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I have said on several occasions that women MUST be careful on whom they choose to marry.  I have said it so much as a matter of fact that, at first glance, it may seem I am against marriage.  Nothing can be further from the truth.

I am ALL for marriage, as GOD describes and intended it, between ONE man and ONE woman, both in the will of God, equally yoked, going about the Kingdom of God.

What I am against is the mockery that the enemy has made of marriage today.  It is an all-out attack of the enemy…twofold.  One, to either have you support (or be silent) on same sex marriages or two, to allow IN THE INSTITUTION THAT IS KNOWN AS CHURCH for a multitude of marriages to be put together BY RELIGION and NOT BY GOD.

This can have disastrous results.

I want you to look…

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