“What is covered, shall be uncovered, what is hid, shall be made known!”

To be made free by truth is our goal!

All courses are free. E-books are @ $10 each. No more than 2 books required per course, except for Deliverance Prep, where 3 books are required. .

The Truth About Salvation (17 videos) Add to Cart

The focus of this course is to both highlight and simplify the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth’s very profound statement concerning counterfeits, so basic and so elementary that we often neglect to consider that “we shall know them by their fruit.” In this course, 3 R’s are emphasized: Repentance, Rebirth and Resurrection. It will become clear to you whether we choose God or has God already chose us before we were born.

Deliverance Prep (18 videos) Add to Cart

Far too many of us neglect or minimize the danger of deception as a tool to put us in bondage. So simply put, you will learn how fallen angels and demons specialize, particularly how demonic seduction and temptation relates to you and your interactions with the people in your world. This course deals with essentials truths, principles and practices needed to overcome deception, by exposing false doctrine, the nature of seducing spirits, the unseen forcers in control of the institutional church as well as those personality and character traits that draw various evil spirits to us. Through this course, you will also learn how to detox from religion.

How to Try the Spirits (7 videos and several articles) Add to Cart

You will learn the difference between discerning of spirits and human discernment as well as why and how confirmation can come from the enemy. Some of the video titles within this course include : Recognizing the Voice of God,, How to Beware of Supernatural Set-Ups, A Historical Perspective of the Institutional Church, Why Catholics and Other Christian Cults Cannot Try the Spirits, Building Up Your Freewill, and How Doubt can be Your Best Friend.

Demonic Soul Ties Add to Cart

There are holy soul ties established by God and unholy ones joined together by Satan. this course focuses on the man/woman unholy soul tie that is entered into through sex. It also delves into soul ties with evil spirits that are not human by addressing subjects such as romancing Jesus, spiritual husbands, the Adam’s Rib and Boax syndrome, carnal worship or paganism, spirit rape and more. It will also address the culture messages that lead women into unholy soulties.

The Religious Demon Add to Cart

Besides defining what a religious demon actually is, this course will teach you how and why the religious demon manifests various anti-Christ traits, including but not limited to unknown tongues without translation, false doctrine, religiosity and odd extremes like Slain in the spirit,divination under the guise of prophecy, false conversion, personality distortion, repetition of the abominable sinners prayer. i.e ” I accept Jesus ” or ” Jesus come into my heart, practices. “ this course will also equip you to defeat and overcome religiosity as well as provide a model for detoxing from religiosity and churchianity.