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This video falls right in line with the book,

‘The Makings of a False Prophet.’



                by Wenona Russ

‘The Makings of a False Prophet’ is a book that looks at the motives for wanting to be in ministry as well as serving as a tool one in ministry can use to gauge where they are in the HEARTS as it pertains to ministry.  Many a TRUE prophet turned false as a result of not taking heed to the very foundational and practical things the author shares in her 50-pg book.  THIS is the stuff they WON’T tell you in Bible College or the School of the Prophets and/or Apostles!  ‎’The Makings of a False Prophet digs deep into the heart and soul to determine the authenticity of a genuine call from the Lord, and how to keep that authenticity pure and undefiled.  You will be blessed by this book if you are truly ready to examine yourself and see not only if you are in the faith, but if you are really called.  It is an eye-opening and realistic view at what ministry is-and what it is NOT.