The False Prophet of the Scriptures: Is it Kenneth Copeland?


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Everybody needs to keep their eyes open because each piece of the end-time puzzle is  coming together.  Without a doubt, the religious tapestry patterned after the book of Revelation  is being subtly knitted  together right before our eyes.

When I had been  in ministry about two years, my search for guidance centered in Kenneth Copeland. So in the first week of October 1983, I travelled to Atlanta, Ga to sit at the feet of  Kenneth Copeland at his East Coast Believer’s Convention.

The personal significance of  this particular   convention was that  I had a front row seat where  I watched Copeland put the meat on the bones of the prosperity gospel. While I was  a young, impressionable, and  naïve minister,  I recall  that Copeland manifested a similar kind of “scratch my  head, well y’all, I am getting a message from God at this very moment,  so hold on!” kind of demeanor as he has similarly performed  in the above video regarding “him acting as prophet  to Donald Trump.

Thirty-three years have passed since that noteworthy  convention.  An awe-struck  Copeland follower   back then, I once imagined that if the Lord Jesus were to appear, he must look and act like Kenneth Copeland.  One thing only turned me off the man: THE PROSPERITY GOSPEL. I stopped sending  $100 a month as one of Copeland’s faithful “supporters when he sent me a “partner letter” asking for additional money to help him buy oil wells. He got those oil wells, but not with my donations.

Yet there is even more significance that has been eye-opening—a supernatural incident that took place in my hotel room in the wee hours of the night, the week I attended the 1983 East Coast Believer’s Convention.

it was around the 4th  night, as I was asleep, that  I was awakened  by a loud, bellowing, bass-sounding voice that loudly vibrated like a trumpet, drums, a hurricane, and a tornado at the same time,  bellowing through the walls on the loudest speaker I have ever heard!

 I was afraid. The voice bellowed :  COME OUT, SEPARATE! COME OUT, SEPARATE, over and over again.  It did not stop once  I was awake and on my knees!.

  Consider  the movie, the Ten Commandments, and Cecil B. DeMille’s rendition of God’s voice to Moses. There is a slight likeness. Notwithstanding,   the  voice in the hotel room in Atlanta   sharply blended additional sounds  of storms, drums and trumpets to the 29th power!!!.

In 1983, I assumed this  powerful, urgent message in 3 clear words was a personal  warning to  me to come out of the denomination I was in.  So in obedience, I came out when I returned home, only to go back  in 1987.  Eventually,  I came out of the entire institutional church and religious system   in 2004.

Yet, was there a simpler message that I overlooked?  Let”s face it!!! I was at the KCM Believer’s Convention.  God may have simply been warning me to come out from the teachings of Kenneth Copeland.  Five years later, after listening to Copeland, his wife and his associates , I finally “came out and separated myself from his teachings.”  Yet Copeland has influenced all charismatic ministers. The  truth is that  I continued to listen to Joyce Myer and others until the turn of the century  when I permanently  turned off Christian television.

Yet there is more.

There are several millionaire  ministers on Trump’s ministerial advisory council.  It seems that Kenneth Copeland who is one of the chief architects of the prosperity gospel, is now imagining  himself as “Trump’s Prophet.”  Perhaps the Lord wanted me to remember His voice in the storm in 1983 as a sign regarding Trump/Copeland  in 2016 and beyond.

Is Copeland  the False Prophet?

Soon, time will tell. The dragon (Satan) will give power to the beast via the supernatural assistance of the false prophet. Here is a well known scripture concerning the beast:

Revelation 13:1-5
And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and upon his horns ten crowns, and upon his heads the name of blasphemy. And the beast which I saw was like unto a leopard, and his feet were as the feet of a bear, and his mouth as the mouth of a lion: and the dragon gave him his power, and his seat, and great authority. And I saw one of his heads as it were wounded to death; and his deadly wound was healed: and all the world wondered after the beast. And they worshipped the dragon which gave power unto the beast: and they worshipped the beast, saying, Who is like unto the beast? who is able to make war with him? And there was given unto him a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies; and power was given unto him to continue forty and two months. ( 3 and 1/2 years)

The Antichrist aka the beast  is primarily a political, financial  and military leader. However,  the false prophet is a religious leader. In this end-time duo,  we have political power, military power, joined with religious power. Political power, military power will dominate the outward world with spiritual power dominating the souls of mankind.

So Satan will supply  the beast with a supernaturally empowered  companion who will promote the beast’s  power and assist  him greatly by swaying the hearts of people into satanic religion.  The False Prophet  will cause the world to worship the Antichrist as if he were God. Therefore, its clear to me that this person must be globally influential within the ranks of Charismatics.

So the power of the False Prophet will enhance the power that is political or military or economic. As such,   the  false prophet  will have great religious power because he  will convince the world that this Antichrist is God and is the only hope of salvation during this time of Tribulation. They will accept  the lie of the False  Prophet  and as such bow down and worship the Antichrist as if he were God, and they will be eternally  damned with him.

The work of the False  Prophet  is critical to the effort of Satan because the in the final analysis, Satan’s primary goal is to be worshipped.  When the beast  is worshipped, then Satan will also be worshipped.

Kenneth Copeland is a man who 33 years ago, I perceived as the epitome of what I believed that  God in the flesh must be like.  Copeland can speak in tongues for hours and then turn around and interpret what he has uttered. Copeland’s influence on charismatic religion worldwide is impressive, to say the least.  There is not a charismatic minister anywhere in the world who has not been directly or indirectly influenced by him.

