Fake Jesus_frontcoverThe Fake Jesus: Fallen Angels Among Us  is one of the most amazing, phenomenal, and eye-opening book that I have ever read. This book made me question and consider everything that I have ever learned or believed about religion and the Institutional church.
In THE FAKE JESUS, Pastor Pam Sheppard lays down the truth about aliens, the fallen angels who call themselves “ascended masters” and their role in the end times, also the dangers of the  slain in the spirit. the accepting Jesus into your heart doctrine, speaking in tongues and much more.
Pastor Pam also reveals in THE FAKE JESUS that there is a fallen angel who pretends  to be Jesus but he is not and his name is Jesus Sananda Immanuel.   When I received this astounding  revelation, my thoughts ranged from disbelief to wanting to learn more. It is amazing the things that we have come to believe in regard to the Institutional church which was manufactured by our enemy Satan.
It is time for the church to wake up.
Pastor Pam gathered her info by going into the enemy’s territory through occult websites by spying  out the land. While in the enemy’s territory  , she got insights into what the ascended masters or fallen angels had to say through their occult channels and Pastor Pam studied  their plans and motives in regard to the Institutional Church and other religions.
The book progressively exposes how Satan has implemented a plan  to be worshipped by churchgoers and he is  specifically using religion as his catalyst. So if f you are a serious seeker of the truth and you can stand the heat,  then this book is for you. I can guarantee that after reading this amazing, unprecedented  and eye-opening book, your life will never be the same.
 Certainly, my life has not been the same. When I first found Pastor Pam’s ministry called RESCUE, it was through watching her videos on YouTube. I was mad at the teachings at first, but the book is so compelling, that  I could not stay away.
An online alternative to the institutional church, finding RESCUE is the best thing that ever happened to me.  To find out more, call 518-477-5759.
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