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RESCUE is an online haven for those who have left the Institutional Church. At RESCUE, deliverance coachingon is an important part of our deliverance ministry. Our response time to any question or comment is less than 24 hours. Also, every RESCUE member receives one-on-one telephone sessions bi-weekly or on an as needed basis.

We are called “deliverance”coaching ” because so many sheep are leaving organized religion severely damaged, and the majority need to be set free from various bondages. We follow the teachings of “War on the Saints,” a book written a century ago by woman of God Jessie Penn-Lewis:

For the deliverance of souls under the bondage of evil spirits in possession, i.e., when they have, after obsession, gained admittance in any degree; much knowledge of God and of spiritual things is needed. It is generally thought that “casting out” the spirit or spirits, is the only method of dealing with them, but since the ground they obtained to gain entrance, and abide in, cannot be “cast out,” it is obvious that although the “casting out” may avail in some cases, it is not the only means of deliverance.

 Deliverance mentoring is yet “another means.”

As such, the difference between deliverance mentoring and deliverance ministry is our focus and our concentration. While deliverance ministry focuses on demons, deliverance mentoring focuses on captives. Our emphasis at RESCUE is spiritual empowerment. We set captives free to not only remain free permanently, but also to set others free.

When the Lord speaks to you to “Come Out of Her,” RESCUE is here for YOU! We realize that it is not easy to leave what has become comfortable, routine and familiar. So we are here to provide you with spiritual encouragement, support, deliverance, restoration and edification.

If you have a pressing issue and you desire timely feedback, guidance and support, Pam is immediately responsive in your own private fb group, by telephone and email. You will also receive two 3 telephone sessions a month. In addition, a private Facebook group will be set up for with you in your own fellowship group. No one else will have access to your fb group because it has a privacy setting called “secret.”

With access to articles, video clips and other web media, you will be continually fed the word of God. Coaches will respond to you within 8 hours and Pam is also available to answer your questions within 48 hours.

If you need RESCUE, call us. No matter how far, no matter where you are! 518-477-5759 or you can send an email to You can also leave us a comment below.  All we need is a first name and an email address. 

It is not our job to call individuals out of the organized church for that is God’s business. However, when God speaks to His people, He will open blind eyes and lead the chosen ones out of the organized church. We are prepared for those who have come out and for those who are questioning their church experience.

We shepherd the Lord’s people according to His will and His Word, both individually and in small groups.

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12 thoughts on “Join RESCUE: An Online Church and Deliverance Ministry”

  1. Please help me. God wll not forgive me. I renounced the holy spirit. Now, I’m constantly tormented.

    I tried to cast the spirits pitot myself wo victory.

    I feel I had no control over what I did.


    Thank you Pam for the truth.I’am under attack but God is with me.

  3. So how do i join the email deliverance ?

  4. Saria de Kock said:

    I would urgently like to receive online help, I live in South Africa.

  5. Carolyn said:

    I would like to join Rescue

  6. Wayne Morgan said:


    This is a long shot request fro help as I don’t know if this site is manned

    I have a strange (Possibly unique) issue.

    I met someone in 1988 who was involved with the occult. I never had any relationship with this woman, she was my hairdresser! our friendship didn’t go much further that a customer – hairdresser relationship, so a “Fringe” friendship at best (pardon the pun)

    She claimed a number of things, summoning spirits to do things for her, talking to the dead, willing people to do things, she was also very involved with hallucinogenic drugs. She was always over familiar, inappropriately friendly and quite manipulative. Now on reflection she was a Narcissist. She had a past that really would ring alarm bells to any logically thinking person.

    To cut a long story short this woman led me down a dark path of believing and even involving myself with some occult beliefs. She absolutely proved to me she could do something and considering i had no interest or even belief in such things giving a sceptic firmly based in science was a tall feat. Basically i started “hearing” and feeling this woman’s presence, it’s a long story that is truly akin to a horror story. She confirmed all the things I was experiencing, she also told me she sent “spirits” to me.

    In 1993 I cut all ties to this woman, in 1995 she contacted me requesting we meet up, i declined the request and continued living my life.

    It took me a long time to get rid of this woman from my life which at the time was secular, I had knowledge of belief in Yeshua at the time.

    In 2005 I was saved through a somewhat traumatic time, spiritual attacks or association was present in my life at that time. Once saved i had no further issues.

    In 2007 I bumped in to this woman whilst shopping, she told me she had been married and divorced, had been addicted to cocaine, her parents had died, she had recently split with her long term boyfriend, she was still involved with spiritualism and had some financial issues due to not being able to keep a job.

    I told her about how Christ had changed my life, she was interested, i invited her to Church. She attended church the following Sunday, i gave her a Bible and DVD on the life of Christ. I didn’t hear from here again.

    In 2008 I was baptised at a Baptist Church I attended in the village I had recently moved to.

    There was some spiritual issues nit ling after taken her to Church but it didn’t last.

    In 2009 she contacted me through Facebook, I denied her request, at this point i received numerous Friends request from people I’d never heard of.

    I have since then had many spiritual battles, strange things that i had once encountered starting happening again. I felt the presence of this woman, having horrible dreams with her in them. It’s the strangest thing when this “presence” thing happens, it’s something that jumps out, it happens without warning, I even hear “voices” if you will, things related to this woman as if she herself was talking to me.

    I’m now Married with a Daughter, we have a good Church and a reasonably good support network. I have asked my Pastor as to these issues, he suggested I simply forget it and rebuke it in Jesus name, this is great advice however it doesn’t stop the nightmares, the feelings of distraction and the totally non related feeling i have, It’s simply strange and to some point unbelievable.

    I have even attended a deliverance weekend which helped initially however this thing has returned.

    These things that happen are much worse than i can describe here, as is my story which is considerably longer than this.

    Any help, prayers or advice is very welcome.

    All God’s Blessings

    • The church will not be able to work eith you on this issue. In fact, your continual church attendance will exacerbate and even worsen your condition. That is because those same evil spirits are in charge and operating both in the occult and the church worlds. I would suggest that two books will help you. The new Idolatry and the Fake Jesus. They can be obtained at also if you want more, call 1-888-818-1117

      • Wayne Morgan said:


        Thanks for your advice regarding the books regarding fake Jesus.

        May I ask, does the Author host this website or at the least have any connection to it.

        Perhaps he/she can recommend the books I need to read in sequence.


      • The owner is both the author and the host of this website. 6 others man this blog. It is recommended that the Fake Jesus and the Church of the Endtime Zombies be among the top two. In your case, then it would be the New Idolatry, Faces of the Religious Demon, Come Out of Her God’s People, Be Delivered From Deliverance Ministries. Then Recovery In Christ. You should also get the book “War on the Saints” by Jessie Penn Lewis, written a century ago. Make sure its the 9th edition because it is unabridged.

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