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By Pastor Pam

I got a comment from one of the visitors to a public blog who told me that she had a witchcraft spirit. I asked her how she came to believe this and she said that an online prophet that she has been following for two years told her so.

She had no idea what he meant so she started looking this up herself and in so doing, searched the web and found me.  I told her to send me a URL of this man’s blog and she sent it.

I found this on his blog:

As a Prophet with sight beyond sight, I differ from those who can operate with extra-sensory perception. As a Prophet, God has given me the authority to truly decree a thing and see it established. The foremost part to prophecy is the circumventing of events merely by the power of speech. And this is what I get up everyday to do with passion, dedication and humility. I am prophecy and prophecy is me all for the glory of God.

So God gave him the power to DECREE that this woman has a witchcraft spirit? If he has the authority  to decree and declare the future, then why not “circumvent” his prediction— that this woman has a witchcraft spirit and declare her spirit to be demon free?

After doing a review of his teachings posted  his blog, I find that  this “seer” is the one the witchcraft spirit is this prophet, not the woman he prophesied to.

This so called seer also suggests that Christian prophets today operate by the power of extra-sensory perception or ESP. On that, I can agree.  ESP is a new age practice where information is received by occult means, which  includes telepathy, precognition, retro-cognition and mediumship or channeling with so called dead spirits, which are really fallen angels masquerading as the dead.


The utterance of a false prophet can hinder your life for decades, particularly if you have internalized in your mind that the prophecy is the truth and that it came from God. To undo the damage, you may need help.  If so, call 888-818-1117 or complete the contact form below.


You will certainly need more information on this subject.  Books like “The Fake Jesus, The New Idolatry, Be Delivered from Deliverance Ministries, Faces of the Religious Demon,  and most of all, “The Church of the End-time Zombies, click here.