How to Recognize a False Conversion: Testimony of “Anonymous”

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By Pastor Pam Sheppard of Pam Sheppard Ministry

So as to why i contacted you Pastor Pam, and to let you  know a bit about myself. I spent a good portion of last night watching Pastor Pam’s YouTube videos and was struck by many of the exposing statement about the kundalini being at work in the church and its ties to false signs and wonders. As well as having some connection to what you termed spirit rape….to back up a bit to start with what was my first touch or encounter with the Lord.

I was raised in a church and religion free home so i had no knowledge or concept of god really leading up to my conversion. But about 2 months before this encounter a man at my work told me that god loved me unconditionally and gave me a bible. I heard what he said but had no faith for…

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How to Witness To Religious Churchgoers: Who Are The Birds?

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By Pastor Pam Sheppard of Pam Sheppard Ministry

One of the reasons that makes  witnessing to churchgoers both difficult and unpleasant  is because  they have not yet heard from the Lord in a revelatory way.  Most of the religious  believe that if your argument is not bible-based, then it is not worth listening to.  So, a way to get through to them is using the scriptures in red.  In other words, “What did the Lord Jesus say?”  Use the Lord’s own words to reveal the truth to them.

The Lord  Jesus presented a group of kingdom of heaven parables, most of which He did not explain, but he left some clues. One of the clues as depicted in Matthew 13, is the birds. Therefore, when you’re keeping things very general, your focus is to  rely on what the Lord said, what the Lord shared. Consequently,  ask your religious churchgoer,” what do you think that…

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How to Witness To Religious Churchgoers: Who Are The Birds?

Spiritual Warfare Library of PSM

By Pastor Pam Sheppard of Pam Sheppard Ministry

One of the reasons that makes  witnessing to churchgoers both difficult and unpleasant  is because  they have not yet heard from the Lord in a revelatory way.  Most of the religious  believe that if your argument is not bible-based, then it is not worth listening to.  So, a way to get through to them is using the scriptures in red.  In other words, “What did the Lord Jesus say?”  Use the Lord’s own words to reveal the truth to them.

The Lord  Jesus presented a group of kingdom of heaven parables, most of which He did not explain, but he left some clues. One of the clues as depicted in Matthew 13, is the birds. Therefore, when you’re keeping things very general, your focus is to  rely on what the Lord said, what the Lord shared. Consequently,  ask your religious churchgoer,” what do you think that…

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To Die In Christ: What Does It Mean?

Living my best life at 75 years young in the new year of 2019!


My first date. I was 18 and a freshman at SUNYA. this was my first boyfriend! lol

In Christ since 1977, I have learned “a thing or two” concerning  what it means to be crucified in Him, yet still be  alive. Keeping it simple, I have learned that  to die in Christ is to look for or expect nothing  for self.

I expect to be misunderstood by some  with this post. I ignore the swine  and cast  my pearls to  those who hunger to press on to perfection in Him.

So this is my story, this is my song, praising my Savior all the day long!

June 198o. Landed my best job in state govt in the field of corrections. Worked it for 17 years while I was also in ministry in an AA denomination. I was on lunch break! lol

I knew early on in life  that I was supposed to…

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By Pam Sheppard of Pam Sheppard Ministry

As  I continue to read the book of a former grandmaster occultist from  Nigeria, I am amazed at the power of the name of Jesus Christ of  Nazareth over ALL the power of the enemy. “Erik emphatically reports that  none of his nefarious practices ever worked against a true Christian  but only what he refers to as WEAK Christians.  In my estimation, a weak  Christian is no Christian at all.  This is an unsaved person who has  been duped.  The reality is that he or she has a form of godliness that  denies the power of the Holy Ghost.

Anyway, since dreams and  dream interpretation have been a specialty of mine for years, I was  interested in what Eric had to report about them.  He reported that he  manipulated  those under his control by sending them demons to disturb  their dreams. In anticipation of your…

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Religious Narcissists Will Make YOUR Decisions!


A passive nature is what evil spirits seek after to empower narcissists against you. When a narcissist employs legalistic tactics, very often the goal is to take advantage of your inherent weaknesses as they step in and make decisions that YOU should be empowered to make.

