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Do you find yourself unmotivated and wearied to follow after the things of God? Do you feel complacency upon your soul because you have believed a lie  “That you have nothing to offer, that the work is already done, or it is impossible to do?” You have a SOUL ( your mind, will and emotions ) that you can control- You can acknowledge that you have transgressed against His Truth, that you have stepped off the path and you can choose to step right back on. It is simply a daily conscious effort on OUR PART. If we proclaim that we desire to follow His Truth, than we must do ( obey ) what is necessary to do so. We all must acknowledge that it is not enough to just be a part of its audience, but to long after IT tenaciously, so that we have something to GIVE to each other, and to be changed and set free from the bondage of deception all around us. His life is Truth, and as believers it is OUR RESPONSIBILITY TO contend for it.

As not Born Again, I was still interested VERY MUCH in the things of GOD. Many say they are, but have learned just to become religious, treating the WORD and the way of God as a compartment to their lives. This “following Truth” is either the essence of WHO YOU ARE or ‘who’ you are not. IF it is in you to long after it and you know this, then Born Again or not, you must HEED that which is in you, and keep yourself from getting weary in doing so. This is in ME, but I allowed myself to become ‘complacent’, because of being consumed with the temporal things of this WORLD, that don’t amount to spiritual freedom or growth, but instead, taking me down a slippery path to becoming more deceived in my mind. WE have to continually BE AWARE of ‘WHAT WE THINK ABOUT.’ We may not express it out loud, but we are in danger of believing ourselves to be something that we are not, in the spiritual vanities of our minds. The ‘religious’ are content to STAY THERE, after all, it is what feeds them over and over again, as their mindset is wired for the entrance of more and more spiritual vanities, until or if they are awakened to some undeception.. . It is not important to them to deny the things of the flesh, so as to follow TRUTH instead.

Unfortunately, through the institutional church and all other world distractors, we have been taught to frustrate and complicate things, as it is part of the deception of the enemy. (If we are deceived, then everything seems MORE important than the work of GOD’S TRUTH.) It is a ‘fight’ we will fight to the end, but as we obey God’s call to HIS TRUTH, we will not only please Him, we will begin to feel a GREATER NEED FOR MORE AND MORE TRUTH TO BE FOUND IN HIM, – IT WILL CHANGE US AND MAY ALSO BRING ABOUT OUR SALVATION. If we are PASSIVE in our seeking The LORD, then we are LIARS BEFORE HIM. That may seem harsh to express, BUT TO BE PASSIVE, INDIFFERENT or CARELESS to HIS TRUTH…IS to continue to WALK in LIES. Whether you are Born Again or waiting for salvation, as a believer, you still have the power of choice to “follow after” HIS TRUTH and make it the NUMBER ONE PRIORITY in your life.

What motivates you? Who are you in this world?

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