Black folk have always been victimized by scams. Back in the day, There was a money scam called “Bakin Bread.” Ie. put your money in this oven and bake it. As bread rises from yeast, your money will increase. the scammer would put some money in the oven, with the increase  well  hidden. Say  the grifter put ten dollars in the oven, baked it, opened the oven and the money he pulls out is 1000. Wow, you say. so you go and get all the money you got, put it in the oven, start to bake it, a false cop walks in, hauls you outside, and then his partner takes all your money out the oven. This is quite similar to the ,prosperity gospel.

Okay. So you were tithing your gross income in the IC, giving additional offerings and donations, and so you expected a financial harvest—the 100 fold return blessing that prosperity preachers have assured you that you will receive for your giving. Yet, you found yourself in the worst financial shape that you have ever been in. The more you give, the less you have, and that’s a fact.

But you kept waiting and you kept lying to yourself and to others every time you say “I’m blessed.” Then your car breaks down, your house burns down and you have no insurance. You let your insurance laps in order to give toward the church’s building fund. Out of nowhere, you are homeless. You cry, “why Lord, why?” His response?
I sent you a wake-up call, a demon of poverty as your “alarm clock.” Can’t you read the signs? Have you completely lost ALL commonsense? The prosperity message is one of the doctrines of the devils the Apostle Paul warned you about in My word. I have allowed you to suffer poverty as “a wake up call.” When you come out of that church, I’ll bless you again!”
There are other wake up calls. In my book, “the New Idolatry,” I quote the late Watchman Nee:

“Should the child of God desire freedom, his folly must be removed. In other words, he must know the truth. He needs to appreciate the real nature of affairs. Satanic lies bind, but God’s truth unshackles.Naturally the knowledge of truth is going to be costly, for it will shatter the vainglory one has assumed due to his past experiences. He looks upon himself as far more advanced than others, as being spiritual and infalliable. How hard hit he will be if he confesses the possibility of his being invaded or if he is
shown to have been so invaded!” (The Spiritual Man 1968)

Therefore, if you are a child of God, and you have been ‘invaded,’ what you need to know is that the enemy could not invade you without your cooperation. And if you have unknowingly been cooperative with the enemy , then God allowed a demon to invade you “for your good.” Once you receive the message of the wake up call, you will be set free and your finances will prosper.

Any victims among us to the prosperity gospel scam?

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