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Some think that because they never attended an institutional church, they are exempt from deception. Recently I made a presentation entitled “Satan’s Greatest Deceptions” with some Hebrew Israelites in attendance. Among them were those  who had  not attended the IC as long as 2 decades, while others had never attended any church. Toward the end of my teaching,  I stated that ALL of the elect of God in our generation have succumbed to satanic deception, more or less, in one way or the other.   The response of protest was so strong, that I was compelled to cease to continue and I turned off the tape.

 Those present are convinced that because they either never were or have not been a part of the IC, as Hebrew Israelites, they have completely escaped deception.  (Click here to listen to the message)

Yet I stand firm in my warning to Hebrew Israelites and to ALL other religious cults. Certainly it is clear that Satan has had a seat in the Institutional Church for some time.  He gained it with the first IC, under the rulership of the Emperor Constantine, he had no control over the Protestant Reformation, but over a few hundred years, the enemy has infiltrated every one of Her many branches. As I have studied the practices and beliefs of Hebrew Israelites, it is clear to me that Satan didn’t just infiltrate it.  He is the author and finisher of it.

The truth of the matter is that in this lukewarm, spiritually blind Laodicean age, God has already released strong delusion and no one or group is exempt.  There are no exceptions because God is the one who has given Satan the opportunity to deceive ALL, including the elect. Isn’t it biblically clear that throughout the ages, it is the way of the Almighty to use this planet as a battleground and a training school for the elect?

If we who will reign with Jesus Christ of Nazareth and share in His judgment of angels, doesn’t it naturally and spiritually follow that we ourselves must be tried in the fires of refinement?  The Lord asks all Laodiceans to come and buy gold that has been tried in the fire, so that our spiritual blindness will be removed and we will be able to see clearly.

How do we buy gold?

 God uses the enemy to train us how to overcome sin.  Once those lessons are learned, then we enter the spiritual boxing ring of the religious spirit that is assigned to deceive us and keep us deceived. In the training process, we come to know Satan’s ways and his TRUE agenda.  Without knowing what the enemy is REALLY after, how can our victory over him be complete?

As Satan tried to sift Peter as wheat, he will also try to sift every one of us to see if we are worth our salt.  A part of that sifting is to be deceived, yet rise out of deception to truth.

The only One exempt from deception is God Almighty.  So if you are among those who believe that you have not been deceived, then you are deceived already.  Some of you  will prevail to victory, while those who are proud in their beliefs and their practices will be deluded beyond repair.

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