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What Exactly Is “Religion”?

There is an extraordinary amount of definitions and examples of what religion is, it can be tiresome. Eventually you get to the point of exactly, “what is religion?” The few times religion is mentioned in the Scriptures sheds light upon what the whole concept is.

Only five times do we see in the entire Bible the word “religion” appear (KJV). Most of the references comes from the Apostle Paul explaining his past “religion.” We can also see the Apostle James make references to the “religion” God finds blameless is one who cares for the fatherless and widows in their distress, and to keep oneself uncontaminated from the world. Other than these references, there is not another mention of religion. So, when we refer to religion and how we must detox from it what do we mean?

The Apostle Paul using “religion” to describe his past as a practicing Pharisee could be a good place to start. The Pharisees themselves, may be just exactly the greatest example in the Bible of what religion is. “Traditions, rituals, lip-service, praise from men, hypocrisy, misinterpretation of Scripture, outward display of righteousness, godly appearance, external godliness, inward corruption, pride, and so on…”

Religion is in essence the “controlled-behavior” of “godliness.” Religion is the simply “doing” and “practicing” of certain behaviors that appear “righteous” and “good” according to men. The work of religion is manifest by doing things in order to receive things. Receive things whether from “God” or man. Religion of course, has more components to it’s “essence.” But the big picture of religion is that in reality God is absent, yet to man, God is “present.”

The Pharisees were so sure, if one may say, stubbornly sure that what they were doing was right. They believed God was with them, they were pleasing God with their works, rituals, traditions, behaviors, and worship; but upon God manifesting in the flesh of Jesus Christ they had missed the mark. Religion does not rest upon or depend upon the finished work of Christ. And therefore, other things are “added” and “taken” and manipulated from the pure Gospel in order to gratify the unsatisfied flesh. We can see the people preferred and shouted for Barnabas to be released, rather than Christ. This brings revelation that the religious one prefers to choose “lies” and fears the “crowds of people” and rejects the quiet truth. Why God is absent from religion is because religion abandons the truth, and chooses to live in self-deception or in-general, lies…

All that religion has to offer is vain, because despite it’s “appearances” and even convincing speeches, it does not preach the truth of the Gospel and therefore is without God’s power to save. This is why we exhort the importance to detox from religion, because it is harmful to your soul. Religion and it’s practices are toxic, because it is centered upon a “God” that is not in the reality of the truth. To be as bold to say, religion does not know God, and never has known God, nor ever will.

Detoxing involves, first of all, abstaining from a particular “toxin.” Then, you must continue to “stay clean” of the toxins and “maintain” good health by “eating healthy.” This is what our ministry provides is clean, pure truth of Christ that is able to guide you into a life free from religion that God is absent from. God’s grace cannot be earned, and He will give upon His own will. There is rest in the yoke of Jesus that we do not need to work in order to receive, but live by the faith given to us from God. If you struggle understanding the concept of faith, then you need to check out our ministry. Don’t settle being bound to a religion in which God does not approve, or is not even present with…

Mass Mentality and Popular Opinion

Can you go against the masses?

IN THE WORLD there is common belief, standards, norms, and customs. Behind most of these norms is a mass of people who ignorantly go along with the unobserved life, or people who willingly follow the crowd. We are warned in the Scriptures about the broad-path and not following popular opinion if it is evil (see Ex. 23:1-3).

If you are walking alone with someone you know, let’s say a close friend, and he or she asks you to do them a favor; you will be more inclined to say, “No” to them. But say, you have a group of all your close friends and they all request you do something you don’t wish; you will be more inclined to say, “Yes”. When multiple people are telling you what to do, persuading you, giving you advice, and pressuring you; your ability to say “no” to them will be more difficult. This is especially true for those who are dependent passive-people pleasers.

What makes leaving the Institutional Church difficult is that it seems as such a radical, unpopular, and abnormal belief in the eyes of the masses. With such intellectual, persuasive, and seemingly good intention-ed people promoting such organizations, the majority of people see the IC as a place were people can get their lives together, have ties to the community, build a family, connect with others, and help change lives. The IC is seen as virtuous, as moral, and regarded by society as a place that’s upright.

