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The Devil is into distracting and duping us on a large scale. Does God need us to protect His will? Surely God needs no protection regarding His will; He is God. Sadly, many proclaimed believers fall captive to this false perception of truth, and end up supporting the works of the religious fallen angel, called the spirit of Anti-Christ. Here is an excerpt from Pam’s book, “The New Idolatry.”

“Far too many of the elect have ignored the scriptures that predict the great delusion that shall fall upon the elect in the last days. Since we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers, the demonic strategy most often employed against a believer in a battle with an opposing enemy is to compel us to defend and protect our own demonic works simply because we have been fooled into believing that signs and wonders that we experienced were divine. Therefore, we who believe adamantly will defend our position in an effort to stand and protect ” the will of God.”

So what ends up happening is that through our own spiritual ignorance, we find ourselves in a most awful place where we are actually opposing the very truth of God in our support of demonic deception. Without knowing it, we are actually defending and supporting the spirit of Anti- Christ, aka “the religious fallen angel.” In my case, denominational leadership was convinced that they were protecting their traditions by blocking my ministry. The religious fallen angel’s intention was to use the denomination’s unfairness to distract me from concentrating on how a religious devil assigned to me had been duping me for two decades. Simply put, the devil’s strategy was to distract me by the obvious in order to dupe me by the unseen. It worked, at least for a time. I am blessed and humbled because without the grace of God, I too would have remained “poor, blind and naked” in the spirit.”

In what way have you presumed upon God? Can you think back to how you may have disobeyed the word of God, and compromised His truth through believing something that was not backed by His word? If so, what is your present understanding regarding the deception that Pam describes above?


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