One of the ways to try the spirits in false conversions, deliverance, actually anything spiritual is to ask yourself “is The Lord at the center of this? ”

When spiritual gifts, anointing and miraculous power, or promises of health and wealth are put front and center, the focus may refer to The Lord on occasion, but He is like an afterthought.

The truth is, if you want to be Spirit filled, then you need to be Christ centered and not Holy Ghost centered.

I have worked with people in torment and when I hear their testimonies of how they got born again, some were either Holy Ghost centered or the Father centered.

Now granted, in prayer, we go to the Father in the name of Jesus. But that is only after we are born again, The Father does not want to hear anything from you until you have been centered and focused in His Son.

What I have heard in plenty testimonies of false conversions is that the person went to the Father and said, “forgive me, cleanse me” and then got an answer from Sananda.

In essence, the Father’s position is “Don’t come seeking Me until you have seen my Son.” In my own words, I imagine the Son speaking to us in this fashion.

It is the job of the Holy Spirit to reveal ME to you. If you are chosen from before the foundation of world, the Holy Ghost will reveal Me to you. Once THAT happens, then you have unlimited access to the Father in MY name.”

Can you pinpoint in your own conversion experience what exactly went wrong?

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