So does Copeland have  what it takes to be the False Prophet?

Most definitely.

Also his most influential entrée  with a billionaire  like Trump is Copeland’s rags to riches testimony and his worldwide orchestration and spreading  of the prosperity gospel message.

It is certainly  important to keep an eye on this.

There are countless  numbers of charismatic believers who need to be delivered, spirit, soul and body. We are here to help. So let us know your situation by completing the contact  form below:

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Preparing for the Lord’s Return


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Those who are called to salvation and live in the end of the age just before the return of Christ will be able to recognize the times in which they are living. If one is able to recognize the prophetic meaning of the events recorded in books like Daniel and Revelation, one should be able to recognize these events unfolding, the enemy operating behind these events, and is not deceived into continuing to make the mistake of worshiping and serving a false god like in the churches and in the occult. Being able to recognize these things should also give one a measure of assurance and peace of mind as to the final outcome of the terrifying times spoken of in these prophecies.

For those of you who are the elect of God, you will clearly understand this one word that is a weapon that the enemy currently uses: DECEPTION.

The true elect of God will recognize this and bear witness with us. If you are of the elect, you will notice the deception that exists within the churches. You will clearly see the forms of Godliness that outright deny the power of Jesus Christ, through false religious practices including, but not limited to: praying Jesus into your heart, intercessory prayer, speaking in tongues, promoting of the “I accept Jesus” doctrine, the laying on of hands, and so forth…MANY will automatically OUTRIGHT DENY this, and will accuse people like us of being “false prophets” because they are so bound by their religious ways that they cannot see past it due to being deceived by the enemy. I would surmise it to say that ALL churches that are part of the organized church system (all denominations, including non-denominational groups) are run by THE DEVIL. Yes, people may have good intentions and may mean well, but they are DECEIVED by the devil and his agents. It is FALSE. It is COUNTERFEIT. It is but a copy of the real thing. People think God is in their church when he is NOT. Demons are in charge of these churches. People are worshipping the devil and his demons, thinking they are serving God. Why? Because they do not know the truth, and are blinded by their religion. If you are seeing this, YOU may be one of God’s elect. Once again, God’s TRUE elect will bear witness to what we are saying here. If you recognize that there is a difference between TRUE CHRISTIANITY AND THE RELIGION THAT EXISTS IN THE CHURCHES OF TODAY, then you may in the right place.

The true elect of God will also recognize the enemy operating in occult practices like yoga, meditation, the celebration of Halloween, the belief in New Age forms of thought, psychic phenomena, fortune telling, necromancy (trying to communicate with deceased loved ones), automatic writing, and the like. In this current day and age, occult practices seem to be hidden in just about everything, so you have to DO YOUR RESEARCH about these practices. Do YOU notice the occult trying to use deception to influence our society today?

In addition, the TRUE elect of God will notice some parallels with the current election and the events that play out in the books of prophecy, like Daniel, Isaiah, and Revelation. We believe that this is the time that the Antichrist will appear and eventually make himself known…a POLITICAL FIGURE WHO USES RELIGION TO DECEIVE, CONTROL, AND BRING A FALSE SENSE OF PEACE TO MANY.

How about YOU? Do you sense the Lord’s return? Do you notice FALSE DOCTRINES being practiced in the churches? Do you notice people carelessly engaging in occult practices like yoga and meditation, thinking they are harmless and simply promote “good health”? Do you see the enemy operating within religion and politics? As this new election has come to pass, you probably have begun to notice some endtime signs that are difficult for you to ignore. It seems pretty OBVIOUS that we are now in the time of Tribulation. Could the organized church be Mystery Babylon?

If this article speaks to you, we can help you prepare for the Lord’s return. We are a group of Endtime ministers and watchmen, committed, ready, and willing to be there for you as the 2nd Coming of the Lord approaches.

To contact us, email us at and we will be here to help.


Serving The Lord In This Endtime


Do you find yourself unmotivated and wearied to follow after the things of God? Do you feel complacency upon your soul because you have believed a lie  “That you have nothing to offer, that the work is already done, or it is impossible to do?” You have a SOUL ( your mind, will and emotions ) that you can control- You can acknowledge that you have transgressed against His Truth, that you have stepped off the path and you can choose to step right back on. It is simply a daily conscious effort on OUR PART. If we proclaim that we desire to follow His Truth, than we must do ( obey ) what is necessary to do so. We all must acknowledge that it is not enough to just be a part of its audience, but to long after IT tenaciously, so that we have something to GIVE to each other, and to be changed and set free from the bondage of deception all around us. His life is Truth, and as believers it is OUR RESPONSIBILITY TO contend for it.

As not Born Again, I was still interested VERY MUCH in the things of GOD. Many say they are, but have learned just to become religious, treating the WORD and the way of God as a compartment to their lives. This “following Truth” is either the essence of WHO YOU ARE or ‘who’ you are not. IF it is in you to long after it and you know this, then Born Again or not, you must HEED that which is in you, and keep yourself from getting weary in doing so. This is in ME, but I allowed myself to become ‘complacent’, because of being consumed with the temporal things of this WORLD, that don’t amount to spiritual freedom or growth, but instead, taking me down a slippery path to becoming more deceived in my mind. WE have to continually BE AWARE of ‘WHAT WE THINK ABOUT’ We may not express it out loud, but we are in danger of believing ourselves to be something that we are not, in the spiritual vanities of our minds. The ‘religious’ are content to STAY THERE, after all, it is what feeds them over and over again, as their mindset is wired for the entrance of more and more spiritual vanities, until or if they are awakened to some undeception.. . It is not important to them to deny the things of the flesh, so as to follow TRUTH instead.

