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There are people today  who are still looking for the right church.  Even though they know of the corruption of most churches they still believe that the deception has not affected ALL churches.

If you   have left the institutional church for good, you are going to run into people who will confront you on this matter. How are you going to handle it?

There is more than one way.   Here is a start.

The bible foretells through Paul to the Thessalonians  that in the last days, a time in church history would come  when God would send “strong delusion.” In like manner,  Paul even warned Timothy that in the last days, there would be a group of demons who would infiltrate the churches with false and mixed doctrine, capable of even causing some of the elect to “depart from the faith” and give heed to or listen and absorb these  devilish false teachings.

From my work on “the Fake Jesus”, I have been convinced that  “THAT DAY” came already. “Strong delusion” has already been poured out.    EVERYONE has been affected including ministers and members. Demons are the authors of the false doctrines and practices that almost the entire church stands upon as pillars of truth. There is ONE doctrine more dangerous than all others that ALL churches go by. It s called by a few names: easy believism, the decision all gospel based on the altar call and the sinner’s prayer where you ask Jesus to come into your heart and a religious demon responds.

The order of the day is for ALL to be deceived at various levels. To be Un-deceived is the exception and not the rule.

Here are some additional  biblical variations to explain your position as an out of churcher:

The Lord’s Teaching About the Tree and Its Fruit

The Lord teaches us to know the essence of a thing, you have to look to both its root and its fruit. For ANYTHING, the same test applies.  A good tree does not bring forth evil fruit and an evil tree does not bring forth good fruit. So when speaking to others of a different point of view, apply the Lord’s principle.  You may not find history one of your favorite subjects but there is a simple way to expose the darkness in the church.   So cultivate a  historical perspective  of how the organized IC started in   with the Roman Emperor Constantine in 313 AD, a fake Christian who did not abandon his pagan gods.  In fact, Constantine and not the Pope,  is the father of the  Roman  the Catholic Church. All churches have the Catholic Church as their mother. It is not difficult to present the witchcraft nature of Catholicism. Since the root and the tree itself are evil, how can one expect anything different from the fruit of the IC? Its foundation, its historical roots, were established by an emperor of Rome.

The Parable of the Mustard Seed

The Lord’s kingdom of heaven parable in Matt 13 speaks of the mustard seed that grew into a huge tree with many branches with the birds of the air coming and dwelling in them.

The mustard seeds are the early apostles and disciples, the 120 in the upper room.  The trunk and the roots of the tree is Catholicism. The branches are Protestant churches and denominations. Jesus explains later in the chapter that the symbolicism of birds is that they represent demons. Fallen angels and demons have swarmed into the IC and taken her over with false religion.

Rev 18:4 Come Out of Her My People

You want to encourage those who are on the fence about the IC to think for themselves.  Revelation is predominately an endtime book for endtime believers. So clearly the Lord is speaking to the last generation when He warns His people to come out of “Her.” So to encourage free thinking, how can God’s people all leave a nation? God’s people are in ALL nations.

  If we were to leave the USA, where would we go…? Canada? The Caribbean? South America? Back to England? Would God tell us to come out and not give us the means to do so? Countries have immigration laws in these times.

So could HER be a nation?  Where are those who call themselves God’s people? THEY ARE MOSTLY IN CHURCH. Biblical symbols for God’s people are generally  feminine, both in the old and the new testaments. Revelation mentions the harlot.  The mother of harlots is Catholicism, the mother of all denominations, sects and non-denominational churches.

Of course there  will  always be the diehards who quote the scripture about not forsaking the assembling of yourself together with the brethren. Point out to them that when the scripture itself was written, the institutional church did not exist.  So the Apostle Paul certainly was not referring to Sunday morning worship.

I think if Paul was aware of our modern methods of communication, he would approve of our online Christian fellowship called RESCUE. 

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