I have attended church all my life ever since I can remember. I was raised as Pentecostal and thought that our way was the right way to God…..that is until I grew up. I started questioning many of the things that I was hearing/had heard, things that I was seeing/had seen and the biggest question was am I really saved.

One day after experiencing something in church that I knew was not of God, I was searching the web for information on how to try the spirits when I came across Pam Sheppard’s Ministries. As I began to read her blogs and testimonies and ask myself some of the questions she pointed out about salvation, I knew I had to call her. I have learned so many things and realized that I have many things to unlearn as well.  As a result of my calls and counseling with Pam, I became a member of RESCUE so I could continue to be enlightened in these perilous times when the true Gospel is so desperately needed yet obviously overlooked in today’s IC. I feel so blessed to have found RESCUE ministries where I know I’ll get the cold, hard, truth regardless of whether it’s uncomfortable or not.  Because of RESCUE, I now know and accept that you must examine your salvation to make sure that a false conversion has not taken place and if you can’t or are not willing to then that probably means that you’re not saved.

I also had this overwhelming fear of endtime circumstances. Every time endtime discussions would take place, I would worry for days on end of how I would survive, especially since I am a quadriplegic and rely on a wheelchair for mobility. I depend on others to help me dress and accomplish many tasks that I know longer can. What will happen to me was all I could think about. As a member of RESCUE I received continued phone counseling where Pam addressed those fears by reminding me that once we are saved we are to walk in the joy of our salvation and how the bible tells us to fear not.

RESCUE has provided me with the support I need to deal with and overcome the hurdles the enemy throws my way. Anytime that I am feeling inadequate, doubtful, or discouraged, I know beyond a shadow of doubt that I can receive the encouragement, the exhortation, the fellowship, and the love from the brethren of those who are in Christ Jesus to strengthen me to continue to press on.

If you are having any questions or doubts about what you are or have experienced in the IC and you know something is not right but you can’t pinpoint what it is, or you’ve felt that you have been called out of church, you have been lied too, used, abused, just plain fed up with churchianity and you are looking for truth, the real truth that can make you free, please call Pam Sheppard at 518-477-5759 or contact her at pamsheppard911@yahoo.com.  Your spiritual well-being may very well depend on it.