There is a divine reason why you landed this website. . Are you looking for complete freedom in Christ? Well, my brothers and sisters, you have arrived at the right place! COUNSELING HAS BEEN MY SECULAR PROFESSION SINCE 1973. Now retired, I was licensed to practice therapy in the state of NY. I am also insured. An ordained minister who served as pastor,  and I functioned in a deliverance ministry for 25 years.  I have developed a deliverance counseling model that is unique.  It is outlined in my third book, “Faces of the Religious Demon: Freedom Through Deliverance Counseling.”

The main objective of Christian counseling, coaching  and mentoring is to set captives free. At Pam Sheppard Ministries, the most important tool in the process is actually  the client.  For example, if during the assessment process, the client reveals that his or her faith is weak, or that there are major issues of doubt and un-belief, then a major objective of the assessment phase would be to build up the client’s faith.

The treatment plan  lists the problems, hindrances in the situation, the goals, objectives and the strategies toward building the captive’s faith.  We also consider whether or not the captive has a strong network system of Christian elders who can support the captive. Therefore, we employ a cadre of mentors or “ministers” for support and encouragement.

The Christian client today is one who has been duped by the organize church into easy believism. They have repeated a sinner’s prayer, acknowledged that they have accepted Jesus Christ into their hearts, and declared to be saved or born again.  What has happened is that the fake Jesus answered their invitation. They have worshipped Him through prayer meetings, bible studies, song and dance, yet they are not saved.  They don’t know it but the enemy DOES. Therefore, the weapons of spiritual warfare do not work for them.

Without the weapons that redemption affords: the helmet of salvation, the breastplate of righteousness, the shield of faith, the girdles of truth, the feet shod with the gospel of peace and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God, the captive has to rely on a Christian counselor or minister who is truly saved—one who can successfully work the spiritual weapons against principalities and powers. Even so, we have found that the captives’ free will is their best weapon.  So in deliverance counseling and mentoring, we encourage the captive to fight in cold blood.  From a Christian perspective, my role is akin to a trainer who prepares  a prizefighter for a boxing match.

I have personally trained 8 coaches over a 4-6 year period, a group of women that I call “the RESCUE TEAM. As spiritual trainers, we are in the captive’s corner, giving specific instructions as to how to win the fight. The captive takes our instructions, does all that he or she can do, and when the time is right, we step in and finish the fight by casting out demons and commanding fallen angels to go about somebody elses business. It has been our experience, that until captives use their own free will to revoke the invitation that they made to the fake Jesus, their psychic doorways or chakras will remain open, and demons will have unhindered access to their souls and spirits.

So we focus on closing those gateways by truth.  If the captive does not fight the process, victory is assured. Since December 2002, we have discovered an astounding statistic.  At least 95% of the churchgoing captives who we have served–about 300 professing Christians— did not understand either sin, repentance or the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. They do not know that they received the fake Jesus. Consequently, they worship whom they do not know.

This is an extremely appalling, pervasive condition, of epidemic proportions within the worldwide church.  Since we have counseled people in Australia, South Africa, England, Japan, Canada, the Caribbean and from at least 1/3 of the United States, the problem is the same.  An imposter god is being worshipped as if he is the Lord Almighty.  No wonder Jesus warned that in there would be people who would call Him “Lord,” and He will say “I NEVER knew you.”

If you would like to arrange an appointment for deliverance counseling, coaching or  mentoring, call 888-818-1117 or send an email to

As you read “Faces of the Religious Demon, you will find that each face or profile offers new insights and challenges.  You the reader will learn how any ground obtained by spirit entities , no matter how small or seemingly insignificant is “GROUND POSSESSED,” even though a captive himself may have no obvious manifestation of total possession.  Your eyes will also be opened to realize that even the slightest of ground claimed by the enemy can be so debilitating and even toxic to spiritual growth and empowerment, what is the point of quibbling over terms and inches?!” For if a demon has only one inch of territory, it will seem like a mile to  tormented captives.  When you are prepared, I will conduct deliverance over the phone.  With excellent preparation, casting out demons won’t take more than 15 minutes.

So call 888-818-1117 or send an email to  and lets get started.

3 thoughts on “The RESCUE COACHING TEAM”

  1. isobel malik said:

    Hello. My name is Isobel and I live in a small town in Scotland UK. I am a =
    single parent with three children, 2 of whom still live at home. My younges=
    t child is severely Autistic and is very hard work and life is very stressf=
    ul.=0AHowever, my main reason for emailing you and after reading your very =
    interesting website is, I feel I have been cursed and may have demonic infl=
    uences ever since I was a young child due to my parents being members of th=
    e Assemblies of God church and forcing my brother and I to attend regularly=
    until we were old enough, by which time both my brother and I were complet=
    ely against this ‘church’ and never attended again. I would be terrified wh=
    en about half the congregation would speak in ‘tongues’ and it did not feel=
    right at all, it was not of God I am sure. Also when I was a child I feel =
    I was influenced by demons as my life was awful, I was depressed, very shy,=
    our family was not close and there was no love at all, my father would bea=
    t us regularly, I started stealing things as a comfort. In high school I wa=
    s so depressed and lonely I wanted to die, and tried a couple of times but =
    just got ill.=0AI have not attended church for years but believe in the Hol=
    y Bible (not the new versions as I believe they are twisted), believe in Go=
    d and Jesus is His Son. =0AI did ‘get saved’ when about 10 years old and ba=
    ptized in that church, however as much as my mother tried, I never was able=
    to ‘be filled with the holy spirit’ and I never wanted it as it really fel=
    t so wrong.=0AWhen I was about 9 my brother sexually molested me and I’ve n=
    ever forgotton this, it was awful. I have NO contact with any of my family =
    at all for about 10 years and never want to as too much has happened and I =
    feel they are no longer my ‘family’.=0AI love my children very much but sti=
    ll suffer from depression, don’t trust people, have depression, another thi=
    ng is I have put on a huge amount of weight in the last five years and am o=
    bese now even though I eat normally, I feel this is demonic intrusion also.=
    =0ASo many bad and horrible things have happened to me in my life, too man=
    y to mention and now I just live for God and my children, nothing else matt=
    ers.=0APlease can you advise how I can get rid of these demonic influences =
    in my life as I believe you are one of the few genuine ministers, there are=
    so many false ones out there.=0AI don’t have money to spare unfortunately =
    being a single parent, it is a struggle, I could perhaps donate a small amo=
    unt, I am just being honest.=0AThankyou in advance, Isobel

  2. Hello Pam, its Shamila i created an account to be able to communicate with you.
    I will try and email you if you dont recieve this response.

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