem that I would be bored without the supernatural to lean on. Not really. I enjoy the peace I have a lot more than the stress that comes from supernatural experiences. I actually lean more on God now than before. Sometimes you end up trusting more in a sign or a wonder than you trust in God himself. I don’t need to see Him, I don’t beg for a closer walk with Him.

I just BE!!!

After all, the biggest supernatural thing that ever happened to me, I did not seek? God just SHOWED UP!”

check out this video as Pam shares how the enemy can set you up:

a must read for anyone in these times:
“Faces of the Religious Demon”

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also check out Pam’s latest book:
“The Church of the End-Time Zombies”

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“Learning The Hard Way” by Pam Sheppard



“I had to learn the hard way all my life because I have been on the trail of the pioneer or the maverick. I had no examples and no teachers other than the Holy Ghost. So I had to learn predominately by making mistakes without any human help.

One of the mistakes I made when I first got born again has to do with the supernatural. I had been seeing into the future, healing and operating in the realm of the strangely miraculous for three years prior to being born again. So I assumed that since Jesus did the same, than what I was used to must be from Him also.

It wasn’t!

And it took 25 years for me to find that out!!!!

Consequently, I fully understand what it means to be a new WINESKIN. All other spiritual experiences must be left behind.

How do YOU learn? Can you learn from the mistakes of others or do you have to grab the bull by the horn and make your own mistakes?”

Check out the video below to see what day we are living in:

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“Witchcraft Prayers and Intercession” by Pam Sheppard



All The Lord ever asked us to do for the unsaved is preach. He never asked us to convict, convert or even to pray for someone’s soul to be saved.

Some prayers can be dangerous. Prayer becomes dangerous when it descends into charismatic witchcraft when the one who prays seeks to control the lives of others. Soulish prayers of this kind energizes psychic power by projecting one’s thought on to the persons that they are praying for, by saying that such and such a person ‘shall’ do this or that. Such prayers make demands upon God to “make something happen. According to Jessie Penn Lewis,

“Every prayer should be directed Godward, and should never be a telling the Lord what to do for somebody else. We may pray that God will direct them what to do, but we ought not to say that they ‘must’ do what WE THINK is God’s will they should do, or even that they ‘shall not’ do what we know is wrong.”

So what is the purpose of intercessors prayer? I believe it is in Isaiah 58. To loose the bands of wickedness. To let the oppressed go free. To undo heavy burdens. To break every yoke.

It is amazing how so many unsaved people think that their prayers are saving folk! SMH

check this video out by Pam!

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“On Becoming Deception-Proof” by Pam Sheppard



“Just because a person is born again does not make them “deception proof.”

The Lord would not have warned His disciples to “take heed and be not deceived” if there was no danger that they COULd be deceived. It does not matter how many things you are or were deceived about. For 25 years, I was deceived about a few things in comparison to what other churchgoers were deceived about. Yet the Holy Spirit did not release me from the deception until He was ready to. He simply stepped in when He chose the time to be right and started unravelling things. What I remain cautious about is this. Just because I am undeceived NOW, does not mean that it is impossible for me to be deceived again. For me to think otherwise would be both pride and arrogance and I do not want God to resist me.

So what is deception?

Deception has to do with thoughts in the mind. Simply put, we believe a lie or a half truth. The worst of it is the assumptions. if you start off with even one little wrong assumption, everything else falls like dominos.

As I am reading some of the works of the RESCUE look alike leader, I am watching how a person can start out with truth and how the enemy can use the truth they have received and lead them into a lie. What happens is that the enemy takes advantage of our misconception of truth. He uses the weaknesses of our personalities to lead us into believing what suits us best.

This realization is humbling me quite a bit. I believe that once we are given truth, we have to seek God in prayer to help us not to misunderstand truth for our conception of truth may cause us to err.

So my question is “how do we make ourselves fool-proofed to deception?”

