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Sharlene’s testimony shows just how much Pam Sheppard Ministry wonderfully changed her. She revealed that she was greatly impacted from reading the book, The Fake Jesus. She also benefited tremendously from Pam Sheppard Ministry overall, and felt compelled to share about this help. Read her testimony below:


I’m so happy I completed the form today. The filling of the form itself was lot of getting undeceived. I’ve already started The Fake Jesus book by Pam and very actively read the blogs! I’m watching Pam’s You-tube and I’m falling in love with her…. she is a great woman and if possible one day I will hug her! I have got some boldness in me since the last few days watching Pam!

Rescue is truly rescuing me! now after watching and reading so much, all that I’m doing is laughing at my ignorance and pride! I just cant believe I was fooled so much!!! well, now I’m at the right place never to be fooled again!

Tee thank you so much for your patience and efforts for understanding me and specially going through the entire form for my release. You are blessed dear

I’m just a few days old here but the freedom I’m floating in is amazing! No more mental anguish, confusion or fear! I’m settled in here …yet much more to be undeceived …just completed ‘The Fake Jesus’ and started ‘The New Idolatry’… & it seems like…

Prison doors are open… All shackles have been broken!
Freedom… now I’m free, liberty… belongs to me!
Now Me I can be! Free to be Sharlene…I am free to be me!
Free to be what God wants me to be!
I’m released, I’m loosened, I’m liberated, I’m free,…

Now…smile my heart smile, as you return from exile,
Take hold of the truth, undeceive and be whole!
Oh past, don’t grieve for me, for now I am free,
I’m following the path God laid for me!
Truth …undeceive me more until freedom overflows!

Love you Pam …you are a great woman! Sincere thanks to all at Rescue!

The book, The Fake Jesus can be found by clicking on the title link.

For questions about Pam Sheppard Ministry, call 1-888-818-1117 or email rescueonfb@icloud.com.