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Here is the testimony of a non churchgoer, who believes he became born again on his first church visit to a charismatic church:

Ethan’s Testimony

I would like to explain my conversion experience.I was using meth at the time and demons were tormenting me. I had been going through all I can explain it as a initiation to an endtime cult  and I had  submitted myself to becoming a member of the organization.  I was taken into the desert. I was shown at this place altars where human bones were burned to different facets of this cult. However on the Rock was written the word Jesus saves.

It was if I was at the crossroads of a decision right then. I decided in myself then that I would seek Jesus but I hid it in my heart so as not to alert those who were with me. On the return trip large pillars of smoke began to rise from the ground in the desert and I became fearful. The cult had already condemned me as what they called a spy and had sentenced me to death.

I prayed to God that if I could just come and say I was sorry for what I had done by submitting myself to this cult and apologize for my sin that I would come back and accept the consequences of my action. I asked one of the cult members who was driving to drop me off at a local church which it would seem that they had no choice but to accept my decision.

so I went to church.  In the church I went in and was taken by some of the disciples to a room where they had me orally confess my sin. I did not want to go back but was willing to keep my word. After my confession of these things I sat through a service in which the preacher basically preached about my situation directly at me.

After the service I went up to the front and asked God for forgiveness and to just say that I was sorry for what I did. I did not expect to live through the night and I was ready to face the consequences of my sin. At this time the men surrounded me. And laid their hands on me and many were speaking in tongues. but one was speaking plain English. At this time,  a felt a surge of electricity go through my innermost being as one of them proclaimed I baptize you in the Holy Ghost. There was a instant presence upon me.

Then one of them handed me a bible on the way out and as I touched the bible I felt a fire like surge go through my hand and into my spirit. On the way out I was ready to go back and face my death but a member of the Church told me that God did not want me to return and invited me to stay with him. The next morning as I awoke the doorway to the spirit realm that was opened was closed.

I went to church the next day and as the man preached he said not to take the devil on by myself. . I testify that the spirit within me is the Holy Spirit. While I am obedient and faithful to Him he leads me and I bear peace and the fruits of the Spirit are evident. I have been under the influence of demons and the Holy Spirit and they are polar opposites. The Holy Ghost is forgiving gentle and takes away the desires of the flesh as described in the bible. The demon spirits bring confusion, fear, self loathing, perversion etc.There is no way to confuse the two. While I understand now the origin of tongues and the deceptions in the church is it not possible that God dealt with me on a individual level in this situation. i am sure that I was born again but I think I have followed church doctrine after my conversion in which it seems the Lord has slowly been revealing the truth to me. I have went through many churches including Mormonism, Pentecostalism, Charismatic etc. but I was not comfortable in anyone of them. Is it possible that God allowed me to go through these things to build me up to receive truth. Ultimately I was lead to RESCUE through this process. I was not born again by saying a prayer but when I came to God with sincere sorrow and acceptance that I deserved everything that was coming to me is when I was born again and I cannot deny the power of the Holy Ghost manifest in me.

My Assessment

This is an example of Christian Mysticism at its finest because it ignores the essential components of the gospel of Jesus Christ and makes the Holy Spirit sensual.  The Lord Jesus Christ is not at the center of this so called conversion as there is no mention of the cross and true repentance  and nothing about the resurrection of the Lord.  What I perceive is a man concerned about his sin out of fear.  it begins with demons and it ends with demons, who play their own spiritual trickery and deception in a staged enactment  of good cop, bad cop.

Ethan jumped out of an witchcraft pot into a frying pan of Christian mysticism.

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