However, what has to be objected is all things must be judged. When judging with spiritual discernment this is were the IC takes a turn for the worst. If the majority of people were spiritual and judged all things; they would have understanding of the fallacies, errors, deception, doctrines of devils, religious evil-spirits, nonspiritual fleshly worship, vanity, unbelief, and denial of power that every church takes part in. Not to mention that there are people professing to be believers yet, are such as the Apostle Paul prophesied would be like in the end-times, whom we are warned to turn away from (see 2 Tim. 3).

Looking at the only Lord, Jesus Christ of Nazareth and the time He walked this earth in the flesh before being crucified. He never succumbed to popular opinion, norms, crowd mentalities, and the masses. He did not care for what the majority thought. He only desired to obey the will of His Father, even if that meant believing what no one else in the world believed. Jesus was labeled by religious people as demon possessed, others saw Him as literally insane. There was never a time when Jesus was an outsider to the popular opinion and beliefs.

The Lord specifically warned that the way of life is narrow, oppressive and only few would find it. We are not to follow the masses and the easy, wide-broad path that leads to destruction. Walking by faith, means not walking by sight. Religion is unable to present faith, and therefore must rely on the seen for their faith to be authentic. The faith they present is not of God, and is humanly inspired to trust in works, rituals, traditions, and that walking by such is faith. Or, that faith is some willy-nilly blind trust, a sort of attitude like, “Throw yo hands up in the air if you jus don care!!”

True faith comes from God, and “is the assurance of the things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen” (Hebrews 11:1). We have been convicted of the not seen reality of the Institutional Church, and have assurance of what we hope for, namely the revelation of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Despite what the masses see, we will not rely on the seen, but the unseen conviction, and walk by faith.

It takes faith that comes from God to leave the IC, and when He does provide the faith for you to leave, you will always have a go to haven here at Pam Sheppard Ministries. Contact the number 888-818-1117 or email if you would like to discuss the IC, or the ministry.

Are you God’s people?

Who are the people of God? Who belongs to God? And are you one of them? This is a simple yet extraordinary question…

Going along with this in mind, have you ever heard of the word ‘saint’? Well, this is what also first came to mind when I think of the people of God. What is a saint? Unfortunately, what Catholics project a saint as is not biblical or correct. The word saint in the New Testament in Greek is (ἅγιος) meaning “holy one”. Essentially a saint is a holy person, and therefore a collection of holy people are saints, and the saints are what God’s people are. What makes a common person different from a holy person?

A saint, is a person who has (not by self-repentance) by the Holy Spirit’s conviction— their sins repented of at the cross and cleansed by the blood of Jesus Christ the Nazarene, and made blameless, righteous, and pure—and have their dead human spirit resurrected to life by His literal bodily resurrection, and are continuously being made wholly holy and blameless by God alone. This is simply who God’s people are now, the ones drawing near to the Father in Heaven through His Son, since only through Christ is true holiness now…

“For through Him we both have access in one Spirit to the Father. So then you are no longer strangers and aliens, but you are fellow citizens with the saints and members of the household of God, built on the foundation of the apostles and prophets, Christ Jesus Himself being the cornerstone, in whom the whole structure, being joined together, grows into a holy temple in the Lord. In Him you also are being built together into a dwelling place for God by the Spirit.” (Ephesians 2:19-22)

God is the Person who appears, makes, forms, and chooses His people, it’s been that way since Abraham the father of faith and to us at the end of times. God is always seen appearing to man with mercy, to make him a saint, and bring him into His peoplehood, or family. Since man cannot do the work in order to gain approval from God or be justified; the job is entirely God’s establishment, timing, and power that achieves such an acceptance, and change unto a man. As the Lord said, “I will show mercy on whom I show mercy.”

To conclude, have you asked yourself if you a saint? Do you consider yourself part of God’s people? What do you think, or who do you think God’s people are?

