There is an extraordinary amount of definitions and examples of what religion is, it can be tiresome. Eventually you get to the point of exactly, “what is religion?” The few times religion is mentioned in the Scriptures sheds light upon what the whole concept is.

Only five times do we see in the entire Bible the word “religion” appear (KJV). Most of the references comes from the Apostle Paul explaining his past “religion.” We can also see the Apostle James make references to the “religion” God finds blameless is one who cares for the fatherless and widows in their distress, and to keep oneself uncontaminated from the world. Other than these references, there is not another mention of religion. So, when we refer to religion and how we must detox from it what do we mean?

The Apostle Paul using “religion” to describe his past as a practicing Pharisee could be a good place to start. The Pharisees themselves, may be just exactly the greatest example in the Bible of what religion is. “Traditions, rituals, lip-service, praise from men, hypocrisy, misinterpretation of Scripture, outward display of righteousness, godly appearance, external godliness, inward corruption, pride, and so on…”

Religion is in essence the “controlled-behavior” of “godliness.” Religion is the simply “doing” and “practicing” of certain behaviors that appear “righteous” and “good” according to men. The work of religion is manifest by doing things in order to receive things. Receive things whether from “God” or man. Religion of course, has more components to it’s “essence.” But the big picture of religion is that in reality God is absent, yet to man, God is “present.”

The Pharisees were so sure, if one may say, stubbornly sure that what they were doing was right. They believed God was with them, they were pleasing God with their works, rituals, traditions, behaviors, and worship; but upon God manifesting in the flesh of Jesus Christ they had missed the mark. Religion does not rest upon or depend upon the finished work of Christ. And therefore, other things are “added” and “taken” and manipulated from the pure Gospel in order to gratify the unsatisfied flesh. We can see the people preferred and shouted for Barnabas to be released, rather than Christ. This brings revelation that the religious one prefers to choose “lies” and fears the “crowds of people” and rejects the quiet truth. Why God is absent from religion is because religion abandons the truth, and chooses to live in self-deception or in-general, lies…

All that religion has to offer is vain, because despite it’s “appearances” and even convincing speeches, it does not preach the truth of the Gospel and therefore is without God’s power to save. This is why we exhort the importance to detox from religion, because it is harmful to your soul. Religion and it’s practices are toxic, because it is centered upon a “God” that is not in the reality of the truth. To be as bold to say, religion does not know God, and never has known God, nor ever will.

Detoxing involves, first of all, abstaining from a particular “toxin.” Then, you must continue to “stay clean” of the toxins and “maintain” good health by “eating healthy.” This is what our ministry provides is clean, pure truth of Christ that is able to guide you into a life free from religion that God is absent from. God’s grace cannot be earned, and He will give upon His own will. There is rest in the yoke of Jesus that we do not need to work in order to receive, but live by the faith given to us from God. If you struggle understanding the concept of faith, then you need to check out our ministry. Don’t settle being bound to a religion in which God does not approve, or is not even present with…