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Come out of Her, God’s a People, is a tremendous work, authored by Pamela Sheppard, chronicling her journey of being led out of the Institutional Church, after 25 years in ministry.

In this book, Pam highlights how, as one who was once an atheist and astrologer, the Lord saved her at home, and allowed her to become an ordained minister in a well-known African American denomination, only to be shown the harsh reality of the demonic deception that exists within the institutional church. To her surprise, she realized some profound differences in her born again experience, and the lifestyles of professing Christians within the denomination.

Through some comical, compelling, yet true stories of how the Lord showed Pam the evils that exist within the entire organized church system, the Lord was able to reveal some fundamental truths about the reason He SENT HER OUT, and warned her to NEVER return.

It will be difficult for you to put this book down! As you progress through each chapter, you will begin to notice how the Lord’s hand has been guiding Pam to the truth, and how his unique plan to use her to help undeceive his elect has begun to unfold.

Anyone who has ever had concerns about the state of the institutional church, or who is hearing the call to Come Out of Her needs this book! By the time you finish reading, you will be convinced that the Lord is, in fact, opening the eyes and ears of His people, warning them to heed his instruction and LEAVE SWIFTLY.

After being led out of the Institutional church, the Lord gave Pam a dream that showed her an online ministry that would allow her to reach a substantial amount of people. Well, the Lord’s plan has begun to unfold, and the birth of the Remnant Exodus Society (RESCUE) occurred in April of 2012. Today, RESCUE serves as an online fellowship and safe haven for those who the Lord has been leading OUT of the Institutional Church. To learn more about  RESCUE, visit or send an email to

Need help understanding the parameters involved in  leaving the institutional church? This book will help you greatly.




Tee Rogers