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I recently read Pam Sheppard’s book, Come Out of Her, God’s People. In it, she describes the perils of being part of the institutional church (IC) and the damage that it inflicts. My personal experience in the IC certainly bears witness with what Pam has urged – –I too have come out of Her!

Pam exposes uncharted waters in what she’s shared in Come Out of Her, God’s People. Noah had no blueprint or reference advantages when he built the ark. The Spirit of the living GOD provided precisely what Noah needed. Likewise, I perceive that Pam’s knowledge, wisdom and understanding given her by the Lord GOD Almighty in the composition of Come Out of Her, God’s People exudes from each page. Otherwise, how could she  have succeeded to share such penetrating truths?  I’ve been an avid reader for many years. Much of what Pam shared, I’ve not read anywhere else—ever!

In the book, relative to the IC, Pam clearly explains why “the elect are not safe inside Her walls”. She transparently  and comprehensively shares her varied experiences, lessons, and knowledge about  how to be delivered from demonic strong holds. In vivid and gripping details, the book content teaches how to follow GOD in spirit and in truth to gain help to reject cooperation with the devil. No quick fixes are supported but surely effective ones for those who are inclined to stay the course until the fulfillment of freedom from the enemy. Pam shares, “Every false doctrine, charismatic teaching, sign and wonder has been removed from me, knocked down by God Himself.” And how she “…learned how to flow with the Lord Jesus Christ…”

Pam warns against pride and how it can cripple, damage and even be instrumental in preventing deliverance from false doctrine and demonic strong holds. Also, she goes into the problems associated with the denominational and non-denominational churches.

One particularly tender account in the book is when Pam shares about her treasured relationship with Mother Britton, her old friend and supporter. Reading about their relationship was heartwarming indeed. Such  Christian connections are priceless.

Pam’s experiences, background in the occult and as an IC minister for more than twenty-five years has adeptly equipped her to do what she presently does – minister to damaged sheep. Of course, only GOD is perfect, but certainly He’s chosen a faithful vessel in Pam Sheppard to advance the gospel of His kingdom and to be effectively used to set captives free in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

It’s with absolute conviction that I highly recommend the reading of Come Out of Her, God’s People.

In conclusion, I share Pam’s words from the book. “The die was cast by the Lord himself.”
“…the organized church is a very dangerous place to be…”

Pam reveals how she “escaped unscathed”.

I agree with Pam about the IC and so I have joined with her and others in an online ministry called RESCUE. We God’s People have come out of Her. To know more about RESCUE, call 518-477-5759.

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