I think we can all answer this from experience. just examined how we got deceived, what was it about us that caused us to be open to the deception, and how did you come out of it?”

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To understand more about how the spirit of the Anti-Christ works through religious demons, get a copy of “Faces of the Religious Demon”


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“Ground Zero for the Religious” by Pam Sheppard


“I have never been religious but I am learning a lot about the journey through counseling and from hearing from people online, who have all had false conversions.

What I am discovering is that there is a bottom, a ground zero so to speak.

It seems a person is close to that bottom when he or she comes to realize the truth—-that deep down, he or she never really wanted God Himself. When a person sees the scripture that says “the carnal mind is at enmity with God” and it is realized that all he or she ever did was to try to become motivated toward God with a carnal mind, I think, ONLY then is a religious person getting close to the bottom, almost fully broken.

When all religious motives and efforts, including the pretenses acted out even here, in RESCUE, become as filthy rags, then salvation is close at hand.

what say YOU on this?”

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To understand the role that Deception plays in this age of Laodicea, get a copy of “The Church of the End-time Zombies”


Coming Out Of The Church

Once you COME OUT of the church building, one of the most important things you can do for yourself is to acknowledge the truth of where you have been and what you have taken part in; and then begin to state where you stand NOW! Below is a post by Pam Sheppard that explains how you can restore your free will so that you can be on your path to true freedom.


“The thing that all human beings have to fight with is our God given free will. In order for the enemy to control us, he needs our passivity to steal our free will from us. Stating an affirmation that both the enemy and your own soul can hear is very important because stating an affirmation helps us to restore our free will.
Here are two affirmations to stand on where your free will is concerned. the second one deals with fear. Let us know how this works for you.

Affirmation #1: I have been given a “will”, and it is mine. I have been given a “mind” and that is mine. I confess that I have been religious. I confess that I desired the tricks and the lies that I have been taught, and have believed in. By my own will and soundness of mind, I no longer want to walk in the ways of the wicked. I no longer give myself over to belief in your religious works and wiles. I now know that religiosity has kept me bound and blind; but I also know that Life and Truth is in Jesus Christ of Nazareth and HIM alone.

Affirmation #2: With my own will and soundness of mind I now realize and know that ‘fear’ has kept me bound. The lies of you demons, devils and fallen angels have kept me blind to the Freedom of Truth in Jesus Christ of Nazareth. In Christ there is nothing to fear, and HE says that perfect Love casts out fear: In Christ is perfect Love. I know there is only One who should be feared with a reverential fear, that is HE who has the power over sin and death. You demons, devils and fallen angels are subject to HIS authority. I do not fear you or your lies anymore, because I know that Christ is above all, He is Truth. Truth that will set me free from sin. Upon His leading I will wait, and Trust.”

To better understand why you (God’s elect) should COME OUT of the church building, get a copy of “Come Out of Her, God’s People!”

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The Spiritual War Against You!


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Many describe themselves as Christians today, yet are careless, lackadaisical, and carry on with a minimum of effort or reflection in their attitude toward God, as it concerns who they are and how they are to walk in Him. It seems that the Christian life has become more about what one “deserves” or is “entitled” to, than about what they can GIVE or how they can GROW and LEAD in TRUTH.

Some people are driven by what they can get out of something or someone. These are the PREDATORS and many sincere church-goers become their PREY. These sincere people succumb to their predator and have become passive and have not exercised their will freely. Consequently, they have unknowingly been spiritually and emotionally manipulated by those in power.

People, there is a serious SPIRITUAL WAR going on out there, and it is not just in the world; it is within the walls of the church building. It is disgusting to GOD and no man-made church organization is immune to this WICKEDNESS.

You may not understand it all, but if you sense in the slightest that something is “WRONG”, and if you believe you are one of HIS, then you need to HEED that warning.

