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“Paul’s thorn was a fallen angel and not a sickness or infirmity as some in the IC teaches. That is an expression similar to a pain in the ass.

The “thorn” was a fallen angel that caused Paul to be shipwrecked, bitten by a snake, imprisoned, stoned and left for dead, in peril from folk, etc. All in an effort to hinder Paul’s ministry. yet, because of God”s grace, Paul’s ministry has continued for 21 centuries because God”s grace was sufficient. The words reflects that God allowed the demon to continue because He did not want Paul to get puffed up concerning the supernatural power he walked in.

I have a fallen angel assigned to me. His image came out on a photo taken of me on 10/25/81. It was the day I preached my trial sermon and entered ministry.

Does every Christian have a fallen angel assigned to him or her? I don’t know. I suspect that assignments are based upon how dangerous one is to the enemy”s kingdom.

When you consider what I am really called to do, you will understand why Satan assigned one to me.

any questions?”

By Pam Sheppard


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