The truth to be emphasized is that God never “wills” instead of man, and whatever a man does, he is himself responsible for his actions. Therefore, you are responsible for the actions that you have allowed others to make on your behalf. Religious demons major goal is to manipulate the will of a sincere and unsuspecting believer into a state of passivity in order to use people with narcissistic tendencies to control you.

Spritual Covering Fallacy

The believer whose “will” has become passive, finds, after a time, the greatest difficulty in making decisions of any kind, and he looks outside, and all around him for something to…

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When a Narcissist Cannot Repent!


Before we are born again, we all are narcissists, living in a dream world of our own imagination, a distorted vision of our persona and of our pre-conceived self-worth. We pretend to care for others but WE are at the center of our own little world and everyone else revolves around us like the planets revolve around the sun.

We have to have Jesus at our center. THt is when we become blessed. To do that, our self image must be broken. We have to be brought down low. So “blessed are the poor in spirit.” Repentance and godly sorrow does this. We become blessed when we become Christ centered instead of self centered. once Christ becomes our righteousness through the power of His sacrifice and His resurrection then we are filled. That comes from hungering and thirsting for righteousness.

Most religious narcissists have never experienced true repentance. Why? Because…

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Recover From Disaster That Fell Upon You


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Sharlene’s testimony shows just how much Pam Sheppard Ministry wonderfully changed her. She revealed that she was greatly impacted from reading the book, The Fake Jesus. She also benefited tremendously from Pam Sheppard Ministry overall, and felt compelled to share about this help. Read her testimony below:


I’m so happy I completed the form today. The filling of the form itself was lot of getting undeceived. I’ve already started The Fake Jesus book by Pam and very actively read the blogs! I’m watching Pam’s You-tube and I’m falling in love with her…. she is a great woman and if possible one day I will hug her! I have got some boldness in me since the last few days watching Pam!

Rescue is truly rescuing me! now after watching and reading so much, all that I’m doing is laughing at my ignorance and pride! I just cant believe I was fooled so much!!! well, now I’m at the right place never to be fooled again!

Tee thank you so much for your patience and efforts for understanding me and specially going through the entire form for my release. You are blessed dear

I’m just a few days old here but the freedom I’m floating in is amazing! No more mental anguish, confusion or fear! I’m settled in here …yet much more to be undeceived …just completed ‘The Fake Jesus’ and started ‘The New Idolatry’… & it seems like…

Prison doors are open… All shackles have been broken!
Freedom… now I’m free, liberty… belongs to me!
Now Me I can be! Free to be Sharlene…I am free to be me!
Free to be what God wants me to be!
I’m released, I’m loosened, I’m liberated, I’m free,…

Now…smile my heart smile, as you return from exile,
Take hold of the truth, undeceive and be whole!
Oh past, don’t grieve for me, for now I am free,
I’m following the path God laid for me!
Truth …undeceive me more until freedom overflows!

Love you Pam …you are a great woman! Sincere thanks to all at Rescue!

The book, The Fake Jesus can be found by clicking on the title link.

For questions about Pam Sheppard Ministry, call 1-888-818-1117 or email

What You Don’t Know About Deliverance Ministries


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According to Merriam Webster’s definition of deliverance, deliverance is the act of delivering someone or something. It is the state of being delivered, especially, LIBERATION or RESCUE.

One of the big problems happening is that many are seeking deliverance, often from demons and other forms of bondage, yet most deliverance ministries lack the true ability to bring about liberation. Instead the captives condition may actually worsen, especially with instant attempts to deliver the person without diligently creating modules and steps to prepare for deliverance.

There’s also countless other problems, for example a big one is that the person conducting the deliverance may not even have the ability to do so in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. This is due to untold millions that have false conversionsPastor Pam Sheppard thoroughly explains why all this is happening and much more in her book, Be Delivered From Deliverance Ministry. It’s a can’t miss book for all who have been involved some how with deliverance ministries. 

Pastor Pam has been in ministry for 37 years and has come into contact with many clients who have went to deliverance ministries or went to a church that does deliverances, yet they came out even more tormented by demons from when they started.

Kathy’s testimony is an excellent example of the stark difference between the experience she had when going to a church who tried to deliver her from  demonic activities to when she went to Pastor Pam for help and received outstanding outcomes from her:

For a copy of Be Delivered From Deliverance Ministry, click on the book cover below.

