Mystery Babylon will be fully mature once religion, economics, and politics are integrated.

Group 5: Preparing For End-Times

These times speak many unspoken messages to me.

  I try to keep up with what is going on in politics  but it’s hard, particularly when the press allows itself to be bullied by Trump. It makes me sick to my stomach. Then the church jumps in and declares, “Trump is the president  of the Lord’s choice.” Well, if Trump is sending America and the world a message through Donald Trump, then  the Lord is unveiling  Trump’s  evil to expose the fallacy that this entire political system  called democracy  is just too damn hypocritical to prosper  much longer.

Here is an example.


Consider Tavis Smiley’s perspective  provided in his commentary on MSNBC concerning the election outcome. .

WE black folk have had a black President. Don’t get me wrong. I consider Barack Obama to be among the best of the 45. I love him dearly.     WE came out in droves and voted for him.

The truth is that Obama…

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