RESCUE consists of four ministries: one-on-one deliverance preparation by email, telephone deliverance counseling, deliverance by phone, and group fellowship. RESCUE as group fellowship and training began on Facebook in April 2012 and moved to WordPress in August 2013.

The RESCUE blog is basically a discussion group, where we use a private forum to share what we are learning on a variety of spiritual topics. It helps each member to begin to uncover many areas where we may have been bound or deceived spiritually by the wiles of the enemy. We post discussion topics, and then everyone chimes in with their thoughts. We learn from each other, mainly as we share how our experiences in dealing with being deceived by the enemy (through religion and the occult) have helped enlighten us, and begin to see how the enemy operates, and how the Holy Spirit has been working to help us see the TRUTH, as how it relates to the topic of discussion. We gain tools to fight the enemy. We support one another in our spiritual battles, and provide each other with advice on how to handle particular spiritual situations. It is basically a discussion group, as part of our ministry to those who have been called out of the organized church or have been in demonic torment. All of the mentors are in there, along with Pam, and a few others. Only certain people are allowed in, and the group is relatively small. The goal is to help one another grow in truth, and to provide a sense of fellowship so that you know you are not alone, but instead in fellowship with others who may share some of the same struggles as you, or can somehow relate to your experiences. Confidential information is not revealed, so you can be anonymous. We grow in truth, and in turn, help others grow in truth. It is wonderful.

Here are a few praise comments made by individual RESCUE group members. We believe in confidentiality. therefore each number represents a RESCUE member:

1. Coming from the church I did, I’ll go as far as to say I was emotionally damaged by the message that puts the burden on you that if you don’t “go out and lead everybody to Christ” that you will go to hell and it will be your fault. Like taking power away from God – like we’re THAT important and vital to God’s plan! Looking back, I just can’t believe I didn’t see that. When I first joined RESCUE, I have to say the biggest change in my life happened when I began learning that all that stuff was false. It took this huge burden off of me that I didn’t even realize how heavy it was, and I think that’s got a lot to do with why now I am doing better than I ever have in my life, as far as my condition. I’ve said it before, but just 1 month of learning the truth here in RESCUE was more effective than years of counseling, therapy, deliverance, prayer, and thousands spent on doctors and meds that didn’t work. RESCUE got to the root, and not just of the branch.

2. I Am sorry I left RESCUE. I think about yall, particularly Pastor Pam at least once a day. .because of you I no longer have terror. I also think I was just coming off of geodon and was going through a rough spot and getting depressed because I was going to end up living with my daughter but I didn’t have much choice. I am grateful to you for telling me the truth about me not being saved after all. My psychiatrist has dropped my medication and he has wondered why I have progressed so much. I told him RESCUE and Pastor Pam.

3. After realizing that the church wasn’t right and that I had been hood winked bamboozled and run amuck with all of the false doctrine, I began searching for the truth..while searching for the truth I ran into a lot of crackpots who I thought had the truth only to find out that they were just as lost as me..There were the seventh day adventist and the Hebrew israelites..then there were the sacred name only and the messanic Jews..These people think they have the truth but there form of the truth confuses you and will have you going from place to place..No peace..when I found RESCUE, it was like I had found a breath of fresh air. I could finally breatHE…..AHH the truth. there isn’t anything like it..

4. THE RESCUE posts and comments are wonderful because RESCUE is private. On the public blogs,any wacko can come in and disturb and distract everybody. Not so in RESCUE. it’s because of our leadership. The posts and the comments are really, really encouraging to others. Pam herself is wonderful. Without her, I wouldn’t be where I am right now. It is good to watch her get the praise that she truly deserves. She really has put her hand to the plow and not looked back. She has shared our good and bad times with us and has always dealt with us in reality, love and truth. We could not ask for a better leader, counselor, mentor and friend.

5. I don’t know why but all the people I talked to before said, “Are you going to church?” As if going to church would solve my problems. No one at church casts out demons, knows about the occult or any of that…it’s like people pretend it’s not there…well that was at a Baptist church, they told me to “stand on the word”. The pentecostals said I needed tongues and hands and the oil which would solve my problem. I’ve had the tongues, the oil and stood on the word. Did it all…didn’t get free. Instead just had more wacked experiences. The only thing that made ANY sense was RESCUE.