If you have questions about salvation, or question your born again experience; contact Pam Sheppard of Pam Sheppard Ministries who is an expert with deliverance counseling, she can help you make sure you are one of God’s people in truth. Call 888-818-1117, or email

What Satanists Believe about the Devil

What Satanists believe about the devil is a sign of how Satan has already tainted all religions, with a special eye of comparison on false Christian doctrines and practices that have been seeping into the church for centuries.

Spiritual Warfare Library of PSM

When I wrote the book “The Fake Jesus: Fallen Angels Among Us,” my strategy was to observe what the fallen angels that call themselves “ascended masters” like Maitreya, Jesus Sananda Immanuel, St. Germain, Mother Mary and Ashtar were teaching their overt followers online through psychic mediums who “channel” each of these beings. In the beginning of the book, I present essential teachings so that my readers would have a basic foundation for understanding the material presented in the entire book.

In like manner, I believe that awareness of what the enemy has taught and continues to teach his followers about himself and his false doctrines is a clear way to understand Satan’s true agenda for these times, particularly as we consider how Satan’s messenger, aka the Antichrist will deceive when he is revealed.

Here are some of the outstanding teachings promoted by Satanists:

  • that Satan is NOT a fallen angel…

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Getting Rid of Religion Starts with the Basics, its Practices

Those who have beem “raised in church” or by religious parents and relatives have the hardest time detoing from religion!

Spiritual Warfare Library of PSM

The English word “Religion” is defined as a “state of life bound by monotheistic vows,” originating in the 1200s. Thereby, religion is a very underrated, dangerous thing. It’s very definition implies on man making the first move for salvation. That can take the form of a creed, sacrament, or work (dancing, singing, etc.). However, only the Holy Spirit can lead a person to Christ’s Crucifixion and Resurrection. Hence, people instead often mistakenly give legal rights to religious demons or occult demons.

When a captive leaves their former religion, they must rid themselves of their old religious habits. That entails all forms of prayer, songs, and traditions. Said captive must leave their salvation in the hands of the Holy Spirit since they cannot earn their salvation themselves. However, religious practices can become habitual such as touching a cross or praying before a meal. Like ticks that embed in the skin, religious…

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Miracles, Signs and Wonders In End-times

Group 5: Preparing For End-Times

By Pam of Pam Sheppard Ministries


Jesus and His apostles never performed a miracle that was slow. In fact, they never performed a miracle that was even gradual or progressive , and they never performed a miracle that was one scintilla less than completely permanent. On the other hand, present day miracles are partial, gradual, temporary, and not visibly verifiable.

In fact, the so-called miracles done by most modern healers or self-proclaimed prophets are not really miracles at all. These men and women are not stopping the sun, walking on water, turning water into wine, raising the dead, restoring a limb, or even instantly healing an incurable disease. At those times when a healing is proclaimed to have taken place, it involved the faith of the recipient, without any supernatural manifestation of power and therefore is not a miracle.

I have experienced some strange occurrences over the decades…

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Spiritual Warfare Library of PSM


Click the blue  link above to watch the video clip. The book is no longer available at as we have changed website hosts. On this website, books are available on and the ebooks are on

Here is an excerpt from the New Idolatry, a spiritual warfare textbook in endtimes.

Satan’s greatest advantage is to be allowed to work in your life without being recognized.  In his masquerade as God, he skillfully uses the same words of his apparent opposition to fully attack and disavow himself.  This kind of “counter espionage” is a trick, where the spy brings back information about the enemy, solely for the purpose od deceiving the agency or persons who have employed him.  Satan’s goal is to win your confidence by virtually attacking himself through those who appear to be his enemies, but who, in fact are either his avowed, or un-initiated friends and…

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The Misunderstanding of Fasting


I have seen so many times, a professing Christian who is fasting boast and loudly let it be known that they are fasting and it becomes a fanfare.

Growing up religious, I definately was accustomed to church attendees popular habits, practices, and teachings. Fasting was one of those practices that I saw people of all denominations and many religions do depending on the time of the year, an occasion, a holiday, or a personal reason. Eventually fasting surrounded me so much that I decided to do a fast too. Afterall, from what I saw fasting became a “c’mon everyone join in everyone is doing it!” Well, let me tell you it was not easy at all. I badly struggled with it.

