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Just as the spirit of the Anti-Christ has permeated the entire institutional church, it should not be surprising that the enemy of our souls  has his hand in the out-of-church movement as well.  His goal? To discredit the movement at the ground level.  Since I have been a part of the “leave the church scene” for the last 8 years,  I have met all kinds of folk, each with a different motive–a different agenda.  Yet behind the personalities, the persuasions and the strategies, the enemy is in the midst to bring a stumblingblock against God’s true  endtime movement to replace the Harlot.

Churchgoers are varied and diversified,with complex and hidden motives and desires. Out-of-churchers are no less complex. To identify but a few strategies, the out-of-church movement is plagued by the damaged and the deceived.  Here are but a few of the enemy’s  strategies as they relate to the Harlot, the institutional church:

1. Satan has recruits who have been spiritually raped by the Harlot—former churchgoers   who are ruled by an unconscious hatred of Her. Consequently, on a subconscious level,  every video they make, every blog they write is compelled by that hatred in a very obsessive fashion.  In truth, they are outraged that the church not only abused them but also rejected them like a drunken patron is kicked to the curb and thrown out of “the club.’  There every action breathes “I am gettin even with that whore.”

When you have been stabbed in the heart by people who profess to “be Christian,” it certainly is a hard pill to swallow and Satan knows it.  So he is actually  the one who staged the abuse and the rejection so that once “out of-church,” Satan can then use their retaliatory  attack against the institutional church as a visible indictment od the entire out-of-church movement.  As an example, a growing number of damaged ex-churchgoers  have YouTube channels and blogs whose sole purpose is to  criticize and destroy the  Harlot.  Yet the enemy ignites their venom toward the goal of making THEM look like merciless and disobedient rebels,  in an attempt to do the reverse—discredit the entire out-of-church movement.

2. Satan also has also groomed a new breed of come-out-the church folk who seem to have left the institution because they got tired of following man and desire to wholeheartedly follow God, a noble reason indeed.  They speak of intimacy with God, hunger for Jesus and they have left the comfort of stain glass and pews because of an overwhelming love for the Lord and a desire to be led by Him alone. They desire to tear down the Harlot’s walls and to go deeper into a fellowship of closeness with Jesus.

 It all sound good.

Yet when you dig deeper and really get to know these folk, all kinds of hidden motives surface.  Some are secretly ambitious yet they feign piety.  Elitists and separatists are also among them .  Yet the worst of it is that many of them have experienced false conversions and they are actually worshipping the fake Jesus Sananda Immanuel. The more they distance themselves from others, the more they teach when they need to be taught,  the more they resist any kind of spiritual authority—-the more extreme they become,—- the more they  also discredit the out-of-church movement. 

There are  several other  strategies.

However what unites each strategy  together to fulfill Satan’s agenda  is   that they  ALL become “religiously non-religious.” In other words, they too become the thing that they are against.  They become “religious.”  So appalled at anything that even looks like the Harlot, they are against all order, all leadership, all gathering together, all worship—in other word’s  they become anti-everything that even remotely reminds them of the IC.  As a result , they turn the out-of-church movement into just another sect, pleasing the father of all religion and all sects, Satan himself.

My situation is unique in that as an ordained minister for 25 years, I could not perceive how I could even  function in my calling outside of church walls.  In fact, when the Lord led me out, He did not provide me with details.  He simply said “Pam, If you stay, I cannot use you here.  But let them PUT you out.”   Nine months later, what I assumed was an impossibility happened.  The Harlot PUT me out. 

I stayed in my wilderness for the next 7 years.  I waited for three years to be sent to another branch of the IC. It never dawned on me that I would not return to a sect or branch of what I had become familiar with, and loved, by the way. Instead,   He spoke in 2007 and with these words. ” I am not there. She is like a condemned building.  I have judged Her already.”  I waited for 4 more years for Him to provide me with a plan and to answer the question, “where do I send folk who come out, and they are seriously damaged?”

In  April 2012, I received the plan, Shortly thereafter,  the laborers.  The faithful five!!!

RESCUE, our online out-of-church ministry is up and running well.  If you need us, call 518-477-5759