The Fake Jesus is a radical, eye-opening, behind-the-scenes look at what is really going on in the Institutional Church today. The book describes in extensive detail how a fallen angel named Jesus Sananda Immanuel, known as an “Ascended Master” to the New Agers who worship him, has succeeded in passing himself off as Jesus Christ of Nazareth and has fooled the entire Institutional Church into wo…rshiping him. The book explains how when a person decides to “accept Jesus” and asks Jesus to come into his or her heart, it is, in fact, Jesus Sananda who responds to this invitation, entering the person through the heart chakra. It is Sananda who is in control of the Institutional Church today.

The author’s assertion in the Fake Jesus: Fallen Angels Among Us  is a very bold one. However, when one looks at the information Pam Sheppard  presents,  backed up with extensive research, as well as her own knowledge of kundalini yoga and chakras, it is very convincing.

Most of Sheppard’s research is based on claims made by the Ascended Masters, through channelers, who were addressing their own worshipers. Because these messages were not meant for Christians, but for occultists  who are on the side of the Ascended Masters, it’s clear that the source is not biased with a Christian slant. A simple web search of the various websites for those who worship Jesus Sananda Immanuel will show that he does, in fact, claim to do the things the book exposes.

The information presented in The Fake Jesus sheds light on why there is so much sin and bondage going on in the church today. The book gives shocking revelations about how churchgoers have unknowingly allowed the enemy into the church and into their hearts.

It is a must-read for anyone who is seeking truth.

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