What I noticed about people who fasted was that often they did it to get a prayer answered, wanted to be drawn closer to God, or it was a habitual event that they got so used to doing most of their life.

Living in this age of deceptionPam Sheppard Ministries is helping the blinders come off those who have been blinded by deception from the devil, who has snuck in and infiltrated the organized church system, and the Christian world at large.

As Pam Sheppard Ministries continues to receive contact from people all over the world seeking freedom of some sort from bondage most often by the devil, the Holy Spirit has revealed that professing Christians proclaiming to be saved in the name of Jesus have actually had a counterfeit birth, also known as a false conversion.

Fasting is often misunderstood and mis-applied. The first thing that should be done before anyone starts thinking about fasting is to examine their faith to see if they really had a true born again experience. If you’re not truly born again the real deal is that life is about fullfiling the flesh until the Holy Spirit draws you to repentance of your sins, then the Holy Spirit draws you to the cross, and absolutely draws you to the bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

Yet the common problem is that many don’t realize faith is given to us by God to believe in all of this and as a result countless false doctrines are passed around in the organized church system. What is happening is that people are easily responding to altar calls around the world to “accept Jesus”.

When truly born again in Jesus Christ of Nazareth you do not live according to the flesh but according to the Spirit. Romans 8: 1-7. So next ask yourself, are you fasting to fulfill your flesh?


Those who have had a false conversion are often misunderstanding fasting and it’s purpose.

First of all many don’t realize that either God is the reason you are fasting or it is not God at all.

Moreover, if your reason to fast has nothing to do with God it draws the devil to you. We know this by Matthew 4:1-11. In this scripture, Jesus fasted for 40 days and 40 nights. It was after the fast was over that Jesus became hungry. In the beginning of this scripture, it is mentioned that Jesus was led into the wilderness by the Holy Spirit to be tempted by the devil and he fasted before Satan came to him.

Satan feverntly tried numerous ways to tempt Jesus during this time. He tried to bring forth pride, idolatry, and sin to Jesus just to name a few of the many treacherous tricks Satan was trying to do to him at that time.

Most historical Christian practices have been twisted and fasting is a part of that list. Jesus pointed out that fasting is not about making you look righteous, for undoubtedly the unrighteous are fasting, disguising their hypocrisy. Instead Jesus said when you fast put oil on your head and wash your face so that it will not be obvious to others you are fasting but only to your Father, who is unseen. Matthew 6: 16-18.

Fasting is not about tradition, religion, or just trying to fulfill our desires, it is instead about fulfilling God’s purpose. Often times we don’t know what that purpose is until days, months, or years pass.

Furthermore, there are untold millions if not, billions that are unknowingly at enmity with God but claiming to be a professing Christian and doing religious practices like fasting. What happens is many end up unknowingly worshipping the fake Jesus and draw the devil to them instead. This religous evil spirit twists, hides, all the while he is scheming, manipulating, and doing all the things he can to try to take you down.


Pastor Pam of Pam Sheppard Ministries, discussed during a Bible Study, that she didn’t realize she was fasting. She would start eating at 8pm every day and would sometimes snack a few hours later. The next time she would eat would be at 8 pm the next day, making this at least 21 hours of fasting.

Pam didn’t put herself on this fast. It just happened. Did she know why she was fasting? No. But she revealed that she has energy and she’s not losing abnormal amounts of weight. She further said that if she did end up eating at 2 pm she may actually feel sluggish.

With Pastor Pam’s unexpected fast she shared that she’s not making a big deal about it, she’s sleeping peaceful, and God knows the reason why she has been fasting, but at the moment, she has not been shown what it is.

When the Lord was fasting he wasn’t losing excessive amount of weight and when his fast was over, then he was hungry.

From the words of Pam Sheppard, when a fast from God is over THEN you get hungry. However, if you are struggling with the fast then God didn’t give it to you and that’s why it’s burdensome! You’re not getting help. When you are fasting and have the help from the Lord: it should be easy. That’s why his yoke is light and his burden is light. Matthew 11:29-30.

