I  too was raised in a church most of my young life. God began to open my eyes to some of the deception that was going on in my own life and also in the church. It wasn’t until I began searching on the internet that I found Pam Sheppard Ministries and RESCUE FELLOWSHIP. Through deliverance counseling, Pam was able to help me to see how I had picked up many unscriptural doctrines and demons in the church. Deliverance counseling with Pam equipped me  to see how the enemy was able to use me to spread religion and not relationship with the real Jesus and how this affected my own relationship with the Lord.

 Deliverance counseling with Pam  is quite different from deliverance ministry. Breaking strongholds is  a process that Pam Sheppard Ministries  achieves through  RESCUE mentoring, counseling and asking questions. This mentoring is done in a group setting where a person is free to come and ask questions, receive written articles,  video teachings  and audio messages to help us  find out the truth required  to expose the false religion that each of us has  ingested.

Many people don’t know it, but much of what is being fed to the sheep in these days is false doctrine. Counseling  one- on-one with Pam  was my path to deeper things once Pam cast a demon of depression from my soul. Well, my self-deception began to gradually fade away by reading  Pam’s books.  For example, when I read “Faces of the Religious Demon,” I saw my charismatic, religious self.  Like most of us, I had my  pet spiritual fallacies. I reasoned, “Pam can’t be right about this or about that!’ Then  my eyes started to open. Yet, with each un-veiling, I became increasingly “un-deceived,” as my spiritual house came tumbling down like a row of stacked dominoes.

RESCUE has taught me that the Holy Ghost is unable to rebuke us in our spirits because of our self-deception. Consequently, the demons assigned to us begin to toss us about, to and fro. The enemy takes much pleasure in mocking God’s people. I can remember how I found myself mocked in every sphere, from finances to family, from friends to foe, from fallacy to faith, the demons assigned to me had themselves a good ole time! Yet once I swallowed my spiritual pride,  I ended up putting the demons on the run!

So I see RESCUE as a place where a person can go and begin the spiritual eye-opening process to become undeceived. When you join RESCUE,  what you are saying is, “I am tired of the lies and now I need to know the truth!” In RESCUE, the Holy Spirit will begin to reveal spiritual truths to you both suddenly and gradually in your own special mentoring group.RESCUE  GROUPS consist of   intimate and rewarding fellowship with a diversified group of like-minded saints from around the country, united at peace and love in Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

Personally, RESCUE  has been a place that I have been able to come and fellowship with those who have had the same experiences as I have. I feel safe and know that any question that I may have will be answered, truthfully and Biblically. RESCUE has also been a place that helps me to understand what it means to be a real Christian in the days that we live in. If anyone has serious problems in this area then RESCUE is the place for you. Pam can help you just like she helped me and RESCUE is a wonderful alternative to the Institutional  Church yet  better.  It surpasses the IC in terms of equipping the saints because  the members   are available every day, 24/7— not just  gathered in congregations on Wednesday or Sunday for a few hours! You will also form friendships and have guidance throughout your spiritual growth  process on a daily basis.

Call Pam at 518-477-5759 and your veil of confusion will be removed as mine was.