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Here are the words of Watchman Née which I agree with. I bet he got this from Jessie Penn-Lewis:

Multiplied are the suggestions which Satan’s hosts plant in the mind of the Christian, especially ideas concerning his circumstances and future. They enjoy prophesying to him, foretelling what will become of him and what will happen to him. Should he be unconscious of the source of such predictions and permit these to dwell in his mind, the evil spirits, at the appropriate time, will work on his environment to precipitate affairs to happen as prophesied.

Perhaps the believer may already expect it to be so, not cognizant that everything has been arranged by the enemy powers. The latter merely put their idea into the form of prophecy, then plant it in his head to see if he will accept it or reject it. Should the will of the believer raise no objection, nay, even approve of the prophecy, the spirits of wickedness have obtained a footing for enacting what they have proposed.

The fulfillment of the words of fortune tellers and false  prophets is based entirely on this principle.

Has this ever happened to you where some so-called prophet predicted you a future in ministry?

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