If you need help with deliverance, contact Pam Sheppard Ministry at 1-888-818-1117 or email

E-book Excerpts: The New Idolatry

Spiritual Warfare Library of PSM

Written by Pastor Pam Sheppard of Pam Sheppard Ministry

The New Idolatry:  Charismatic Witchcraft, Deliverance and Other. Counterfeits.  (Pg 95-96)

What are the plagues?

The worst plague is a curse of spiritual blindness caused by delusion and demonic deception. The worst of the worst is to be duped into believing that you are going to heaven, and to die and find yourself in hell for eternity. For what does it profit a man, if he gains the whole world yet loses his soul? (Matthew 16:25) The fact that countless people have been indoctrinated into the “I accepted Jesus”   practice—also known as the “make a decision for Christ gospel, “ the worst abomination of them all.

For this form of idolatry distorts the word of God to such an extent, than I am willing to estimate that 85% of churchgoers believe that they are saved, and they are not. Counterfeit spiritual births at…

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Excerpt From “Faces of the Religious Demon.” Pg 89-91

Spiritual Warfare Library of PSM

Written by Pastor Pam Sheppard

The Narcissistic Personality and Spiritual Strangeness

When bordering on mental illness, a phrase that I have coined called “spiritual strangeness”can manifest in deep depression, the hearing of voices, visual appearances that are invisible to others and manifestations of narcissistic personality disorders of different varieties. (Where the demon of Jezebel is concerned, at the core of the mental illness is a pride system that reinforces false or counterfeit religious beliefs and practices. Psychic phenomena like telekinesis and astral travel emanate from the witchcraft side of the face of Jezebel.

As such, when supernatural manifestations are present, the spirit of Jezebel is generally the lead demon. The Jezebel demon is also at the root of self absorption, where legalism, perfectionism and self righteousness will progressively debilitate
the soul. I suspected that previously mentioned 92 year old Bertha was also personality disordered, particularly as it relates to her…

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To Oprah and Others: Psychic Power Is God’s Power Peverted!

Spiritual Warfare Library of PSM

Written by Pastor Pam Sheppard

Today I was happy to see Oprah Winfrey  campaigning  for Stacey Abrams for Governor of Georgia.  Oprah is at her best uplifting  a political cause that is of the flesh and is not spiritual.  I could certainly relate to her statement “I am an independent woman!”   Right on, Sister  Oprah.   Urging people to vote independently is a good thing which I support. Uplifting all women in this hour is certainly  in season.

Yet I recall what the Lord said:  “That which is flesh IS flesh.  but that which is spirit is SPIRIT!” I wholeheartedly support Oprah’s views in the flesh as they relate to politics and women’s issues.  However her spiritual views are occult. I could even hear in her campaign speech her spiritual belief in ancestor worship. Christians should not forget that Oprah is deceived into embracing the new age’s teaching of…

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Don’t Turn Into a Religious Zombie!!


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Pam Sheppard Ministry is offering a great deal right now. If you write a book review on The Church of the Endtime Zombies you get an E-Course for free! Don’t miss out on this rare one of a kind book that will literally save you from destruction due to the snares of religious demons and evil spirits sneaking up on you, trapping you to be controlled by them.

These demons and fallen angels use religion as a guise to deceive you into thinking it is God. In the words of the author of The Church of The Endtime Zombies, Pastor Pam Sheppard says:

PAY CLOSE ATTENTION TO THE SUBTITLE, A GUIDE TO RELIGIOUS DETOX. Its the zombies who are so religious that their words are idle and weak and their works are without power, for themselves and for others. Evil spirits take advantage and enter into demonic doorways, aka “chakras.” This remarkable book provides the solution. You shall know the truth and the TRUTH shall MAKE you FREE!!!

Several book reviews of The Church of the Endtime Zombies have been written at PAMSHEPPARDPUBLISHING.COM. To view them continue reading.

Once you have purchased the Zombie book and written a review at AMAZON.COM, you will be sent an E-Course entitled “ALTERED STATES.AND THE CHAKRAS” that very day for free!!!!, a $20 bargain! SEND THE LINK OF YOUR AMAZON BOOK REVIEW TO Click here to buy the book now.

To know more about the author and her books at Pam Sheppard Publishing, call 1-888-818-1117 or email or go to

Evil Spirits are PREACHING!!!!

