I love this video because Pam talks about the FAKE Jesus, you know and have seen him in the churches.  He is the one whose picture is in thousands of churches across the world.

Now please understand: I am not saying this is the fake Jesus because he is white.  I know there is a faction of people out there that says Jesus is a black man.  To argue such a point is foolish and unnecessary.

You saw the video:  the enemy has a place-a seat-in most, if not all- churches today.  And part of the plan was to introduce the fake Jesus in this form.

Other parts of the agenda has been once the church had been infiltrated, to introduce false doctrines, or doctrines of devils.

In Faces of the Religious Demon, Pamela Sheppard goes into detail about how the enemy has infiltrated the church…and disguised himself in many religious masks.

Don’t be a victim of the fake Jesus!  KNOW your enemy, in all his varied forms and faces.

If you feel you are wrestling with religious spirits, or you are under attack by religious demons, call 518-477-5759.