Unfortunately, through the institutional church and all other world distractors, we have been taught to frustrate and complicate things, as it is part of the deception of the enemy. (If we are deceived, then everything seems MORE important than the work of GOD’S TRUTH.) It is a ‘fight’ we will fight to the end, but as we obey God’s call to HIS TRUTH, we will not only please Him, we will begin to feel a GREATER NEED FOR MORE AND MORE TRUTH TO BE FOUND IN HIM, – IT WILL CHANGE US AND MAY ALSO BRING ABOUT OUR SALVATION. If we are PASSIVE in our seeking The LORD, then we are LIARS BEFORE HIM. That may seem harsh to express, BUT TO BE PASSIVE, INDIFFERENT or CARELESS to HIS TRUTH…IS to continue to WALK in LIES. Whether you are Born Again or waiting for salvation, as a believer, you still have the power of choice to “follow after” HIS TRUTH and make it the NUMBER ONE PRIORITY in your life.

What motivates you? Who are you in this world?

If you would like more understanding on serving the Lord in these end-times, and believe yourself to be called to TRUTH, please contact or call 888-818-1117

Get ready to stretch your religious paradigm and be challenged by His Truth in this end-time read: The Church of the End-Time Zombies.




The Tribulation: Are We In it Now?!


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Around the world, we find  ourselves living in a season  where a significant portion of the  white populace  are  threatened by an explosion in population of the darker people in the world, many of whom have migrated to key countries like the UK and the US.  A fear of losing white dominance and supremacy has led some  white people to desire   a leader who will promote their cause, paving the way to the entrance of a despotic leader on the worldwide scene, in their quest for another Fuehrer. The Fuehrer that they seek is who the bible identifies “as the beast.”

What characterizes the tribulation?  I believe it is when people around the world recognize who the beast is.  The way in which this world leader comes on the scene was predicted to be dramatic, for overnight, he will become the byword of the world.  He will turn the known world upside down.  Yet the beast shall be given supernatural power that will cause the him to make an idol of himself, to be worshipped by us all.

Do YOU recognize “the beast?”

How is the beast described in the scriptures?

Well, he will be magnetic, and mesmerizing to the people with his speeches.  He is the Great Dictator, another Fuehrer.  the bible gives a profile of him in various scriptures, particularly  Rev. 13.  The harlot is the false religious system, the institutional church that  will be linked to the beast.

In the book of Isaiah,  the prophet  speaks of the chaos of nations of future times, where there is no peace for the wicked, those who are like the troubled sea.  Compared to a leopard, a bear and a lion, (Rev 13:2), these verses support the prophecy of Daniel 8 who also uses the same animal symbols for what shall occur in end times. Since most of the future events will only be understood just before or shortly after various events suddenly  burst forth, it is mandatory that we keep our eyes and ears open.

Do I know without a doubt who the beast is?  Not yet.  But I will recognize him once  he takes a deadly blow to the head, probably a bullet, AND HE IS MIRACULOUSLY HEALED.  For we are warned of this  in Rev 13:3. This is a simple, beyond a doubt way of recognizing the beast.

Without a doubt, this is the time to get ready to contend with the increased power of evil spirits that shall soon be released from the pit as spelled out in Revelation. Fear not, for God’s people shall be empowered also.

 Relevant Readings  : The New Idolatry, The Church of the End time Zombies, the Fake Jesus and more books for this tribulation season.

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IS TRUMP GOD’S Choice for President?

If your church is rejoicing because of Trump, that should be YOUR sign to “run out of there.” Call RESCUE at 888-818-1117 or send an email to


First of all, God does not elect or participate in an election mainly because He respects the free will of the people.

So when churchfolk claim that Trump won because they prayed for him, that is the epitome of religious foolishness.

God did not choose any of the 45 US presidents, for the truth is that this is not a nation under God, in spite of what we claim.  How could a country built on the backs of slaves be “under God?”  Politics is “of the world.”  Satan is the god of this world. So if any spirit chooses a president, it is not the Holy Ghost but it is the  god of this world, it is Satan who  makes that choice and we the people go along with it.

Jesus Christ of Nazareth announced the course of this age when He declared “if the world hates you. you know that it hated me…

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Does Your Church Have the Power of God?


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Pam Sheppard, Pastor of RESCUE CHURCH ONLINE


We all have come in contact with a ministry that we later on deemed as ‘ineffective.’  For those who still attend church…It may have been a church you visited once or a few times.  Or a church where you had ‘membership. You may have encountered ineffective ministry at a conference you paid big bucks to attend. You walked away confused and disappointed.


Wherever we were, whenever we came across ‘ineffective’ ministry, we walked away from it feeling worse than what we had when we walked TO it!

A sure-fire way of discerning if you have come in contact with ineffective ministry…i.e. a false prophet, or apostle, is THIS.


For example, deliverance ministries are on the rise. There are ministries that focus only on prosperity.  Some only on healing.  Some boast of being strictly a ‘word’ church, or ‘teaching’ church. Most teach about prospering financially and materially.

When you come across ministries that are not focusing on all aspects of the cross: repentance, godly sorrow, the resurrection, false vs true conversions,  I can almost GUARANTEE that they are fake.  Perhaps not purposefully in error but fake and corrupt nonetheless.

