Those who have beem “raised in church” or by religious parents and relatives have the hardest time detoing from religion!

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The English word “Religion” is defined as a “state of life bound by monotheistic vows,” originating in the 1200s. Thereby, religion is a very underrated, dangerous thing. It’s very definition implies on man making the first move for salvation. That can take the form of a creed, sacrament, or work (dancing, singing, etc.). However, only the Holy Spirit can lead a person to Christ’s Crucifixion and Resurrection. Hence, people instead often mistakenly give legal rights to religious demons or occult demons.

When a captive leaves their former religion, they must rid themselves of their old religious habits. That entails all forms of prayer, songs, and traditions. Said captive must leave their salvation in the hands of the Holy Spirit since they cannot earn their salvation themselves. However, religious practices can become habitual such as touching a cross or praying before a meal. Like ticks that embed in the skin, religious…

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