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For two centuries, believers have not really understood the Lord’s parables, probably because they were really meant for end-time believers.

Consider  the parable of the ten virgins—-5 wise and 5 foolish in Matthew 25. In this chapter, the Lord is still answering the question posed  to Him concerning the end of the age in Matthew 24.  Clearly this is true  because this parable is  really about the return of the bridegroom for His bride, the church. The Lord is the Bridegroom to His Body, the church.. In this instance, the church is not the institution and its various branches or denominations, but to all who are born again. To those who have oil in their lamps.

So the underlying messages is to the foolish versions,who  were invited to the wedding, but they came unprepared. For if the bridegroom had come at night, the darkness of the woods would have engulfed them  and therefore could not even see an arms length in front of them. So this parable is also about discernment and enlightenment in dark times.

I  Suspect that the foolish virgins are those who in these present times have experienced a false conversion.  They are foolish because they  believe that they are born again, but they are not because “they have no oil in their lamps.” These are perhaps the same people who Jesus describes as having prophesied and cast out demons on His name but are among those that He never knew. (Matthew 7:21-23)

The endtime generation of believers live in the church age of Laodicea. As Foolish virgins, they say in their  hearts that they  are rich and in need of nothing, while they  uplift the damnable heresy known as the prosperity gospel. To many of the foolish believers in the 7th and last church age of Laodicea before the Bridegroom comes,  are so deceived that they must  not  only buy oil but  also gold  that has been tried in the fire. (Rev 3:17-19). In other words, their  false conversions must be put to the test to see if it’s wood, hay or stubble that fires will quickly expose, consume and destroy whatever is counterfeit. (1 Corinthians 3:12-14)

Most of the foolish virgins are in the church today. Many are professing Christians who are in good standing in their churches because they have passed institutional tests like water baptism,tithing and speaking in tongues.  Yet they have been deceived  because from the beginning of their spiritual walk, THEY HAD NO OIL.

Sadly, it was a foolish solution to depend upon church membership and affiliation, leaving a sincere seeker completely unprepared for the return of the Bridegroom, who returns to marry a Bride without spot or blemish. To be without spot or blemish  is to be born again,not  by man’s acceptance of the bridegroom, but through redemption, sanctification and justificaction  as set into motion by the Holy Spirit when He leads us to the cross and the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Without the oil, no one is prepared for the coming of the Bridegroom, the Resurrected Son of God.

The oil really cannot be bought for the oil is symbolic of the Holy Spirit. He is the one who imparts the free gift of salvation to all believers. It is wise to wait on Him and foolish to do otherwise.

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