I spoke with a young 13 year old boy who called to ask me “if opening chakras is evil.” Perhaps it’s the global fixation on superheroes. He said he wanted to be able to help people who fall off of buildings so he has studied telekinesis also.

Here is what the enemy is trying to do.

HE NEEDS THE ALTERED STATE OF CONSCIOUSNESS so that demons can make their residence in you and fallen angels can walk in and out of you at their will. To get it, he uses the ASC to open chakras. Here is a quote from “the Fake Jesus:”

The way Maitreya plans to “pull it off” shall be achieved through the self imposed passivity of millions, perhaps billions. The key word is “altered states of consciousness.” The Ascended Masters have been preparing the souls and spirits of man of each generation “for years.” Hindus and Buddhists have been prepared for generations. Those who indulge in witchcraft and its various derivatives are also prepared. The mentally ill and the substance abuser are also open to telepathy.

The last target is “the organized church.” Catholicism is already prepared with its idolatrous veneration of saint worship, for the spirits behind the saints are actually “demons.” Once again, the Vatican is now supporting that we must embrace extraterrestrial brotherhood. Protestants are being prepared through counterfeit tongues and the phenomena of “slain in the spirit.” The plan is that the sheep of earth shall telepathically hear “the voice of a stranger.”

Satan’s target now includes the youth. Set up first with the occult games, Harry Potter, Disney and all the other fantasy’s, this young man told me that he has opened three of his chakras because he wants to help people with supernatural powers and “BE LIKE GOD!”

If you have opened up demonic  doorways and you want them closed, we may can help you. Please understand, there are NO QUICK FIXES !

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