You see, the reason is because the enemy does NOT need to be 100% false to be false.  You can have someone with 96% truth and 4% error.    They can operate in all kinds of sensational, flesh-pleasing events. They draw crowds and the folk stand in awe.

It is important to point out that a minister needs not know “everything” to be a true man or woman of God.  The key is that what he does know and teach is 100% correct.

Truly, the question is not how sensational or flesh-pleasing the minister’s  talents are.  The proof isn’t in how many attend a ministry.  The proof isn’t even in how well the leaders perform from the pulpit, nor who endorses them.


When you come across a ministry that pushes or markets one gift, one teaching, one aspect of truth, more than the nuts and bolts of salvation, knowing God, the enemy and how to grow spiritually in Christ, you have experienced a fallen church.

Do know that there IS a danger in being a part of an ineffective ministry, or one that only deals with one aspect of truth?

How do you EVER expect to be made WHOLE if you keep dealing with FRAGMENTED churches?

RESCUE is a complete church people can grow in the Lord Jesus Christ. Watch this video for true testimonies.

It is time for you to be made WHOLE. if you are not in the USA, send an email to Those in the USA can also send an email or call 1-888-818-1117 or complete the contact form below.

Tithing Is a Big Scam! God Uses the Lie as a Wake Up Call! By: Pam Sheppard

Black folk have always been victimized by scams. Back in the day, There was a money scam called “Bakin Bread.” Ie. put your money in this oven and bake it. As bread rises from yeast, your money will increase. the scammer would put some money in the oven, with the increase  well  hidden. Say  the grifter put ten dollars in the oven, baked it, opened the oven and the money he pulls out is 1000. Wow, you say. so you go and get all the money you got, put it in the oven, start to bake it, a false cop walks in, hauls you outside, and then his partner takes all your money out the oven. This is quite similar to the ,prosperity gospel.

Okay. So you were tithing your gross income in the IC, giving additional offerings and donations, and so you expected a financial harvest—the 100 fold return blessing that prosperity preachers have assured you that you will receive for your giving. Yet, you found yourself in the worst financial shape that you have ever been in. The more you give, the less you have, and that’s a fact.

But you kept waiting and you kept lying to yourself and to others every time you say “I’m blessed.” Then your car breaks down, your house burns down and you have no insurance. You let your insurance laps in order to give toward the church’s building fund. Out of nowhere, you are homeless. You cry, “why Lord, why?” His response?
I sent you a wake-up call, a demon of poverty as your “alarm clock.” Can’t you read the signs? Have you completely lost ALL commonsense? The prosperity message is one of the doctrines of the devils the Apostle Paul warned you about in My word. I have allowed you to suffer poverty as “a wake up call.” When you come out of that church, I’ll bless you again!”
There are other wake up calls. In my book, “the New Idolatry,” I quote the late Watchman Nee:

“Should the child of God desire freedom, his folly must be removed. In other words, he must know the truth. He needs to appreciate the real nature of affairs. Satanic lies bind, but God’s truth unshackles.Naturally the knowledge of truth is going to be costly, for it will shatter the vainglory one has assumed due to his past experiences. He looks upon himself as far more advanced than others, as being spiritual and infalliable. How hard hit he will be if he confesses the possibility of his being invaded or if he is
shown to have been so invaded!” (The Spiritual Man 1968)

Therefore, if you are a child of God, and you have been ‘invaded,’ what you need to know is that the enemy could not invade you without your cooperation. And if you have unknowingly been cooperative with the enemy , then God allowed a demon to invade you “for your good.” Once you receive the message of the wake up call, you will be set free and your finances will prosper.

Any victims among us to the prosperity gospel scam?

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False Signs and True Miracles


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image“Divination within the organized church community is called “prophecy” or discernment. Power hungry folk aim at controlling the lives and destinies of gullible people. Pulpits are filled with diviners and soothsayers—“charismatic hype masters”—that have no other message but one that caters to our flesh. Like the occult card layers, the divination of old has progressively worsened in our time because the “church community” is flooded with countless pseudo-prophets as it sweeps across worldwide Christendom, it leaves some devastated people in its path.

Has any one spoken a word into your life that you now know was not from God?” The more we seek sign, the more fake miracles, healings and other signs will follow.

Take my healing ministry in the 90’s.

I was the healer of the town.  People rushed up to my car wanting to be touched. I would slow down, reach my left hand out of the car window and touch them all.  This kind of notoriety came to me  because we were in a storefront church that had huge glass windows that we did not cover. Located between a cab stand and a Pakistani restaurant , somebody was always standing outside, with their hands cupped to simulate binoculars,  peering in and observing our service.

One particular day, I was casting out demons from a woman in a wheelchair. There was a crowd gathering  of about 50 outside staring in because of the uproar and pandemonium that started breaking forth as the woman got out of the wheelchair.

The onlookers  did not know that it was the devil who raised the crippled woman   up and out of that wheelchair and she was coming after ME cussing and frothing at the mouth. As I was both shocked and a bit afraid,   I backed up into a corner of a wall. This 110 pound  crippled woman was taken down by two big women.  When she came after me, later on I  called it the Frankenstein stroll.

So because of this sign, Pakistani staff from next door and others from the neighborhood  began to  call me the Holy Woman.  They would  run up to me for prayer, and then run away after sticking a 100 dollar bill in my hand, which I gave to the church.