So a warning to all who are professing Christians yet have not examined yourself to see whether you are in the faith. 2 Corinthians 13:5. Be careful when it comes to fasting. Pastor Pam warned this during Bible study, don’t go on a fast until God put you there.

If you would like to learn how to examine your faith, I recommend the course False Conversions and the book The Church of the Endtime Zombies, to follow along with it.

click book cover for ebook and the book title for the paperback

Contact Pam Sheppard Ministries if you need help. 1-888-818-1117 or email

There Are No Failures With the Lord.


By Pam Sheppard

success and failure3

Those who call me for Christian counseling have the same refrain.  “I have not met my goals, I should have a better job, a larger home, everything I put my hands to fails, I have no abundance, no prosperity and I have not fulfilled my destiny.”

What is happening is that people who profess to be in Christ have not yet come out of the world in their thinking, as their yardstick for success is tied to worldly standards and assessments.  I have observed that too much attention is being focused on comparing oneself with the lives of others, which in itself is a worldly practice.

Coming out of the world in our minds and hearts is contigent upon living a crucified life. that is that we become trained, habituated in fact, to walk in the spirit and not fulfill the lusts of our flesh…

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I Am Free from Secret Sins!

Confidence is apparent in those who believe that their secret sins are hidden from the Father, washed in the blood of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.


My entire ministerial life of 37 years, I was only a member and a minister in one denomination, from 1979-2004. I have no need to reveal the name of the church because “who they are” is not important. Only a microcosm, they remain bit players in the unfolding drama of the entire organized church. Forgiveness was not difficult for me in this instance and without any effort I was able to sincerely declare,”Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do.” Forgiveness also necessitates that we “own up” and take responsibility for our own mistakes. In my particular case, I understand why the Bishop desired for a long time to “put me out of the synagogue!”

In the Bishop’s  mind, I was bringing charismatic practices into the denomination that he loves—- whose traditions he is dedicated to protect. Yet, he neither protested nor did he take a stand when…

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The Reality of a Babe in Christ

Spiritual Warfare Library of PSM

I recall Pastor Pam, of Pam Sheppard Ministries, saying that there is spiritual deception that can become a threat to a babe in Christ.

First of all, to become a babe in Christ, you will need to have a genuine born again experience, and not a false conversion.  If you have attended church all your life and proclaim yourself to be a Christian but you followed the easy believism that is being influenced around the world, or the “I accept Jesus” practice, consider that there is a big chance a genuine born again experience did not occur.

Pam Sheppard Ministries has a wealth of information on how to overturn a counterfeit birth experience. For a true salvation experience to happen, hearing the gospel properly is a must, as well as waiting for God’s call, and understanding the 3 R’s: Repentance, Rebirth and Resurrection.

In John 3: 1-8; Jesus…

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Beware of the Face to Face Contact with Jesus Practice!!

By Pastor Pam Sheppard

I don’t make it a practice to call out ministries and prophets by name. Making it clear, I would love to fully expose them. The problem is that people miss the reason for the exposure, and if they are a fan, they will get caught up in defending both the minister and his or her ministry rather than “listen to reason.” Having been there and done that,  I refuse to get distracted by engaging in  online defensive arguments and contentions.

The reality is that   for every known mega false teaching and practice, there are hundreds or even thousands of unknown  ministries who continue to  mimic the famous.  These unknown ministries  collectively, are influencing untold numbers of innocent, ignorant people. So my goal is to bring my readers  the truth  without identifying individuals so that you can recognize game not only  among  the famous but also among the unknown.

After serving in ministry for 25 years within a denomination, the Lord led me out of all religious systems in 2004 and I have not looked back. So for the last 14 years, I only learn about what the church  is doing from demonized captives who seek my help. Recently I was contacted by a captive who I will re-name  “Helen”.

