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Many sincere and unassuming church-goers are taught to frustrate the grace of God by preaching and teaching a false gospel of choice, followed by an encouragement of false, yet generally accepted religious practices and behaviors. The deception comes in when the person believes such rhetoric and displays such behaviors by acting on them to acquire the “favor of God” or even acceptance from other supposed mature, spiritual believers. The result is a denial of the cross and of the true power of the resurrected JESUS CHRIST OF NAZARETH. Moreover, it leaves the believer in even worse shape than when they decided to follow the LORD. They become disillusioned and even desensitized to the real truth of GOD.

The following words from my pastor reflects on the nature of spiritual abuse that is prevalent through the institutional church around the globe:

“In a recent session with A RESCUE member, a truth stirs in my spirit that is difficult to express. When I really listened to what was done to her in the church and by the church, all I can say is that she has already been crucified and so she should hopefully expect resurrection. This member’s testimony causes me to realize how much of the world is in the IC and how dangerous it is to look back at Her.

Yet, we must look back in order to recover because we need to know what is it about ourselves that caused us to succumb to spiritual abuse in the first place. Even so, we also have to be careful HOW we look back. Anxiety or inner turmoil serves as a sign that we have not completely gotten over a particular thing. So when this happens, we need to retreat, build up strength in that area and confront it when we are better prepared. This is the path of deliverance counseling. We advance and retreat to fight another day.

I think what got to me about the member’s testimony, is that she has already been to the cross and did not know it. Think of it. You go to the IC to get freedom from the world but find yourself actually in the world, suffering under the religious, hypocritical hands of those who are still in the world and they too don’t know it cause they are too frightened to see that they are the Pharisees and Saducees that crucified Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

Some have left the world, even the church world, but like Lot’s wife, the cross has not separated them from the longing that remains in their hearts for the world. THEY REALLY STILL DESIRE TO BE THERE, BUT THIS TIME, TO BE ONE OF THE ACCEPTED ONES.

So I warn everyone who has an ear to hear and an eye to see. There is a religious world in our times which is far more dangerous than other systems that are obviously evil and a part of Satan’s domain. This religious world consists of professing Christians who deny the cross and the resurrection of Jesus Christ in more ways than one.

The cross symbolizes deliverance from this present evil age (Gal 1:4),—from the powers of darkness (Col 1:13)—from the devils and demons who rule the world under their leader, Satan–(Eph 6:12) and—-on the resurrection side of the cross—WE ARE TRANSLATED INTO THE KINGDOM OF THE SON OF GOD! When we plead the blood, we are telling the enemy that we are dead to his world, that he no longer has authority over us, that we walk in that same power that raised Jesus from the dead.

So think of the horror of going to church to be delivered from the world and this evil age, only to find the same hypocrites who put The Lord Jesus on the cross, have also nailed YOU to it and by so doing, turned YOU loose into the hands of the devil. All I can say is OMG. it is worst than I thought.

More than anyone, it was religion that crucified Him.

Have you been crucified by the IC? The good news is that the Lord’s resurrection is YOUR recovery.”

While already separated from the world and the IC, I had no true watcher of my soul until Pastor Pam Sheppard caused me to see and understand that God has given me a free will to work out the salvation of my soul with sound truth that comes only from respecting the word of God in its purity.  I no longer allow the distractions of created doctrines and religious behaviors of man to keep my mind, will and emotions in a state of religious urgency. My pastor expresses the TRUE love of God without casting judgement, bringing HIS truth to light for the purpose of restoring God’s people with an understanding of what a true conversion is, as well as the simple truths that flow from the true gospel of JESUS CHRIST OF NAZARETH.  She follows the wisdom of His word, which is HIS POWER to admonish and lead others. NOW THAT is true FAITH!

For a greater depiction of the mess called ‘church’ allow yourself to be challenged by reading the Church of the End-Time Zombies:


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