6. I told my friend this morning that Being in RESCUE felt like God pulled a bandage off of my eyes. It stung for a minute because I honestly was hurt. But now I feel free in Christ. No longer will I jump through the hoops of man. I am saved by grace through faith. I thank him for all that he is doing and all that he has done and that is to show me the truth.

7. I’m diagnosed with severe anxiety and depression, possibly also with bipolar. My thoughts have cleared up a lot in the past few weeks that it is noticeable to my mental health worker.I just woke up this morning and realized that I had good nights sleep without nightmares. I’ve realized that I’m starting to get breaks in my torment that I’ve never had in maybe over 10 year’s. Even though I know that I have a lot of work ahead of me I would just like to say thank you to Pam and to RESCUE.

8. . I have been in RESCUE just over 2 months and have been blessed by all the members here both saved and unsaved. I feel like I have grown leaps and bounds and when i feel a certain way there seems to be a member who has already walked through it. Right now I’m starting to understand my anger comes from the root of my own sinful ways. As well as alot of my unsavory thoughts.

I can’t put into words what RESCUE means to me!

9. For many years I have not been able to sleep. About 5 years to be exact. Here lately I have been sleeping peaceful. Nothing running through my mind, just peace. I feel like what Pam was talking about before— that once you know the truth the demons just walk out, I am truly starting to see what she was talking about. Thanks RESCUE! Im not feeling spiritually weak any more.

10. RESCUE, I don’t know what to say. I felt like my entire life was on the verge of collapse and I thought I had to call Pam because I could not bare the spiritual pain anymore. I was in great emotional distress as that is how my spiritual gaping hole manifested itelf. I was desperate to be delivered from the torment, yet step by step I realised that I had to address the underlying issues that caused the torment in the first place. It is like reluctantly trying to come to terms with reality. Now, a month and a half later, I can openly reveal that I feel much better. Pam is right. trying to abstain from certain physical activities is not the solution.

11. Last few days I’ve turned kinda bitchy and assertive like not willing to take people’s crap yet still nice and friendly to those who treat me nice but those that try to take advantage, I am no longer chasing. I don’t know what happened since i have been in RESCUE, but i love it. I let go of the obsessing and all the praying like Pam said —all the stuff was doing was like withcraft and I didn’t realize it. I know i’m not saved yet and alot work be done but just wanted share that the voices and torment has been better.
thanks Pam. thanks RESCUE members.

12. When I was asst Pastor at a church we would frown on anyone missing church for any reason even for being sick. I couldn’t visit my parents or go on vacation if it called for missing a sunday or any church service (which we had many). When I left that church I did not want to be a part of anymore manipulation or mind control so this last church I was attending when I missed a sunday the Pastor who I work with came to my desk & said that , no one knew where I was (even though I told them a million times I was going to my cousin’s wedding) she continued to say that could not happen again. Well I haven’t been back since. That rubbed me in such a wrong way that I began seeking out & found RESCUE!!! I knew that the way I treated people while pastoring was wrong & that I didn’t want that for anyone or myself anymore so when I was approached with it I had to stand all the way back and reevaluate the IC. Thank you RESCUE!!

13. I believe that it was God’s grace that I found this place called RESCUE. How I found it was I knew I had to leave the church, I knew I needed deliverance, I also knew I needed counseling, I also knew I needed mentoring so ditched the thought of seeing that crazy guy and went back to my search on the internet with what I knew I needed and this was the only place that I found that could give me all of it. I can honestly say that a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders since coming here. One is knowing that I don’t have to worry about doing things to try and get God’s approval. That was a lot of pressure. Another is that the god in the church is not what God is like!

14. Directing all of us to RESCUE and Pam is like a miracle in itself. Revealing the deception, sananda, the bondage, false doctrine and I could go on and on is more than amazing. The notion that He has chosen to prepare us for the receipt of the most wonderful gift, salvation, is sometimes overwhelming.