“Helen became intrigued by a ministry where the leader claims that those who heed his doctrine will have a face to face contact with Jesus. The “pastor” who I will refer to as “Simon” after the biblical Simon the Sorcerer boasts on his website that his ministry is  the Greatest Move of God to hit the face of the Earth!.With more than 1,800 churches and thousands on the worldwide volunteer staff, Apostle Simon the Sorcerer continues to hold miracle crusades, and claims to preach and teach  the complete and unadulterated Word of God everywhere!” He is also big on slain in the spirit.  He can wave his hand and the entire congregation will fall.  Someone in his crusade took a picture and an image was photographed whom he and his followers claim to be Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

So Helen, who already has a predisposition in her flesh that draws her to anything and everything supernatural, immediately became sold out for Simon’s ministry, especially since his main headquarters is located within walking distance of her apartment. She thought to herself “What a blessing!!! In her own words:

I went to the those events because of Simon’s book, Face to Face Appearances With Jesus. The book talked about this love affair he had with Jesus, how he would fall asleep and Jesus would appear to him in his sleep, what Jesus looked like and how  Jesus took Simon to Heaven and told him things no one else knew and how Jesus had so much love for him and so many other wonderful things. I personally wanted a face to face with Jesus as I always have been attracted to Him since a child. So the way Simon portrayed the Lord in this book lured me into his ministry, tooth, nail and sinker. When Simon’s  book came out there were other books of other authors who claimed they had visitations from Jesus also. For that reason, I thought  that Simon’s book must be legitimate.

At the the crusades, I felt this tremendous power. Actually, it was nothing like I ever felt before. Therefore, I just knew God was with the man Simon because of the power and electricity I could feel in his worship services. Today I know it was all just the powers of fallen angels who were creating that power and that it was not from God.

So what happened that caused Helen to realize she had been duped? In a nut shell, two fallen angels began playing “good cop/bad cop” with her. It was probably one fallen angel playing both roles. 


All of the sudden I received a few Jesus dreams. I remember one was where it was Jesus with a crowd of people around him and I was standing next to him and I was like wow all of the these people are trying to get to Jesus, but He wants ME! So when Jesus put his arm around me I felt so important and loved. I remember another one was where Jesus was riding on a big eagle over a mountain and saying he was coming back and I was in awe because in the dream it seemed so real. One dream I had is where I was walking down my old block and I heard a voice from the sky say I love you and that he was coming back.


After they stopped playing God, they became cold towards me, when I say playing God they use to sing about the rapture and Jesus coming back and it sounded so beautiful like it were men and women angels singing. It was a male voice that would sing and say that the Holy Spirit was with me now. Its like they were trying to act like God and point out certain sings I had and they were saying I wasn’t going to Heaven because of such and such and that I wouldnt be taken in the rapture.

When the torment started, I remember during the day they would threaten me about choking me in my sleep at night. I was in mental torment because they could read my mind about what I was thinking and they would interfere with normal every day things like watching tv. Its like at every little turn they had to comment or joke about something I did.

I remember they would get on me about talking back to them saying I shouldnt talk to demons but it was hard not to because they were trying to hold conversations with me. It was very hard to concentrate on things on cleaning. I was just so upset and depressed because I realized the voices were not going away and that it was real.

They could make there voices even appear like it was coming from a fan or inside a washer at the laundrymat and they would be so loud and noisy that it was scary at times. I had severe panic attacks where I was in and out of the emergency room because of breathing problems. It turned out to be panic attacks. I was prescribed me ativan to calm me down. I ended up having to be prescribed panic attack medication, although I dont take that anymore.

I was always tired because I barely got any sleep because I lost my ability to sleep well at night. The anguish of just lying in bed and not be able to fall asleep was so debilitating. When I did fall asleep, I was takin out of my body and choked. What bothered me the most was they kept saying Luicfer is calling your name,girl, Lucifer is calling your name, Girl! I wondered, “Why is Satan calling MY name!!!

Much of the time, these spirits would sing sing sing, until they couldn’t sing no more. They love to sing little rhymes and riddles, I remember thinking the music they are making sounds like rap music or something off of the radio. I just kept thinking “when will they shut up and stop talking to me and give peace?”