It is imperative that you understand what is going on in the end-time spiritual war that is against you, so I encourage you to get a copy of “The Church of the End-time Zombies”


RESCUE is here to help!
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Angels on Assignment: Paul’s Thorn


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“Paul’s thorn was a fallen angel and not a sickness or infirmity as some in the IC teaches. That is an expression similar to a pain in the ass.

The “thorn” was a fallen angel that caused Paul to be shipwrecked, bitten by a snake, imprisoned, stoned and left for dead, in peril from folk, etc. All in an effort to hinder Paul’s ministry. yet, because of God”s grace, Paul’s ministry has continued for 21 centuries because God”s grace was sufficient. The words reflects that God allowed the demon to continue because He did not want Paul to get puffed up concerning the supernatural power he walked in.

I have a fallen angel assigned to me. His image came out on a photo taken of me on 10/25/81. It was the day I preached my trial sermon and entered ministry.

Does every Christian have a fallen angel assigned to him or her? I don’t know. I suspect that assignments are based upon how dangerous one is to the enemy”s kingdom.

When you consider what I am really called to do, you will understand why Satan assigned one to me.

any questions?”

By Pam Sheppard


Learn more about the fallen angels among us, in “The Fake Jesus”


Why come out of the IC? Well, it’s A HAUNTED HOUSE!!!

“We all have been lulled into a semi or fully delusional state where we are drugged into believing something we know deep down inside ‘just isn’t right.’ We just went to church and went along with the programs to get along. We didn’t want to rock the boat, so to speak, out of fear that we would be labeled ‘rebellious,’ ‘unfaithful,’ ‘unteachable,’ or a host of other names leadership likes to place on thinking people who were blessed with common sense AND wisdom to know game when they see it.

When I was a faithful pastor in the IC, I had several memorable dreams that showed me the spiritual condition of the entire IC but I misinterpreted them. I thought the dreams were pertaining to the actual church I saw,when a particular church was only intended to be representative.

The pulpit and altar area was defiled with menstrual blood, feces and urine. I would dream about toilets overflowing in the sanctuary. I did not understand those dreams until after I left the IC.

I now know that the defilement represented the plagues.For in the natural, plagues have broken out because of infectious, unclean conditions like rats and such. The unclean natural condition of a house will cause it to be condemned, boarded up.A haunted house is filled with the demons that once inhabited the dead who lived in that house.

I call the IC a haunted house because it is filled with evil spirits who have taken over, because of the plagues. Jesus called the religious folk of his day, white washed tombs on the outside, contaminated with dead men’s bones on the inside. This is the IC today. It is a huge whitewashed tomb. A haunted house.

Don’t let the white washed physicality, Her stained glass beauty fool you. The spirit realm is invisible to our eyes but it still exists. In the spirit realm, every pulpit is covered in unclean blood,urine and feces.”

By Pam Sheppard


The Use Of The Word “Surrender” In A Church Setting

Surrender is a word that is easily misconstrued, since it is often loosely referred to in the institutional church (IC).
Being a puppet would be like laying down and not taking an active part in exercising your free will; so in that case, it would NOT be a good idea to surrender.

But SURRENDER, to me, if I understand it correctly, is more about THE ATTITUDE OF OUR HEARTS BEFORE GOD; the realization that as non-Born Again believers yet to come to Salvation and Born Again believers, THAT GOD has OUR best interests at heart and that HE has OUR LIVES in His hands, just as He is in full control of this world, and that for US to think that WE have something to do with what happens on a large scale is FOOLISH!

The idea is to exercise our free will with TRUTH (as we are becoming undeceived) on our way to Salvation and to exercise our wills after becoming Born Again and the Lord continues to undeceive and cause us to GROW in HIM. The plus, after receiving (becoming Born Again) the POWER of His Holy Spirit abiding in you, is that your soul (mind, will and emotions) become more and more CONFORMED to HIM.


How do you define Surrender?

And do you think the IC has added to the confusion of Surrender, and if so, how?


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