Come Out Of Her, God’s People is an autobiography by Pastor Pam Sheppard about how and why God led her out of the institutional church. Her remarkable story exposes why no churchgoer is safe. Pastor Pam’s last day in the church system was quite a revelation. In this particular description, she points out that there are seducing evil spirits in the IC who are actually preaching!!! Here it is. Click the image for the paperback and the title link for the ebook:


The last time I went to church, I had a memorable experience. This denomination had removed my name off the rolls in June 2004. Therefore, I did not know why I was returning to a place the Lord revealed that I must leave in order to be used by Him. Yet somehow, I knew in my spirit that I had the Lord’s permission. As I write this, I realize that God sent me back to the denomination for the last time, to be tempted by the devil. I was aware that the churches in the Northeast had recently been assigned a different bishop so I decided to visit the conference.

IT WAS JULY 23, 2008, a Wednesday afternoon. So I said to myself, “I will just sell some books.” The Fake Jesus had just been published so I brought some paperbacks with me to sell. The denomination’s annual conference was being held just a short distance from my home. I had an inner leading to attend.

I thought I was walking in on the business meeting but the new bishop had changed the programming. I actually walked in on a sermon. Looking around, I observed that very few were paying any attention to the preacher, a man I knew well. Actually this Reverand seemed to be preaching directly at me but he did not even know I was there. I paid particular attention to him because the Reverand was actually the only minister out of 100 of them who called to support me within a few days after they removed my name from the rolls under the guise that I did not pay my annual dues of $660. He informed me that in 3 months, I could be re-instated.

So as the Reverand was preaching, I felt something grab me in the chest. This “force” was trying to make me respond to the invitation, come from the back and walk down that long aisle. They would think that I was returning to them. Or that I was repenting or something. I did not want to do it but it was like hands were pushing me in the back, I gave in and walked that aisle. The music was playing loudly, there were about 10 ministers and the Bishop behind the altar rail. I was in a TRANCE!!! I SNAPPED OUT OF IT WHEN I WAS ASKED “ARE YOU BRINGING YOUR MINISTRY BACK UNDER US? I CAME TO MYSELF AND HOLLERED OUT. NO!!! I JUST LOVED THE SERMON!


When THE HOLY SPIRIT made The next statement, I was literally SHOCKED.. He said, the 3 dreams that you had in 1979 that led you to that church and to that denomination “did not come from ME. I NEVER SENT YOU THERE. NEXT He said, “that same power that came on you that Sunday in September, 1979, which fell on you and brought YOU to your knees, causing you to groan, wail and weep, IS THAT SAME SPIRIT THAT CAME ON YOU 2 DAYS AGO!!! Both times, IT WAS NOT ME!!!!!

SO DON’T SLEEP ON THE DENOMINATIONS. The preaching coupled with the emotional worship of the flesh, can also induce an altered state of consciousness and put you in contact with religious demons!!!!!

In conclusion, this particular experience with its subsequent revelations caused me to humble myself and ask God if I was called to ministry. For I recalled yet a similar experience that had occurred in that very church on the day that I responded to the call to ministry in the summer of ’81. At that time, A power DID come on me. A joyous power! The difference is that it was not sudden. Actually for months, I had received at least 10 signs that clearly revealed that I am one of God’s anointed workers. In more than one of those signs, I was called a prophet when I did not even know what a prophet was.

The Holy Spirit answered my question basically out of the scripture. In other words, look at the fruit. Even though He called me while I was in the denomination, He did not send me there as I had believed for 25 years. –I was not to minister to them, or for them or under their religious authority. In fact, the Holy Spirit only revealed my ministry FOR CHRIST UNTIL AFTER I HAD LEFT THEM!!!!



Jessie Penn Lewis: God’s Author of 3 Centuries


My online ministry has been birthed through vision. In 1990, I knew nothing about the Internet. One night I dreamt that I was flying with the Holy Ghost over the city. Looking down I saw a 12 mile line of people, stretching down the highway from Albany to Selkirk. The Spirit said “Pam, do you see that line down there? You are going to minister to every one of those people.” “Where?” I asked. He pointed to a little house and said “from there.” To the east.

I moved into that house on October 24, 2017.