They also knew how to lie, like I remember one time they kept saying “we are searching your mind to see if there are any defects in your brain to see why I kept believing the demons. I always believed them when they told me I wasn’t going to Heaven. I remember this one time they were cursing the Holy Spirit and they said I had cursed the Holy Spirit in my  mind and they kept teasing me and taunting me, that I ended up saying I didn’t curse the F***in Holy Spirit. Once I sis that, then they told me I had committed the unpardonable sin. I was in awe IOU’s anguish over that for awhile.

I remember I had so much fear about falling asleep and in the visions or dreams or whatever they were, I remember feeling so helpless as they continued to choke me. I had no power to fight them off and so I wondered where was Jesus to come and help  me? In the dreams It was always sad, or bad memories I had but in a distorted way and the dreams never made sense. I was just so unhappy because I couldn’t dream like I use to and I kept blaming myself for going to those miracle healing crusades because I kept thinking I should have stopped once I saw I wasn’t getting healed.

So what happened to Helen? She ended up diagnosed with schizophrenia. The medication blocked out the voices of religious fallen angels, which Helen refers to as the outside or outer voices. Yet she remains in torment from the inner voices. The inner voices tell her daily, 24/7 that she must commit suicide. She sought my help to be delivered in December 2017 but did not have regular phone sessions until February 2018. So for about 4 months, Helen has been re-trained out of “churchianity while simultaneously detoxed from religion. Last week, I conducted a telephone deliverance. I informed Helen that if they were coming out, they would do so within 7 days. Here is Helen’s report, received June 1, 2018, 4 days after the phone session:

Hey Pastor Pam. I am so glad you gave me these affirmations. The demons have been going crazy, I was screaming all over the place. I just knew the demons were going to come out. I have been trying to say them everyday and doing it more than twice. I did put in there that I will never kill myself like you told me to do and the demons go crazy when I say that. Its something how you knew I should say that, that part never crossed my mind.

In the second affirmation where it says I was tricked into worshiping fallen angels and religious demons where it says I renounce prayers offered to the catholic Mary, I switched it with Jesus Sananda Immanuel and then I put in there I renounce the Jesus come into my heart and the sinners prayer where it says I renounce the sinners prayer that I said in 2000 and that made them go crazy.

In the part that says I reject any association with African false gods I put in there kundalini, freemasonry, Buddhism, Hinduism etc and that made them really go crazy. Now at times when I look in the mirror, I see a crying face. like the demon is crying through me, which is weird. The demons have literally gone crazy. They said that they feel like they are coming out and they say they hate you so much. One thing they have being saying lately is that they are losing traction and they are losing ground which is weird. I guess they are losing their footing inside me.

I really appreciate it, send anything else my way if you think it will help.

This is a breakthrough.

A few months ago, “Helen” asked me to write a blog or produce a video that would expose the ministry of “Simon.” Helen requested that I reveal Simon’s  true identity in order to warn others. My reservation is that  I wanted to be sure that Helen’s  torment was not because of a genetic  mental health disorder. Simply put,  I needed to be positive that her condition is spiritual and not mental.

In truth, I do not need Helen’s testimony to discern that Simon’s ministry is not from God. Nevertheless, I could not assume that his ministry was the direct cause of Helen’s torment because she could simply be delusional due to mental illness. So I chose to write this  article today, because Helen revealed something that she has no way of knowing. 1) evil spirits hate me 2) when they are being unseated, they will cry, complain, moan and grown. As she wrote “its like they are going crazy,” 3) demons will not come out if they don’t lose their legal rights or ground.

So other than reveal who Simon is, I suggest you run like a bat let out of hell from anyone who teaches you to seek a face to face visitation with Jesus. Jesus will certainly come to you through one or more of his religious evil spirits. These spirits will not be sent by Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

They will be dispatched to you by  the Fake Jesus. Jesus Sananda Immanuel. To know more about him, click here to get this book. 

If like Helen you need help, call 888-818-1117 or send an email to Be advised that I have no magic wands to wave.  As Helen has done, you have to work. It takes time to be un-deceived and to learn how to stand.