15. I have received major, major relief. The constant accusation has ceased. The freedom from this is indescribable. It was keeping me from the ability to receive the Lord’s forgiveness and love. I had a full night’s sleep without having to take medication, and have had a quietness inside all day. Also, the sexual pressure continues to fade.

16. Rescue is EXACTLY the type of ministry I have been looking for and without church walls, it is enough for me. There is no religious bondage, it is a safe place, I can be myself without feeling judged, and it is a great place where we can learn from one another. Furthermore, it is a fellowship of like-minded individuals, and the wisdom and spiritual food offered here is much more effective than any experience I have ever had in church. It is AUTHENTIC. And truth is preached here.RESCUE truly is a rare jewel.

17. I am a damaged sheep whose ears were WIDE OPEN to the truth! I knew something was wrong, and was in hot pursuit of the truth. Because of RESCUE, the Lord has undeceived me, healed me, saved me, and has been using me ever since to preach truth to others who will hear. Today, I am being used powerfully by God to help rescue other damaged sheep by serving as a mentor to undeceive those the Lord chooses to send my way.

18. Just wanted to say to PastorPam and all of you how thankful I am for RESCUE and to know you all. When I first came here I was just recovering from a long illness &, except for a couple of close friends, had lost touch with the outside world. This here is pretty much my whole social life, & as I’ve said many times before, I’ve never had but 1 or 2 people I could talk to about things we discuss here, the things I always questioned. I never would have imagined an entire group of people at once who understood, & who had so much knowledge I was looking for, & it’s not all fake niceness & sugar-coated stuff, people are direct & say what they mean. So thankful to be here & to Pam for having founded this group.

19. Since I came to RESCUE, I have received deliverance from things I was plagued with for years, torment that was not helped by years of counseling, therapy, deliverance sessions in the institutionalized church, and ridiculous amounts of medicine. There were times that, especially in the beginning, it was so hard at times to go against what every ounce of my being felt was true, I had to go against my gut feelings. At times it was scary and felt like jumping off a cliff, hoping that there would be a net to catch me, but knowing that if I was wrong, there was no going back, because I was afraid of doubting my past religious experiences. In the Charismatic churches I grew up with, they taught that that was blaspheming the Spirit, to believe a manifestation or religious experience was from a bad spirit, and that that would grieve the Holy Spirit and cost you your salvation. But the things is, I’m sure you’ve heard the expression that the definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing expecting a different result. I took the risk of going against what my heart told me. All my life I have followed my heart, and the truth is, the heart will lie to you. Just like the verse says about the heart being deceitfully wicked. I took the leap and am so glad.

20. THe affect of Rescue on my family is phenomenal..Everyday my mother and Husband want to know what Pastor Pam was talking about today..Did she post any new videos yet? I love it..My cousin brother and sister in law enjoy the ministry of RESCUE on Facebook..My cousin is a muslim and she is beginning to see the light ..RESCUE is well needed and I know that we may come across some crack pots who don’t want the truth but I feel that dealing with a few crack pot here and there is worth it when so many are being undeceived..Pastor Pam was having an affect on my life when she wasn’t even aware that I was watching her videos. Finding Rescue and hearing the true Gospel has saved my life..I am so happy..Sometimes I go through stuff but for the most part I am at peace and I love it. I thank God for RESCUE. I thank God for all of the posts and comments that have challenged my thinking. I LOVE YOU ALL AND THAT IS REAL TALK!

21. #21 Today, I was talking to my mom. I got a chance to explain everything that I have been learning through rescue from Ms. Pam, I didn’t think she’d be so receptive, but she was.She does not get online much, but she is very interested in learning more. Just by telling her everything that I have learned from RESCUE, she started reflecting, agreeing with me and got to know the truth about a lot of deceptive things within the church and salvation. For myself, RESCUE has helped to show me the truth about myself. Before I came here, I would have been thinking I was on the right path, but really I was not. I have not been here long, but since I’ve been here, everybody who I have been communicating with on here have been encouraging and supportive with me as I am waiting to be born again.
Ms. Pam you’re REAL and you tell the TRUTH, Sometimes it has humor and at other times it may be tough to read because it challenges, but you’ve been so helpful to me already. I am thankful for your life and everything that you have overcome to be able to be so humble in sharing it with us. Also, to everyone else who comments and posts your experiences. Thank you

22. RESCUE is amazing. It’s like nothing else that I know of, and it truly gives hope to captives. The people in RESCUE are so encouraging and understanding. I don’t know where I would be without RESCUE!