You would think my church would have rapidly grown overnight. It did “t. Thank God He did not allow that to happen.  I was not trying to draw a crowd, nor was I one who willfully set out to pull the wool over the eyes of others.  Yet people are seeking signs so hard in this generation, primarily because we are living in perverse times.

That year was 2001.  Today’s year is 2016.  In this hour, no evil spirit  puts me on the run, no matter what it does. The Lord said that the casting out of demons is a miracle in Mark 9:39 when in reference to a non-follower who was casting out demons, the Lord said “forbid him not. For there is no man which shall do a miracle in my name, that can speak lightly speak evil of me.

Well, I am a woman, a follower of Jesus Christ since 1977. When I command evil spirits in the Lord’s name, miracles happen.

So if you have a problem and you want my help from anywhere in the world that has a phone, complete the contact form blow:

Christ Must Be The Center By: Pam Sheppard

One of the ways to try the spirits in false conversions, deliverance, actually anything spiritual is to ask yourself “is The Lord at the center of this? ”

When spiritual gifts, anointing and miraculous power, or promises of health and wealth are put front and center, the focus may refer to The Lord on occasion, but He is like an afterthought.

The truth is, if you want to be Spirit filled, then you need to be Christ centered and not Holy Ghost centered.

I have worked with people in torment and when I hear their testimonies of how they got born again, some were either Holy Ghost centered or the Father centered.

Now granted, in prayer, we go to the Father in the name of Jesus. But that is only after we are born again, The Father does not want to hear anything from you until you have been centered and focused in His Son.

What I have heard in plenty testimonies of false conversions is that the person went to the Father and said, “forgive me, cleanse me” and then got an answer from Sananda.

In essence, the Father’s position is “Don’t come seeking Me until you have seen my Son.” In my own words, I imagine the Son speaking to us in this fashion.

It is the job of the Holy Spirit to reveal ME to you. If you are chosen from before the foundation of world, the Holy Ghost will reveal Me to you. Once THAT happens, then you have unlimited access to the Father in MY name.”

Can you pinpoint in your own conversion experience what exactly went wrong?

If you have questions or Comments, Call Pam at 888-818-1117.

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The Church of the Endtime Zombies Book Review by a Former Zombie


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Have you ever felt like something was wrong with the organized church system? Do you feel like you have been searching for the TRUTH, but cannot find it in what is commonly referred to as “church” today? Are you concerned about strange practices in the church, but can’t put your finger on it? Do you feel like you are following set of rules and practices with no rhyme or reason? Well, Pam’s latest book, “The Church of the Endtime Zombies,” would be the PERFECT book for you! It is a RIVETING, JAW DROPPING account of the false doctrines and practices that occur in the institutional church, and how, through several experiences of her clients, the Lord led Pam to provide pastoring, guidance, teaching, spiritual counseling, and deliverance through RESCUE, an online church and deliverance ministry based on the true Gospel of Jesus Christ. As you flip through the pages of this book, you will be able to ascertain why certain things are going on in the churches, and will be provided with tools that will help walk you through the step by step process of discovering the TRUTH of why certain things are happening, and HOW you can help yourself stay abreast of understanding how and why the enemy is operating in a system that most have regarded as “sacred.” As you read the book, you will most likely come to some very shocking conclusions about your beliefs and spiritual journey. You may even discover that YOU YOURSELF could be a zombie. Put your seatbelt on and get ready for the ride of your life!

To purchase this book, click the link below:

Church of The Endtime Zombies Book Review By: Rescue

Compelling, engrossing, controversial and life changing are just a few ways to describe Pamela Sheppard’s new book. Using simple language and the testimony of many, she has made it clear that the enemy has completely taken over church as we know it and it has become a breeding ground for demonic torment. The zombies (as they are called) are caught up in a prison of belief and unless exposed to truth, will continue to drink the kool-aid of passivity, deception and nice feelings. This book is a must read for anyone who has questioned the Institutional Church, suffers from demonic torment or who has come to realize that something is just not
right. Your life will NEVER EVER be the same, even if you disagree with it.

Go to this Website to Get Your Copy of this Book:

Visualization and the Chakras By: Pam Sheppard

New Age visualization is the use of mental concentration and directed mental imagery in the attempt to secure particular goals, whether physical, psychological, vocational, educational, or spiritual.

The practice of visualization is ancient. How does it claim to work? Visualization attempts to program the mind to discover inner power and guidance. For example, by using the mind to contact an alleged inner divinity or “higher” self, practitioners claim they can manipulate their personal reality to secure desired goals, such as occult revelations, financial security, health, or improved learning, etc.

I suppose that visualization is also a way to enter into an ASC. When I studied self hypnosis, I was trained to use heat to induce heaviness, which itself opens the doorway to the ASC. Counting backwards in a monotone, you say something like, “you are laying in the sun, you feel hot, heavy, you can’t hold up your arm because it is so heavy.” And this is how it actually feels when you are in an ASC. You begin to get drowsy, this is a form of visualization.

The Satanists provide a step by step process to close chakras which is not permanent. These are the reasons they give for closing chakras. Look at what I have highlighted as to THEIR reasons for closing them:

This exercise is important and very useful for shutting out unwanted and/or harmful energies. Upon closing your chakras, you will feel a sense of calm and inner peace. Closing your chakras will also protect you from the energies of both unpleasant humans and astral entities as both attach themselves, penetrating at the chakras. By closing your chakras when you are in the presence of threatening beings, you can prevent most of the negative energies from entering and attaching to your soul. Closed chakras can also protect you from psychic vampirism. This exercise can also help to still the mind when done before void meditation as it shuts out a lot of psychic noise.