How to Witness to Religious Churchgoers: Who are the Birds?

Spiritual Warfare Library of PSM

By Pastor Pam Sheppard of Pam Sheppard Ministry

One of the reasons that makes  witnessing to churchgoers both difficult and unpleasant  is because  they have not yet heard from the Lord in a revelatory way.  Most of the religious  believe that if your argument is not bible-based, then it is not worth listening to.  So, a way to get through to them is using the scriptures in red.  In other words, “What did the Lord Jesus say?”  Use the Lord’s own words to reveal the truth to them.

The Lord  Jesus presented a group of kingdom of heaven parables, most of which He did not explain, but he left some clues. One of the clues as depicted in Matthew 13, is the birds. Therefore, when you’re keeping things very general, your focus is to  rely on what the Lord said, what the Lord shared. Consequently,  ask your religious churchgoer,” what do you think that…

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Deception in the Church: On Becoming Deception-Proof by Pam Sheppard

Spiritual Warfare Library of PSM

By Pastor Pam Sheppard

“Just because a person is born again does not make them “deception proof.”

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The Lord would not have warned His disciples to “take heed and be not deceived” if there was no danger that they COULD be deceived. It does not matter how many things you are or were deceived about. It will all unravel like snagged yarn in a sweater.

Take me as an example.. For 25 years, I was deceived about a few things in comparison to what other churchgoers were deceived about. Yet the Holy Spirit did not release me from the deception until He was ready to. He simply stepped in when He chose the time to be right and started unraveling things. What I remain cautious about is this. Just because I am undeceived NOW, does not mean that it is impossible for me to be deceived again. For me to think…

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The Unpardonable Sin and the Passive Personality By Pam Sheppard

Spiritual Warfare Library of PSM

By Pastor Pam Sheppard

In both the Pentecostal and the Charismatic segments of the institutional church, it is  taught that anytime you question any supernatural manifestation as not being from God, but of being from demons, that you were blaspheming the Spirit, which was unpardonable. This is often  used as a fear tactic. Members were made to be afraid to question any supernatural manifestations, because if you doubted one and  you turned out to be wrong, you had just signed your own one-way death warrant.

To be on the safe side, you had to accept any and every manifestation and assume it was from God, in order to err on the side of caution.  Are members barking like dogs? Thrashing about, bumping into each other? Stumbling around, too drunk to walk? Speaking in a foreign tongue that sounds suspiciously similar to the tongues devil-worshipers speak in? “Well, you can’t put God in a box…

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Fallen Angels and Near Death Experiences: THE WALK-INS

Find out how the near death experience phenomena ties into Satan’s End-time agenda, particularly for the last days visible church.


By Pam Sheppard

A “walk in” is actually a fallen angel who is said to enter the body of someone who went through a near-death experience and was still alive when the demon moved their spirit aside and “took over” both the body and the soul during or after resuscitation. In other words, as the spirit of an accident victim or of a terminally sick person loses the will to live on an operating table and begins to vacate the body, the demon steps in and takes over the dying just moments before their appointment with death. If this is true, with all of the “near death experiences” that have been reported in our lifetime who have been resuscitated, the foundation of a global build-up of true demon possession is already laid. In fact, it is not surprising that literally every “near death survivor” has “come back to life” preaching…

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Deliverance From Demons Involves Detox


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Spiritual Warfare Library of PSM

By Pastor Pam Sheppard

From 90 days to 6 months, perhaps a year, the church addict’s mind must be re-trained. False doctrines and practices that the churchgoer has believed in for decades must be challenged so that the soul can be renewed. As God Himself has compared false worship to prostitution or whoredom , I am not out of line in making a similar comparison. A religious or spiritual addiction can be compared to “good sex” with someone you know does not really love you. Simply put, you get hooked to the thrill and the feeling. Those of us who have never “been there and done that” wonder what the thrill is for a masochist.” a quote from “Come out of Her God’s people)

Masochism from a psychiatric perspective is defined as a condition in which sexual gratification depends on suffering, physical pain and humiliation gained from despair, deprivation, and…

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