by Andre Watson.

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I was in a discussion group when a young lady posted this picture of an email she received from Master Prophet E. Bernard Jordan. As you read it, it talks about how you can, basically, get a special prophecy for the low, low price of $1200. As you read this, you may find that you, yourself have been a recipient of an email like this or even postal mail from this man.

This person, in my opinion, is one of the lowest forms of life ever to walk on the face of this earth. This is a predator! This is the kind of person that preys on the desires of people with promises of going to God on their behalf after tending to him first. This is all a part of the prosperity gospel. 1st Kings 17:10-16 speaks of an incident that happened when the prophet Elijah came across a woman with nothing. Her situation was so bad that she just had enough for her and her son to eat and afterward she looked forward to death. Elijah instructed her to give to him first and she and her son would live. She did, and they did live. This is just one of the scriptures prosperity preachers use to make the case for giving to the preacher all you have, your last dime in exchange for God to do something for you on the behalf of the preacher.


As I was writing this blog, I came across another message from I. V. Hilliard. He has a need of a $52 “seed” to improve on his helicopter. Another example of the prosperity gospel gone crazy. In 1987, Oral Roberts went on television and announced that he needed $8 million within two months or God would “call him home”. Many people believed that he was considering suicide and ended up receiving $9 million. In this case, the desire of the people was to have their pastor alive and well.

This blog isn’t about E. Bernard Jordan, I. V. Hilliard, Oral Roberts or any of the televangelist you see on television. It’s about the sharks that roam the pulpits on any and every given Sunday. I can hear some of you reading this saying right now, “that’s not my pastor”. But if your pastor is asking for a tithe, it’s your pastor, too! If you want to know more about why tithing is “illegal” for the church, send me a message to my Facebook inbox by clicking here.

The reason this is happening is because:

1) People are looking for their desires to be met from the mouth of the prophet/psychic instead of delighting themselves in The Lord (Psalms 37:4).
2) No one is challenging these false preachers and false prophets because no one knows the word for themselves. The pastor teaches you that you cannot rebuke and elder (Timothy 5:1). But what they don’t teach you is that this scripture refers to an elder by age, not by title or office. Timothy was a pastor, so, why would Paul tell him that he cannot rebuke someone under him??

No, I don’t know everything. But, I know what I know. People, wake up!! What you have called God is not God at all. Study the word for yourself and don’t be afraid to ask your pastor about any inconsistencies you may come across.