When I close chakras, I don’t use any visualization or meditation methods. I simply apply the name of Jesus Christ of NAZARETH, and His name works.

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Toxic Religion and the Fear of Hell

Salvation belongs to God. If you belong to Him, the devil can not stop Him from saving you.


The “fear” of not being saved/born again is a tactic used by evil entities to capture and keep the individual in bondage.

The methods are numerous. A popular one is preaching or teaching on Hell – then giving the altar call afterwards to scare up a conversion.  The evil entities will play on the individuals’ emotions, and fill their minds with such fearful thoughts,  that they can not rightly think or reason for themselves. Many misunderstand and are motivated by what seems like a desire for God, but when you look closely at the roots of their experience,  it is out of fear of going to Hell that produces a surface “desire” for God which birthed a false conversion that came through the underhanded work of a religious fallen angel.

The doctrines of original sin and eternal damnation are true.  Yet  the way those doctrines are preached have caused  tremendous psychological distress…

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Be Grateful When God Exposes the IC  to You! 

In order for truth to set us free, we are going to be challenged in all ways, spirit, soul, body, and mind. Challenges emerge from people, places, and things, attitudes, and beliefs. The main challenge is linked to our assumptions.” Many of us don’t realize it but we assume God is not in control, and that we need to help Him out with everything. Part of walking in the spirit is to walk by faith knowing that God is ordering our steps. If you’ve had a false conversion and you know it, that was God. God has ordered your steps to know it. The word of God says that God’s people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge. Now you have some knowledge that you can work with.
Don’t panic and try to figure out “what must I do now?” What you must do now is wait. We need to learn how to wait. If things are going along the way God wants them to go along, then you may not hear from Him. Think about walking a dog. The dog is on a chain, and he’s walking along, and then he moves over into an area or a location where the one who’s walking him doesn’t want him to go, and a tug is placed on that chain. That’s kind of how walking in the spirit is. You’re walking by faith. God has got the path laid out, and He’s even got the trouble spots there for a reason. Don’t just think that because you ran into trouble or it looks like you failed in a particular situation that God was not guiding your journey. With decades to look back on and review, I see God in my failures because in His divine wisdom, He knew that I would learn and retain more wisdom from my failures than from my apparent successes, particularly where my productivity was not a struggle.
Bearing fruit is cultivated and refined by trouble and tribulation. So, when you have a piece of information that doesn’t sit well with you, and you say “Well why didn’t God tell me before? Why is it that I spent so many years in the Institutional Church and I was blind? Why didn’t He come to me before?” when I was finally undeceived, I never asked God such questions. Why not? Well, because I have been blessed with too much respect and fear of the Lord. Not fear derived from panic, but sheer homage and respect. So I am careful not to question Him about His timing. Even though I came into the church without any religious background, God took 28 years before my blinders started coming off. The issue I had to come to terms with is an assumption that the three dreams I had that compelled me to go to a particular local denominational church DID NOT COME FROM GOD. As the Holy Spirit led Jesus into the wilderness to be tempted of the devil, the Holy Spirit led me into a a local church to be deceived. As such, He allowed the enemy to send me those three dreams. Why would God do such a thing? Well, He had His reasons. I could not do the work that I am chosen to do if I had no background in the IC. I would not be able to understand what those of you who He is calling out of Her now have been through if I had not been through it myself.
So yes, the enemy is put into the plan by God Himself.
 Consequently, I have never asked God, “why did You wait so long?” Nor did I go running around to other people or to other ministries to desperately confirm what God was saying and doing with me. Actually, I never looked for anybody’s approval or disapproval. I just kept moving forward. I simply shook all religious dust from my feet. If people reject what I teach and practice, I leave them alone. I don’t sulk. I am too busy preparing myself for those who WILL hear my voice. . As far as those who don’t hear, I say to myself “Maybe they’ll come back around again, perhaps they won’t.” that is it. My thoughts on those who reject my teachings are brief and impersonal. The problem is too broad, too severe to get stuck on any individual. When I am about the business of moving forward, I don’t challenge my equilibrium by turning around to look back. I keep in mind that God is in control. He is in control of what He will allow the enemy to do to one of His own. He is in control. Period.
Think about Job. The enemy could do this, this, and this, but couldn’t do that. He couldn’t take Job’s life. There was something that God wanted Job to learn from that experience and he learned it. What Job learned was to stop being so religious because his religion was based in fear. After all, the very thing Job feared came upon him. So Job learned to trust God, because He,— God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit— is in control, and He’s guiding our steps.
So be warned that the Lord will resist the proud. Spiritual pride can be our strongest enemy. .
So when you feel and even say things like “how could I have been deceived, how could I have been so stupid,” you should understand this. Present day deception is not new. In fact, it has been going on for centuries. So just be happy when God wakes you up. Don’t get all offended. God resists the proud. So receive your grace by your humility.
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How To Warn Churchgoers About the Birds!

One of the reasons that makes  witnessing to churchgoers both difficult and unpleasant  is because  they have not yet heard from the Lord in a revelatory way.  Most of religious  believe that if your argument is not bible based, then it is not worth listening to.  So, a way to get through to them is using the scriptures in red.  In other words, “What did the Lord Jesus say?”  Use the Lord’s own words to reveal the truth to them.

