Lately, the subject has been touched upon regarding the process of becoming undeceived. It has become evident over time that BOTH the Holy Spirit and the devil have been undeceiving folk. Yet there is a difference.

God’s motives are pure and they are simple. In spite of being saved, I was deceived for 25 years, believing that what was of the enemy emanated from God. What is my fruit? Well, I rarely hear from the religious demon who is assigned to me when I used to hear from him at least once a day.It is like he said “oops! I got caught and Pam is wise to me now!!! I better chill!”

Also, for about five years, I was in a whirlwind of revelation, writing one book after the other. Everything important became clear. I finally found myself satisfied, peaceful and content. Just chillin.

Those like Kellie, Wendy, Tee, Danielle, who had false conversions, God saved without much fanfare. I bet they can look at their lives and see the fruit, without a doubt.

I got a revelation this week that I really did not think about before. Here it is.

If God is undeceiving you, you will see the fruit. He only undeceives the unsaved for one reason. TO CAUSE THEM TO BE BORN AGAIN.

If the enemy has undeceived you, then you have been TOSSED about to and fro, filled with confusion still.

So I ask, WHO HAS BEEN UNDECEIVING YOU? The Lord or the devil?