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by Pam Sheppard, Pastor of RESCUE Fellowship


What boggles my mind is the notion that NO ONE HAS GOTTEN SAVED IN OR BY THE institutional church  in at least 50 years because the Holy Spirit has not been there. Now church folk have been born again at home, ON airplanes, AT THE park, AT A FRIEND OR RELATIVES HOUSE, at the gym, BUT NOT seated on a church pew.

IT IS HARD TO FATHOM. Consider the SERMONS IN ALL THE CHURCHES GOING FORTH 52 Sunday’s, and studies on Weds, choir rehearsals, prayer meeting, AND NOT ONE BORN AGAIN!!!! In at least 50 or maybe more years. all the conventions, the TV watching of church services, AND NOT ONE BORN AGAIN!!!!

Formerly a pastor and an evangelist in the institutional church for 25 years, I cannot point to even one church member out of hundreds I have known  and declare with strong conviction  THAT I KNOW  “so and so” GOT BORN AGAIN IN CHURCH!!!!!!
It is scary. Almost as scary as death itself can be.

Churches were made to birth new BORN AGAIN  SPIRITS. BUT AS THE HARLOT,  SHE HAS DELIVERED NO NEW BIRTHS IN 50 years, perhaps a century.

What I share with you is not church bashing. I don’t bash the IC  because no one can pinpoint the human culprit, PRIMARILY BECAUSE the IC has been seized by cohorts of fallen angels and other seducing spirits. Corruption  has been spreading  for decades, perhaps centuries.

I watched the Academy Award movie, Spotlight. It was reported that the priests had been molesting kids in Boston for decades and more. The Boston Globe tried to focus on the Cardinal who covered up for all the priests under his charge. Yet when it all came out, the Pope promoted the Cardinal to a position in ROME!!!! This kind of cover-up is endemic not only to Catholics but to the entire institutional church.


It makes me wonder if at the present moment,  there are 144,000 believers alive on earth in totality. AND HOW MANY OF them ARE IN CHURCH? There may be a few left among the elect of God still committed to the Harlot. Nevertheless,  I venture to estimate that the IC has very few born again members within Her.

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