by Pastor Pam

The institutional church identifies a Jezebel personality type.  What they are actually describing is narcissistic personality disorder. People that have NPD are extremely prideful, vain and controlling. They themselves are the center of everything and are very judgmental.  They usurp conversations and they are never really interested in what others have to say. If you have experienced that in the church atmosphere, then you are dealing with a religious narcissist. With this type there is an unspoken attitude of ” everything is mine” as they are filled with an air of entitlement and expectation. If they don’t get what they want it will be YOUR FAULT, so look out! If you are this person and you feel stuck, there is hope, but you must be willing to receive the truth at face value without fighting it in counselling. Also, if you have a family member that suffers with this and you need helpful strategies to protect yourself, we can coach you in that manner too.

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