Over the years, I  have wondered how I could minister to so many people in one lifetime in that little house. It would have to take a lifetime and perhaps a large staff. Only in recent years have I understood the humor of the Holy Ghost. Today, the Internet is called the Highway, and…

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What Is In Your Soul? Get Your House In Order!



The corrupt religious system and its focus on the prosperity gospel from pulpits worldwide  has already received spiritual power from the man of perdition—-judgment  and damnation from God. The Harlot would have you believe that she  is serving God when she is actually serving religious demons.

 So to those who have been bamboozled by “sow a seed” preaching, the question is “what is the state of your soul?”  To help you understand the nature and the agenda of the religious demon and to help you get your house in order, the following resources are  valuable and viable:

The book, “Faces of the Religious Demon and the Course called “the Religious Demon.

The book ‘the Church of the End-time Zombies ” and the course “The Institutional Church in End-times.”

If you need more hands on help, we offer both telephone and email coaching.  Either call us at 888-818-1117 or fill out the contact form below:

Why The Lord Often Chooses the Worst People


By Pastor Pam of Pam Sheppard Ministries


According to normal  standards including my own, for God to choose me either for salvation or for ministry defies human understanding.  Here is the reason.  I was an atheist the first 33 years of my life. In fact, when I was 3, I refused to believe in Santa Claus! As a child, I stood against parents and grandparents, refusing to attend ANY church. My father’s mother called me a heathen and she was correct!!!!  By the time I was 33, I had attended church ONE time for non-religious reasons, and even then,  I ran out of there because I was extremely uncomfortable to say the least.

So you tell me! Moses was raised an Egyptian and had to go into hiding for 40 years because he killed an Egyptian.  As Moses stood before Pharoah commanding that he let God’s people go, I too…

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Why and How Does an Ordained Minister of 25 Years Leave the Church?

The Holy Spirit will lead His people out of the IC. You may already have had signs, perhaps dreams that its time to depart. If you need help, call 888-818-1117




By Pastor Pam Sheppard

My personal testimony of how I came to leave  the church is in the first chapters of  my book “Come Out of Her, God’s People”.  Most of my life I have been  open and transparent, caring less about what others had to say about me.    Lately,   I have become quite private and much more guarded.  I suspect that its a matter of  “increased wisdom.”  I personally wonder today if perhaps  in “Come Out of Her, God’s People,”   I may have  shared way  too much about my intimate  life.   In fact, I recall a few rather ignorant, jealous , ineffectual hypocrites attempting to take  advantage of my openness in order   to slander me.  It did not work. Actually,  it is difficult to  slander a person who is not bound by the world’s religious standards. Even so,  I am more guarded than I used to…

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Leading Religious Zealots to Water


There is an expression that you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink.

Likewise, you can lead the religious to the waters of truth, but it is up to the Holy Ghost whether they drink or not.

The deceived who receive the truth are those who have already been prepared by the Holy Ghost. SO IF YOU HAVE NOT BEEN PREPARED THEN YOU WILL REMAIN DECEIVED and nothing i write or say will mean ANYTHING TO YOU.

Pam Sheppard Ministries (PSM) leaves the un-deception OF ZOMBIES up to the Holy Ghost to open their eyes and show them. It is NOT our job to coerce anyone with the truth. Therefore, you will be required to be as wise as a serpent but as harmless as a dove when zombies are sent to you by God, so as to use YOU  to help undeceive them. Some will be sent by the devil to mock you and to cause confusion.

So, what do you do? You watch and wait and see.




As truth is preached daily within Rescue Fellowship of PSM, it doesn’t take very long for us to tell the difference. When it is the enemy, religious demons in Christian zombies who are bound by their religious persuasions will ultimately show their hand and become confrontational. What they tried to hide can no longer be restrained.

You best believe that every hidden Judas will be exposed, hopefully before they have caused irreparable damage. Prayer is real important to prevent the enemy from destroying everything. Satan has captured the world in politics, religion and every other system.

It is what it is. Deception is the rule and not the exception.

That is, until the Lord Jesus Christ returns to earth! Then we say to Satan “all bets are off!!!”

In the meantime, RESCUE FELLOWSHIP ONLINE has existed since April 14, 2012 to serve those whose spiritual eyes have been opened by the Holy Spirit. Click here to read some testimonies.

For a 30 day trial, click here. YOU WON’t regret it.