Since childhood I have experienced all sorts of physical manifestations such as sleep paralysis, stayed lost in thought, and I have seen the paranormal. Later on in my life I began to hear voices and have terrible thoughts. These voices and thoughts suggested that I should harm others.

I was raised as a studying Jehovah’s Witness until I became a young adult. Once I became a young adult I stopped attending the Kingdom Hall because I wanted to sin sexually. Over the years, I have visited a few churches but I never again committed myself to another church or religion for that matter. During this point in my life, I became spiritually disillusioned and I thought that God had forsaken me due to my choices. As the voices and the terrible thoughts progressed, I would pray but the more I prayed the voices and thoughts seem to get worse. One evening I was just casually surfing YouTube and I came across some videos that Pamela Sheppard Ministries had posted about the altered states of consciousness. So I watched a few of Pam’s videos and she sounded like she knew what she was talking about and so I called her. That was the best decision I made.

When I was a child, an adult introduced me to sexual sin and Pam explained to me that sexual sin from childhood and false religion was the door that opened me up to experiencing demonic oppression. She explained to me who God truly is and she also explained to me the essential components of salvation. Pam taught me what condemnation was and how religiosity and the sexual sin caused me to feel intense shame. In a few months, I learned truths that will help me stand against the enemy in victory.

Under Pam’s ministry she has a group called RESCUE. RESCUE FELLOWSHIP has shown me a lot of love and support. RESCUE has helped me get pasT demonic accusation and condemnation and I have learned how to use my willpower to combat the voices and terrible thoughts.

If you are hearing voices or having bad thoughts and you need help, please call Pam at 518-477-5759 or email her at Not only is she an ordained minister for 31 years, she is also a licensed therapist. She is both spiritually and psychologically equipped to help you. Perhaps you repeated a sinner’s prayer or you answered an altar call and ever since you’ve done this your life has gone downhill. Or maybe you’re like I once was—- you may be disillusioned with religion and the present day church but you STILL seek God

Don’t hesitate….cal 518-477-5759 today!