The Lord  Jesus presented a group of kingdom of heaven parables, most of which He did not explain, but he left some clues. One of the clues as depicted in Matthew 13, is the birds. Therefore, when you’re keeping things very general, your focus is to  rely on what the Lord said, what the Lord shared. And you ask your religious churchgoer,” what do they think that parable means?”  Listen to what they say. You also  ask questions. First of all  Ask them, “what do the birds represent?”  They won’t know.  So remaining focused and patient, you highlight  to the verse which most people know by taking him, her to the parable of the mustard seed, that grew into a large tree.

The trunk of that tree is the Catholic church, and the branches of that tree that come out of that trunk are the plethora of Protestant denominations and non-­denominations. They are the branches of that tree. there should be no argument that the tree is  the system of the Institutional Church. in this context you can also clarify that the Body of Christ is not the Institutional Church where believers gather together for Sunday morning worship. So it will be relatively easy  to distinguish the difference between the body of Christ and the Institutional Church. you should be able to get agreement the body of Christ consists of every born again person who ever lived, who’s living now, and who ever will live. Clearly,  the body of Christ and  the institution of church and religion are not the same.

Once these matters are clarified, then continue to interpret  this parable.  Next consider the birds, nestling in the branches. Now you can make that the non-Catholic denominations have the devil as well as the Catholics.   The trunk is the Catholic church! The people that started the Protestant church were Catholics, former Catholics who left Catholicism who started a whole new branch of religion. So, that’s another simple piece. the Catholics are the trunk of the tree and  Protestants are the branches. . In the Protestants we have the denominations and the non-­denominations. Simple. Keep it simple.

Now, some believe  that the Catholic church is of God , but it’s the branches that spoiled things. Others believe  that God set up the branches , but it’s the Catholic church that is demonic.  “Oh, forget about the Catholics, they’re all witchcraft, with their worshipping the saints and all that, they got the devil, they bigtime got the devil. But the denominations, I mean, these are the ones, this is the true church.” No. Make it plain that one comes out of the other.

Then ask the question, ” who are the birds?”  THE ANSWER TO THIS QUESTION IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT!!!!

  Once  Jesus used a symbol, it makes sense that the symbol  will have a similar meaning once  He uses it again. In Matthew 13, known as the parable of the sower,  the Lord is metaphorically discussing the reasons why some hearers of the word do not become  born again.  Jesus shared that the one who hears the word by the wayside do not become born again because the birds come and eat the seed.  Later on in that chapter, the Lord interprets His own parable to the apostles, revealing that the birds are demons. They are evil spirits: fallen angels and demons.

So, go back and look at the mustard seed parable concerning the birds in the branches of the institutional church system. Keeping things simple, if the birds were demons in the parable of the sower, , than Jesus is probably giving us a clue that the birds up in the branches of the mustard seed parable are demons too. So if the birds up in the branches are demons. believe me, the Catholic church is also run by fallen angels. Fallen angels and demons are in the Institutional Church.

Perhaps you will be asked if you believe  God ever been involved with Institutional  Church? To answer this question” refer to the  the first two or three chapters of the book of Revelation, where a message is sent from the Lord , not to the church, but to the angel of the church. Clearly,  God’s  angels played  an important role in the operation of the Institutional Church, and seeing as it was a Roman emperor who started the Institutional Church, it doesn’t take too much common sense to realize that the angesl who are in control of the Institutional Church today are fallen, they’re not God’s angels.

From the book of Revelation, God’s angels have been involved. For example,  point out that the Church at Thytira reads a lot like the Catholic Church. So there’s time that can be spent with those seven letters. There’s a video that Pam did on it. You should use the tools that Pam has prepared. Review the messages Jesus gave to every church, to every angel of every church. Apparently, those angels didn’t do their job. I don’t know for sure.  That’s another thing, you’ve got to be prepared to say sometimes, “I don’t know.” But you’ve got to stay focused.

 Churchgoers, both traditional and charismatic tend to leap from topic to topic.  In this case, you must stay focused.  The major point you should make is God’s relationship to the institutional church according to the words of Jesus in His parables and in the book of revelation. we’re talking about dealing with the institution.  the average committed churchgoer is going to defend THEIR church and their pastor. with defenses like  “oh, well my church doesn’t do what these charismatic churches do, they don’t ask for tithes, they don’t teach this, they don’t teach that.”

You have to point out that certainly there are righteous, sincere people in some of the churches, both pastors and laity. The question is “Do you want to be in a church that regardless of how committed and faithful the people seem, their organization is run by fallen angels and demons?”  The birds in the branches is the bottom-line to consider!  Until a religious, deceived person comes to the realization that Satan, the god of this world, is in control, is it really safe to worship there?  The next question to address is “what about the plagues that the Lord mentions in Rev 18:4 when He warns “Come out of Her My People, less you partake of Her sins and receive of Her plagues.”

Where are God’s people for the most part?  Let the churchgoer answer that question.   The very first place even an atheist will think of is “the Institutional Churches. “

This is all very simple.  The enemy keeps the confusion complicated so that churchgoers will protest with all kinds of explanations and excuses for continuing to do what the Lord has warned them not to do.

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Author: Pam Sheppard

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So what is on my mind in this season?

