I’ve attended church ALL of my
life…been raised in church, in fact. But, to be honest, I had been
confused about what the truth really was because I have heard so
many different gospels from so many different churches, so much so
that I became damaged spiritually by religion. The Holy Ghost
called me out of the church SEVERAL times, but the religion in me
just wrote it off as the devil, thinking that surely God would not
call me out of the church! Indeed, HE DID!

After some very legalistic practices
had been revealed at a church I had faithfully attended for 16
years, I started realizing that something was HORRIBLY wrong with
churches, and so I left that particular church, yet still believed
that there were possibly some “good” churches still left. Not so. I
had gone back and forth to several different types of churches,
only to constantly find the false doctrine and heavy religion that
was being practiced in each one, which was a huge turn off to me. I
was never really satisfied, but DESPERATELY searching for a church
home. The problem was that regardless of the Holy Ghost’s efforts
to call me out of religion and into TRUE salvation, I held onto the
hope that maybe there was still yet a church home, preaching truth,
and a perfect fit for me.

Never found it. I just wanted the
TRUTH!!!! I then started earnestly praying to God for him to lead
me to the truth. I kept praying and kept seeking. HE NEVER LED ME
TO A MAN-MADE CHURCH. Then, I met Pam online. I noticed that her
posts and videos always seemed to resonate with me, and I could
relate to what she was talking about. Everything started coming
together, and I was beginning to see the truth I had been praying
for continue to unfold! Furthermore, she was preaching

I contacted
Pam, desperate for help, guidance, mentoring, direction,
fellowship, and support as I transitioned out of the religion I had
learned my entire life…the Institutional Church. I learned about
the fellowship and support I could gain from RESCUE, and joined. I
had concerns about my salvation because certain things just weren’t
adding up, and I knew that it would be almost impossible for me to
be saved, if my entire life, I kept hearing a different Gospel from

When I spoke with Pam, she preached
the True Gospel of Jesus Christ to me…but it was NOT recognizable
to me…in ALL my years of being in church! I knew I wasn’t saved at
that point. I prayed for God to reveal to me if what Pam had said
to me was true. And within a DAY, the Holy Spirit began working on
me, showing me the evil of the world, and putting MY sin before me.
Saving faith entered into me when I realized that A DEAD MAN LIVES,

Suddenly, I realized that HE DID ALL
OF THAT FOR ME!!! I realized who I was before God… the wicked,
wretched person who NEEDED salvation because there was NOTHING I
could do to atone for my wicked nature…NOTHING. I was then led to
the cross. God loved me so much that Jesus Christ came in a
horrible crucifixion and death, paid the ultimate debt for MY
sinful nature through his BLOOD, and then BECAME ALIVE AGAIN 3 DAYS
LATER IN THE VERY SAME BODY, just so I could have a chance to be
reconciled to the Father. NOBODY, would have done that for me or

That’s how I knew HE WAS GOD! THAT’S
THE POWER IN IT ALL!!! In RESCUE, we continue to proclaim the TRUTH
that is so obviously missing from the churches today. We are
devoted to one another through fellowship, and are a support system
to others who have been called out of the Institutional Church and
are desperately seeking deliverance, counseling, mentoring, and
safe shelter. Pam loves the sheep, and is committed to watching
over you and helping you through truth and love, to defeat the
schemes of the enemy. I don’t know what I would do or where I would
go if I did not have Pam and the RESCUE ministry. If you are
searching for love, counseling, mentoring, friendship and support
of believers OUTSIDE of the Organized Church who preach TRUTH, then
you, my friend, have come to the right place!

RESCUE Mentoring through Pam
Sheppard Ministries has given me the support I needed when I didn’t
know where to turn after being called out of the Institutional
Church. I now have online fellowship, mentoring, teachings, and
basically someone to guide me as I encounter issues I face after
leaving the I.C. I love it! And I have built some wonderful
relationships and get more “meat,” ministry, and fellowship than I
have EVER gotten sitting in any church!!! I also get personal phone
sessions each month! It is a phenomenal service!

When I had no one who understood,
when I searched DESPERATELY for truth, when I had nowhere to turn
for shepherding, no one to guide me and be there for me, God led me
to Pam, and she was there, to give me the strength and tools I need
to have TRUE Freedom in Christ. I thank God for this

You will
too!  So give Pam a call at 518-477-5759.