23. Someone in demonic torment needs ENCOURAGEMENT. It is very important that is what I got from RESCUE and My mentor, Jules. It works like a charm.

24.Thank God for Rescue, Pam and EVERYBODY here. It is a light and a beacon of truth where lies abound. Without it we would be floundering and still trying to place our fingers on what is just not right. Others would be still in dire torment. Thank God for what He is doing through Pam and the mentors.

25,I love RESCUE for two simple reasons!!
For one, the real deal TRUTH is taught here. Secondly, people feel free to talk about real life issues without being judged. Being in a group help me to overcome some things and I see it is definitely helping others overcome things. This is the beauty of RESCUE

26. All my life, I felt like a wanderer, not necessary lost but just floating around and as of late. The past year I’ve been like a stray cat, feeding and dwelling anything I came across and it was making me sick, leading me hauntings. I wanted to feel above this weak ghost I’ve become.. I wanted this head fog to go away so I could see clear. I came to Rescue after a few stupid mistakes society rages about these days, ashamed, and Ms. Pam, the online community of Rescue accepted me with open arms, understanding, and a firm voice. The voice of Ms Pam Sheppard led me to a path of clarity by the word of truth – something I haven’t felt in a couple of years. The truth awakens you, and makes you desire to change your lifestyle and way of thinking. But most importantly, the truth shall set you free – with your own willpower to embrace it. And the more I embraced it, the less I feel haunted, tormented. I can finally say I no longer feel like a stray cat. A big thank you to Ms Pam Sheppard!!

27. I’d like to add something else here. When I met Pam, there was no Rescue. It was just Pam, and maybe 5 others in a small, private facebook group. I gotta tell ya, NOBODY, AND I MEAN NOBODY seemed to relate to what I was going through except for Pam. You see, I was into the occult, but raised in the church…in the Baptist church and non-denominational church. Although I was in the church, the occult was what I was more loyal to. I knew religion was fake. I saw that early on, but kept practicing it, because, like everyone else, I was taught it was the right thing to go to church, you pray, you read your Bible, go to Bible study, go to church functions, etc…all as an attempt to be “close to God.” Religion was introduced to me as a child, so I just went along with it. Well, I had no one to talk to about this because in the church, being into the occult is really frowned upon, and I didn’t come across anyone who could relate to what I was experiencing, or who wouldn’t label me. When I met Pam, she was the only person I knew who understood what I was experiencing in the occult, and really helped me make a lot of connections. In fact, when we first met, she recommended her Occult video series to me. It was refreshing to meet someone who was from the occult, but also knew about the dangers of religion. Most people I knew were religious folks who could not understand what I had experienced in the occult. And with the occult, you can’t just open up and talk about it with just anybody. I was also a heavy dreamer, having several vivid dreams each week. Anyway, Pam helped me see the connection between my occult involvement, and how the enemy was trying to set me up to be tormented. I had denounced the occult, but almost went back to the Charismatic church, slowly becoming a signs and wonders seeker. You see, people with occult backgrounds are attracted to the Charismatic church because of all the supernatural signs and wonders. If she had not shown me the truth about the Charismatic church, I would be in worse torment than most, because the religious demons and occult spirits would have been fighting over my soul. Before Pam, I literally had no where to go, with no one to understand me. Pam understood me. So, I stuck with Pam…and I AM STILL HERE! LOL

28. If not for RESCUE I may not even be here today. When I came to RESCUE I was suicidal because of demonic torment. If I hadn’t come across this place when I did, hadn’t gotten undeceived and delivered, I probably would have taken myself out.

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