Well, I guess it is staying focused.  Besides writing and publishing, I do pastoral Christian counseling…

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Speaking in Tongues is DEVIL WORSHIP! By Pam Sheppard


An Excerpt from the FAKE JESUS: Fallen Angels Among Us

Evan Roberts and The Wales Revival of 1904-1905; Part of the appeal of this wide scale revival lay in Evan Roberts himself, a charismatic and sincere preacher. Although he came from the Welsh Methodist tradition, he wasn’t a theologian, and he never finished his training to be a minister. His message was for all the people of Wales, regardless of denomination, and it was immensely appealing. Meetings would be a mixture of prayer, self-examination and singing, and they could last for hours. Roberts suffered a severe mental breakdown at the end of the revival, from which he never recovered. As a result, his public ministry was finished. He recuperated at the home of Jessie Penn Lewis and he assisted her in writing “War on the Saints.” When the book was denounced by critics in that day, it is reported that…

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Deception in the IC: Who is in Control?

imageI believe that the modern institutional church has made a concerted effort to remove the question marks from the Christian journey. Today, many pastors excel in peddling surety, control over one’s destiny, and instant gratification, all under the guise of ‘faith’. For example, in the charismatic Word-of-Faith churches, congregants are taught that man has been given the answer to every problem in life through God’s Word. Believers are instructed to find a scripture that applies to their situation and “stand on it” until they receive the outcome they desire.

“Standing” involves decreeing the Word over their situation, meditating on that scripture while also looking for a deeper revelation of it, and making a firm resolution not to say anything that would conflict with or negate their desired outcome. In this way, man is in control of his destiny as he stands in his supposedly God-given dominion and authority. From this perspective, God’s will remains easily known and always accessible, a tool for man to use at his discretion. Thus, man becomes the author and finisher of his faith while God is relegated to the back seat. Any results outside of the desired outcome are seen as either an attack of the enemy or the result of the believers lack of faith. This brazen arrogance is clearly reflected in the modern interpretation of some of the foundational doctrines that comprise Christianity.

Every Sunday, pastors around the world encourage their parishioners to ‘make a choice for God’ and thus accept Jesus into their hearts. Those that comply are led to believe that as a result of doing so, they are now ‘saved’ and will spend eternity in heaven. All sins will be forgiven, Jesus will be their Lord and Savior, and the Holy Spirit will now come to reside on the inside of them. Most likely, the pastor will then explain to them that they are now free to claim every ‘benefit’ of salvation for themselves- health, wealth, soundness of mind, etc.. This practice is a complete perversion of the foundational doctrine of salvation and ultimately results in a false conversion. It is a prime example of the modern church’s portrayal of man as being in control of his destiny. Because of this ‘choice’, man is deceived into believing that he can be assured of his salvation and acceptance before God. When thinking this way, there is no need to question one’s experience or examine it for oneself. Another Biblical truth that has been completely distorted is healing.

From the charismatic Word-of-Faith perspective, it is the legal right of every believer to be healed and walking free of all diseases. Anything contrary to that is an attack of the enemy or a clear indication of a lack of faith. My church always taught that the moment a sick person was prayed for, that person was instantly healed, regardless of whether or not the person still had symptoms. It was then up to the person to ‘claim their healing’ and continue to ‘stand on the Word’ while rebuking any pain or other symptoms. This expectation of an immediate answer to prayer was considered to be ‘faith’. Even if it is God’s desire to heal a person, are we to always assume that He is going to do that at our request? Under our terms and when we ‘command’ it? This is a deception that puts man in control and opens the door to the enemy. When one considers the primary people through whom these false doctrines are being preached, it’s not surprising that instant material gratification and surety are emphasized. Sitting atop their ministerial empires, the mega-preachers teach their followers to control their destiny by demanding that God do as they say, when, where, and how they want it done. I am so grateful that I am no longer under their influence.

Are you wondering about what’s going on in your church? If you are looking for a place where your doubts are welcomed and questions are encouraged, Rescue is a great place to be. In Rescue I’ve found a supportive community that has helped me to uncover my deception and opened my eyes to the truth. For that I am so grateful!

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Devil Worship in the Church and Among Christians!!!


We currently live in a society where “Everything goes.” Instead of relying on faith in God, people (professing Christians included) are seeking answers for their troubles, dealing with debilitating illnesses, and trying to deal with the daily struggles of life by subjecting themselves to practices that are EXTREMELY DANGEROUS. On every tv program, radio station, website, job, the list goes on, “healing” is being promoted immensely. It is important to understand that in all things, one must be prudent and vigilant enough to do their homework on where these practices originated, and the dangerous effects it could have on your spiritual, emotional, and sometimes physical well-being. If you hear ANYONE out there encouraging you to engage in practices that involve opening the Chakras, you are hereby warned to RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN IN THE OTHER DIRECTION!!! Chakras are psychic gates that, once opened, can bring in torment from…

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The Dangers of Opening the 7 Chakras: Hearing Voices and the IC


, , ,


Does it sound reasonable that a born again person who actively attends church should be hearing voices constantly? Or that the act of going to church can cause a person’s chakras to open? How does one go to church and become crazy?

Logical reasoning ought to suggest to you that when you submitted and obeyed authority within the institutional church, herein referred to as the IC, if you walked away with your chakras opened and hearing voices 24/7, that there is something wrong with THAT picture.

If you need help, complete the contact form below. Before you make contact, just know that this is no quick fix. in most cases, you are dealing with fallen angels. And since they are not IN you most of the time, they can’t be cast out. Fallen angels must be resisted by truth and a strong will.

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