Hello, Dear Readers!.

My name is Pam Sheppard.   I was called either Rev. Sheppard, “Pastor” “Pastor Pam”  or “Rev” as is the custom in the denomination in which I was licensed, then ordained—a place where I served as both evangelist and pastor for 25 years.

It was in September of 2003, that the Lord clearly spoke to me in a dream.  He said “Pam, you have to leave this place.  You are a candlestick hidden under a bed and I cannot use you here.” And then, almost as an afterthought, He said, “But let them PUT you out.  Don’t leave on your own.

This dream really felt like it was the Lord but I wondered to myself, “I have been in good standing with this denomination since 1979.  I have served as a minister here since 1981.  How in the world can they “put ME out?!!!

Well, in nine months, June 2004—I was put out. 

My name was taken off the church rolls because of a technicality.  I did not show up at the annual meeting and I did not send in the mandated ministerial dues of $660.

I waited for 3 years for the Lord to send me to yet another denomination, non-denomination or church affiliation and it did not happen.  Then, the Lord spoke again, not in a dream but through a stream of consciousness in my mind.  He asked me a question.  The question was, “Pam, would you put up curtains at the windows of a condemned building?  I answered, “No, I would not.”  He said “Well Pam, you have decided to travel from church to church to train ministers.  That is like putting up curtains at the windows of a condemned building!”

Since then, the Lord has revealed a lot more to me about the state or the organized church, on a world wide scale.  This blog is devoted to revealing the truth about the organized church and why you must leave it to survive in this hour.