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Located in a pdf file on the Internet is an article that I first referenced in Chapter 5 that defines the spirit of Jezebel as the mental health disorder known as narcissism, authored by a Catholic nun, Sister Nadine. It seems irreconcilable in this instance that the religious demon would work against itself by revealing truth through someone who is herself deceived by the Jezebel spirit within the Catholic church’s adoration and deification of Mary, the mother of Jesus. So proceeding with caution in referencing this article, I have found very often that a religious demon will release a particular truth through a prophet or messenger because Satan is seeking to draw his prey into a deeper trap.

Yet in this case, so as not to throw the baby out with the bathwater, I find that Sister Nadine’s comparison of the Jezebelian personality to the secular diagnosis of narcissistic personality disorder is both accurate and informative. “The ‘Jezebel spirit’ is named after King Ahab’s wife in ancient Israel, Jezebel—the first woman in the bible, with much written about her, that clearly displayed the symptoms of a ‘ malignant Narcissist.’ This spirit is born out of witchcraft and rebellion and is one of the most common spirits in operation today. It is a powerful enemy of the ‘body of Christ’—the church, just as it’s namesake was. It operates freely on even sincere believers whose hearts are for God individually and has also attained positions of power within the churches.

In the secular world, these people are often thought to suffer from ‘narcissistic personality disorder’, ‘Paranoia’ and are often labeled as ‘Psychopaths’ or just ‘plain evil.’ Yet, the most accurate and complete description of the characteristics of these people is to be found with and against ‘evil’—not psychiatry, which has just recently started trying to come to terms with the term ‘evil’. Religion is where ‘evil’ has most often been described and discussed, and its books mention it often as the end-result of un-repented sins. 1 Sister Nadine describes the mission and purpose of this personality disorder as fivefold: to masquerade as a protector In order to gain access to it’s captive, the spirit of Jezebel will enter through negative emotional doorways that have already been opened by other demons, including fear, rejection, jealousy and anger.

As a protector, the spirit of Jezebel promises its captive ultimate elevation through recognition and domination of the lives of those around him or her—befriended targets that will eventually be spiritually back stabbed. Though not adverse to sexual seduction, spiritual seduction is Jezebel’s religious goal. Religious demons will seek those with Jezebelian traits among those who are ambitious to make a name for themselves in Christ—particularly leadership— that the captive is spiritually mature, trustworthy, loyal and reliable—persons who by virtue of their works are prematurely granted privileges and opportunities to minister and to hold positions of authority. In most cases, persons with the Jezebelian personality can be found at the right hand of those in spiritual authority. To kill the prophets.

As was the case in the life of Ahab’s wife, demons will seek those who by nature have a jealous, envious spirit, hostile to all spiritual authority. Like a shark or a snake, these captives can be most cleverly vicious and dangerous, particularly to those who are called to the fivefold ministry. For example, these captives will circle the lives of others within a congregation, looking for teachable, fleeceable, controllable disciples of his or her own. For these captives like to birth spiritual babes unto itself, disciples that will eat false doctrine from their own tables. Toward this end, some of these captives will seek out others who are in rebellion, yet who are weak, wounded, or those who are in conflict with their pastoral leadership. 3. To emasculate all men. Although biblical, Jezebel is a woman, and not a demon. However, demons themselves make take on either a masculine or a feminine name and “persona,” but demons themselves are neither male nor female because they are not human–of a different creation.

Therefore, the Jezebel nature can be found in both sexes. These captives tend to be strength snatchers, extremely jealous when others receive recognition and acceptance. Whether male or female, these captives may appear to be mild mannered and somewhat passive, serving at the feet of some prominent male figure, whom the spirit of the anti-Christ will use these captives to destroy. 4. To curse others. A master of criticism, murmuring and complaining, captives will believe that their stand is righteous. With callous disregard for the well-being and independence of others, these captives have been convinced by eductive demons that others who disagree with the captive deserve to be cursed.

The Jezebel personality type will send demons of fear and discouragement against any perceived enemies. It will put a spiritual contract out against anyone who goes to war with it, not taking defeat ‘lying down—very often using prayer to attempt to bring about curses. 5. To appear to desire to destroy evil. Through projection, these captives are generally bent on destroying evil in others, completely blind to the evil within their own souls. When life threatens their blameless self image of perfection, various demons use these captives to be actively engaged in hating and destroying those who resist them, usually in the name of righteousness. Generally people of deep convictions, these captives may have a zeal for God and a desire to serve Him, and they will be convinced that they are serving the one true God. Even so, their true hidden agenda is selfworship.

Yet another facet of the hidden motives behind the Jezebelian form of religiosity is to seek self exaltation as well as to blind the eyes of the last generation to prepare for the return of the Lord in His Second coming. Rick Joyner adds additional light to the motives of this demon, particularly as it relates to Sister Nadine’s viewpoint concerning “killing the prophets”: “Jezebel demands recognition for herself while serving as the enemy of the true prophetic ministry. Jezebel was the greatest enemy of one of the Old Covenant’s most powerful prophets, Elijah, whose ministry especially represents preparing of the way for the Lord. The Jezebel spirit is one of the most potent forms of the religious spirit which seeks to keep the church and the world from being prepared for the return of the Lord. This spirit especially attacks the prophetic ministry because that ministry has an important place in preparing the way of the Lord.

That is why John the Baptist was persecuted by a personification of Jezebel in the wife of Herod. The prophetic ministry is the primary vehicle through which the Lord gives timely, strategic direction to His people. Jezebel knows that removing the true prophets will make the people vulnerable to her false prophets, which always leads to idolatry and spiritual adultery.” 2 (Epic Battles of the Last Days, pg.137) Prophets are certainly important in the last days, but I believe that the prophetic ministry of the second coming is the same as it was for the first coming in the ministry of John the Baptist. John did not go about with “a prophetic word” for individuals but rather preached repentance and the return of the Lord. There are many who move in what is called today “the prophetic ministry” who themselves have the traits of a Jezebelian personality—people who are deceiving countless people who are weak in spiritual knowledge.

Prophetic, Jezebelian types actually pave the way for demonic bondage to those they prophesy to. The Narcissistic Personality and Spiritual Strangeness When bordering on mental illness, a phrase that I have coined called “spiritual strangeness” can manifest in deep depression, the hearing of voices, visual appearances that are invisible to others and manifestations of narcissistic personality disorders of different varieties. ( See The Making of a Prophet, pp. 165-178) Where Jezebelian personality is concerned, at the core of the mental illness is a pride system that reinforces false or counterfeit religious beliefs and practices.

Psychic phenomena like telekinesis and astral travel emanate from the witchcraft side of the face of Jezebel. As such, when supernatural manifestations are present, the religious demon is generally in control . The Jezebelian personality is also at the root of self absorption, where legalism, perfectionism and self righteousness will progressively debilitate the soul. Though people with predispositions to narcissistic personality disorder or the biblical counterpart of the Jezebelian trait are usually under the influence of demons, I have found that there is no demon that will respond to the name “Jezebel” for there is no such demon. Ironically, there is a demon called “Mother Mary,” and “Mary Magdelene” but there is no demon that will respond to “Jezebel.”

The main demons involved with Jezebelian types are generally connected to witchcraft, religion, or both–known in the bible as “the spirit of the antiChrist. Yet there are several other lesser demons : to name but a few, there is a lying spirit, a jealous spirit, a mean spirit, all connected to pride and vanity—those traits of the flesh that keep hinder people with the Jezebelian influence from repenting.

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