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The law of attraction is when a person believes or projects something negative then the universe will return something negative. The same applies to the positive. If he or she believes something positive then the universe will return something positive.

Within the last two weeks I have encountered someone who believed in the law of attraction in some form or another. The first instance I witnessed a cashier praying to claim something over my daughter and then a woman in line shouted “NAME IT AND CLAIM IT” to the cashier.

The second time I was in conversation with someone tonight and they brought up the subject law of attraction. This person said that we draw negative and positive things to us. This person tried to justify their position by using the scripture “What a man thinketh he becometh.”

No matter what the form is, the law of attraction is pure and simple witchcraft. Have you ever encountered this type of situation? Have you become tormented in result of this witchcraft behavior? If so, call Pam at 1-888-818-1117 for more information or email Pam at rescueonfb@icloud.com . Don’t forget to visit the website at  www.aboutrescue.com.