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Satan’s Greatest Temptation: Ambition and Vanity

Do you find yourself still desiring and feeling compelled to continually follow after the things of this world, while mixing it with the things of GOD?

Here is an article written by Pastor Pam Sheppard that describes what the spiritual fight looks like when the enemy attempts to get control of your soul, as she reveals the true meaning behind the movie, “the Devil’s Advocate”:

“Have you seen the movie, THE DEVIL”s Advocate? There is much to learn from this movie. An advocate is a lawyer, and Keanu Reeves, “the advocate” was a lawyer in the movie, as was the devil, played by Al Pacino. The devil’s plan to guide the steps of his advocate began with setting Reeves up to win every case as a defense attorney. By doing so, Pacino said to himself, if I cause Reeves to win every case, will he to literally do “anything” to win when it appears that he may lose his first case? Will he neglect a sick wife? Will he ignore his mother’s warnings? Will he even cheat to win? Will he hide evidence?

In the movie, the devil had been watching the advocate from the time he was born, and he wanted to see if he knew Reeves better than the advocate knew himself. Just in case the advocate had any surprises in his back pocket, the devil had a backup plan. His first plan was to cause Reeves to risk everything in order NOT TO LOSE A CASE. And when that didn’t work, Pacino’s final plan was even better. What was the foundation of the entire devil’s conspiracy? It was the vanity of the advocate relative to his desire to always succeed and excel.

Ambition based on the world’s standard of success is an open invitation to the spirit realm. According to who is judging, I could be viewed as a great success or a major failure. I don’t consider either. I am dead to the world. And because of that, religious fallen angels have backed off of me. If you want to keep evil spirits out of your life, check your ambition and worldly desires at the cross.”

The bible did not encourage us to be ambitious unto ourselves, but to be pleasing to the Lord. Usually the Lord will break us in an area that we do not exercise our faith through wisdom in a matter. The enemy will come and set us up with deception, causing us to think we are being ’blessed‘ of the Lord. We become entrapped unawares with the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes and the pride of life. Evil spirits will have their way with you, because you have given entrance to behavior or practices that have nothing to do with Christ’s ways. There is an incredible difference in seeking success and ‘using’ what this world has to offer than to walk by the His Faith and wisdom. The christianizing of worldly or pagan practices will never make it CHRISTIAN or godly.

The greatest ambition, however, is no better portrayed than to preach Christ, Him crucified, and risen in His physical body. When many preach with their persuasion and manipulative, meddling ways, they have gone outside of His convicting truth and have not understood that what God wills to bring to pass, will be by His Power, in His time. Talking of Christ, while not preaching His complete TRUTH and associating yourself with ambitious, vain and fleshly behavior puts you on dangerous ground, sharing yet another false gospel that destroys your witness, you, and negatively affects those in your circle, in the process.

We are in the end-times, so the conversation has to change.

Do you see yourself separated from the world as the Lord commanded?

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