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Recently I received an email where I was asked the following questions:

So in your teaching, you concentrate a lot on the  organized church and the false teachings that are in there. Which is of course the right thing to expose, and I am  fully behind you on that.

However, what happens to the people who leave the IC? Some of the ones that are more fortunate come across your site and can read about things, and perhaps enter into Rescue. All very good stuff which I fully support.

However this leaves three sets of people a) those who want nothing to do with the church and God b) those who still want a relationship but outside of IC and c) those who go totally over into areas where the IC never could or should go. It is this group that I have a question as this is very close to home for me.

These are the people who get involved for example in areas of New Age or get sucked into alterative deliverance ministries. I was just wondering Pam in your experience have you come across people who leave the IC because they do not feel there is enough of the spiritual aspect and then they end up seeing a spiritual reason for everything going wrong e.g. generational curse, freemasonry, curses, witchcraft? 


The condition of the institutional church  and its members is a difficult thing to swallow for those who identify with the scripture that is wrongly interpreted to suggest  that all will be saved, or at least a vast majority. Instead,  I personally focus on the words of the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth  where He warned  that the way to salvation is narrow and few there be who will  find it. The Lord  also implied that there would be very few of His own that He will find when He returns to earth.

There is also an implication in the questions  that I am doing a nice little thing here with RESCUEONLINE CHURCH  but it’s only a drop in the bucket. The difference between me and the person posing the question is that I see the bucket as small when the other person sees it as large. Also, the one posing the question has not taken into account that one of the reasons for many leaving is that the church system has already become deeply involved in New Age, in alternative deliverance ministries and all kinds of questionable Asian and occult practices.

I admit that I had similar questions about  five years ago, where I felt like I was a tiny cog in a huge wheel. Then I came to the revelation that THIS IS GOD’S BUSINESS and NOT MINE. I just do what He gives me to do, with a few or with “more than a few.” If I focus on the untold millions of both churchgoers and non-churchgoers who are deceived, I would get discouraged, then stagnant, and consequently, unproductive.  So I work with who and what I have at hand.

I did not contend with the one who questioned me by email  but the truth is that I am consistently evolving. As such,  I no longer focus on  either the organized church or its false doctrines and practices.  My message on leave the church is extremely simple and targeted. Its  targeted to those who have already heard from the Lord regarding the institutional church and who have been questioning Her for some time.

The simplicity of my message is this:

  1.  The Holy Spirit is not  in the institutional church.  He may be in a few of the people but He is not in the system or in the buildings.  I suspect He never was but I don’t know for sure.  All I know is that He is not there.  How do I know?  Well He told me so.  I do not try to compel anyone to believe me.  I simply say, “In your praying, ask God if I am correct.”  Simple.
  2. the Lord told us in the book of Revelation that back 2000 years ago, Satan has a seat.  Today, the devil  is fully in charge by steadily accruing  the world wide empowerment of his fallen angels assigned to each and every pulpit.  When I was a pastor in the IC, a fallen angel was assigned to the church I pastored also, while in that system. I closed it after 12 years that I established it within the IC. Simple.
  3. The Lord Himself spoke to His people through the Apostle John and stated to the last days church, “Come out of Her My People, lest ye be partakers of Her sin and receive Her plagues.” Simple.

These 3 reasons alone are enough to warn people to leave the church.  If I am wrong, any local church will welcome you back. 

If your spirit bares witness because God has already been talking to you. then RESCUE may be for you.  We offer a 30 day trial, so you can check us out, no harm, no foul to either you or to us.  If interested, visit www.aboutrescue.com  the link to the trial is on the home page.
If you want to know more about my message, I recommend you read “The Church of the Endtime Zombies: A Guide to Religious Detox.  Click here for books.