Obsessive Compulsive Disorder or OCD: One telephone session  will confirm   whether or not we can help you!

If you are OCD, chances are that you have some serious trust issues.  So it will be hard for you to make a commitment to counseling with someone who is virtually a stranger to you.  With the state of both the world and the church, everyone is wise to test the spirits and to be cautious. I too have to be careful to protect myself against people who have ulterior motives.  So, the Catch 22 situation is that if we are going to overcome OCD together, you will need TO TRUST me. Actually, I MUST ALSO TRUST YOU!!!  That’s the bottom line.

Simply put, if you are sent by God, then He has ALREADY  prepared you to receive my counseling.  However, if God Himself is not motivating your decision to seek help, then you will end up excessively confronting and  challenging me as your  counselor throughout the process and MY COUNSELING RELATIONSHIP  with you  will be unfruitful. 

There is a simple solution.  It is recommended that you simply schedule ONE session.   The number to call is 518-477-5759. You won’t be sorry!!!