LMSW CONFERRED IN 1973: A Lifetime License in Social Work

I had no plans to leave the church. After 25 years of ministry as an evangelist, a pastor and a teacher in a well known African-American denomination, I had become “comfortable,” in spite of the fact that I knew “up front and personally in  my face,; THAT THE DENOMINATION IS CORRUPT AND HAD BEEN FOR DECADES BEFOR I EVEN ARRIVED. I stayed becausre I thought it was my mission to cause the denomination to repent. So when the Lord spoke to me in a dream and told me that I had to leave, I was hoping that I had heard from the devil, as I did not want to leave.
3 DECADES A MINISTER FOR THE LORD JESUS CHRIST                                                      

Day of Trial Sermon and Preachers License conferred on 10/25/81

The New Idolatry, The Fake Jesus, Faces of the Religious Demon, Come Out of Her, God‘s People, To Curse the Root, and Recovery In Christ.
Using the teachings and principles of her 6 books, Pam has developed a unique training model called “Spiritual Empowerment Workshop,” THE SEW PROGRAM AND “The Recovery in Christ” model called THE RIC PROGRAM.

5 thoughts on “ABOUT PAM”

  1. samarth said:

    Dear friend,
    Your efforts are noted. What interests me is an outright of denial of Kundalini by you. I know everything about Kundalini. I can help you fight the Kundalini and the eastern practices. I am a man of science, reasons and explanation impress me more than a blind faith. Kundalini is a blind faith and practice of occult. We have different names,different faiths but the cause is same. When is the best time to call you or you can call my number. I have no monetary interests.


    • Thanks for your offer, but I am not interested in knowing more about kundalini. the Holy Spirit gives me what I need in each individual fight. I do not function in blind faith. However, I have found that to try and learn a bunch of scientific facts is way too laborious for me because both kundalini and demons are just that diversified.

  2. I am having great results with Pam’s techniques and what I realised is that the devil has been fighting me since I was born and I had held a lot of guilt and shame in my heart because I could not fight back. I was also very hurt and wounded. So i let go of all that and realised that I was never meant to fight back, I should have let God fight for me -until I became reborn which is not yet -because he can win. So I feel healed up now and my heart feels lighter. I may even be able to forgive all the enemy’s cohort of people and eventually become born again
    But this stage is about my heart.

    • Glad to hear that!

      There is no real point to fighting back the IC. They are done for. Already judged by God and found to be wanting because they have heeded seducing spirits and doctrines of devils for way too long. It would be like Lot fighting the Sodomites when God was a few minutes from destroying them.

      Adele, you might be interested in our private online group called RESCUE. It consists of those whom God has led out of Her. If so, let me know and I will send you an invite.

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