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Let’s face it:  we live in a stressful world.  We have been told that stress is actually good for us.  So, in varying degrees, we either embrace stress, or we go to the other extreme and do whatever is necessary to get rid of stress.

How do YOU ‘de-stress?’

Still others-no matter what their religious or spiritual backgrounds-find alternative ways to deal with stress.  I will say that a majority of the population deals with stress by denying that it is there, or that it even exists in their lives.

The ways that they deal with that stress varies.

Some do yoga, meditation, hypnosis. Some leave their bodies in spiritual exercises that is known as astral projection (Mental vacations, imagining you are somewhere else when you’re really right there, etc.)  Some induce trances, either medically, spiritually, or naturally.

Some have plenty of sex-on the prowl for that orgasm or ejaculation…

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