The bible has come to pass right before our eyes and I am seeing it every day. It is called STRONG DELUSION. As Apostle Paul revealed to the Thessalonians, God would one day release it Himself because people want to believe a lie.


When you want to believe a lie, The Lord will allow you to do so, whether you are born again or not.

I remember when I wanted to believe a lie about what I thought God was calling me to do. I tied together a few assumptions and anchored my faith to them. I went on for 25 years believing this lie until God himself exposed the delusion

For God to expose a delusion is a miracle. For example, Coming out of the IC is a miracle. An exception and not the rule.

So if you have been undeceived even a little, in these times, you have experienced a miracle.

Are you feelin me on this?

You see, with this great age of available information, as a people, a generation—strong delusion has already been poured out on us all. So how did we come out of it?

Well, by a miracle sent from God Himself!

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