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The Lord said that out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks.

Just as the mouth speaks what is in the heart, so too does the mouth speak through an email or on the telephone. To make a good assessment of a person’s soul, I listen to his mouth. One of the benefits of using emails in deliverance preparation  is that I can examine every written word and phrase, even the ordering of a captive’s thoughts by the way he puts forth his inner man in his sentences.

Since both the religious demon and the witchcraft demon are rooted in the pride of its captive, pride uncovers the nature of the soul. In the scriptures, rebellion,— a form of pride—, is comparable to witchcraft. However, since the captive to the witchcraft demon will invariably suffer loss, or some other negative outcome to his physical and emotional well-being, its captive will ultimately desire freedom. I repeat again that the relief from torment by an apparently passive captive will often reveal a rebellious heart, filled with pride. This is why to expect a quick fix is foolhardy.  Pride is the built in enemy to freedom from evil spirits, and it takes time to disarm it.

Nevertheless, in every case, my approach is basically the same:

1. search for the hidden and the obscure;

2. bring what I have found to the captive’s awareness;

3. cause him to recognize how he has been working against himself;

4.if born again, teach him who he is in Christ; and enable him to stand against all of the fiery darts of the enemy’s attack and counterattack.

5. If found to be deceived  by  a false conversion, to stop all religious activity which includes but is not limited to speaking in tongues, praying, fasting, reading the bible, seeking counsel from religious people, even church attendance. Once the false conversion is broken, than these religious pursuits can be gradually re-introduced, on a case by case situation.

In this regard , I have also found through experience that there are four primary reasons as to how the religious demon obtains ground in a professing believer in Jesus Christ:

1. a lack of understanding of the nature of true repentance and why repentance is absolutely essential to the new birth

2. A misunderstanding about the resurrection of Jesus Christ and its significance to the born again experience;

3.  a belief in “another Jesus”,

4.  an extreme seeking after signs and wonders without trying the spirits, and

5. the influx of charismatic  witchcraft, the fruit of “out of context” preaching where many have departed from the faith giving heed to seducing spirits and doctrines devils.

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